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 April 3, 2013
Cuban to Draft First Women into NBA
I first read this story this week and thought to myself why not. Brittany Griner has been on You Tube showcasing her dunking ability. She dunks like no other women and will dominate in the WNBA. If Mark Cuban is serious and I think he will draft her. Cuban has nothing to lose except a player that is taken by another team after he uses a pick to draft Griner. Why would he do this? He's Mark Cuban. He's never done anything conventionally. He's a risk taker and made money taking risks.

So why do it? Cuban will be able to open the NBA draft to the first women. He'll give her a shot to make the basketball team just like any other player. He'll also have many people other than the regular NBA fans tuning in to watch the Dallas Mavericks to see if she can make it against all the best players in the NBA. If she fails than Cuban still wins. He'll be considered as someone who risked a draft pick and give someone a shot that would never have been thought of before. Even if Griner doesn't make it she'll have earned the title the first female drafted in the NBA. Only Ann Meyers Drysdale who tried out for 3 days but didn't make the team.

But I'm wondering what will Brittany Griner do if she is drafted? Will she take the WNBA route and not risk failing to make the NBA? Does she believe she can make the Dallas Mavericks? Does she want to open herself up to the public mob and press that will follow her throughout training camp? Does she want a life in the NBA?

Maybe Brittany Griner entire life was lived for this moment to become the first female to make it in the NBA and compete on a professional level. But a lot will have to happen before this can even be considered. A lot of this depends on Brittany wanting to succeed and training with pros and men of NBA level skill. She's dominated in every level that she's played. But is she prepared to see Dwight Howard and the other NBA stars on a nightly basis. Just like any rookie are they ready for the NBA? In her case has she seen enough size and speed of NBA quality to make her believe she can compete on this level.

I know this is a longshot but Cuban has nothing to lose and everything to gain from this shrewd move. Griner should take the shot and become the first female to be drafted and should she not make it the WNBA will not be upset with her for trying. Nor will anyone else. A lot of people will say this is Cuban filling seats and drawing attention to the Dallas Mavericks. But what's wrong with that. Whether you think she should or not what matters the person who has the power to make it happen already is considering it.

Griner should get ready and Cuban should get word to her that she'll be the next Dallas Maverick. But there are people who are in Dallas who Cuban knows that can find out if she really can compete in the Nba. Griner will have to train and be in great shape. She'll have to rely on being first not the strongest or most powerful like she does now. She'll have to be quick and fast. I think she'll have to tweak her game a bit to not go toe to toe with the men. But use her head and develop a different approach to be able to make the team. Maybe Cuban tells the coach Griner will be on the team. Give her a few minutes a game the first season and see how she grows. During practice her teammates will help her get ready to compete on a nightly basis but keep her minutes down and let her show a little during her first season. In the second season Dallas will know if she's developing and extend her minutes. By the end of the second season Cuban will know if the dream can continue and by then other teams, fans and the media will know if she has enough game to stay in the NBA. But in the WNBA she'll be dominant.

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 12 31 2012
I was shocked to see that Lovie Smith has been fired by the Chicago Bears after barely missing the playoffs. The Bears finished the season 10-6. I think the other teams that fired coaches might be lining up Lovie Smith as the next head coach.

Norv Turner has left San Diego and this seemed to be the story every year the Chargers didn't perform up to expectations. I think Turner could find employment as an offensive coach rather than a head coach.

Andy Reid after 14 years couldn't seem to progress further since Donovan McNabb left. As for Michael Vick he'll benefit from someone believing in him and letting him run the offense instead of being told to stay in the pocket. But if the next head coach doesn't believe in him Vick should explore other teams and maybe he can find someone who is willing to allow him to be the Michael Vick of old.

Ken Whisenhunt has the only Super Bowl appearance for Arizona Cardinals. He's going to look for another Head coaching job. If not he'll join a team as an offensive coach.

Romeo Crennel is out as a head coach again. Seems he's always getting fired somewhere. I don't know his expertise but as a Head Coach I doubt if any of the teams that fired coaches will give him a shot as the head man.

Chan Gailey is in the same boat with Crennel, these are coaches who don't do much and seem mediocre but get hired as Head coaches. Gailey is an offensive coach and could land on another staff.

Pat Shurmur is out in Cleveland. The coaching carousel seems to be rotating around the same organizations every year. Fact is who wants to coach in Cleveland? I'm sure someone will be interested.

Gene Smith is out in Jacksonville. Mercedes Lewis had one of his worst seasons and Jones-Drew was out 10 games with an injury. Obviously the Quarterback wasn't able to throw the ball as far as in 2010 when Lewis had his best year 10tds and over 16 yards per catch compared with 10 yards per catch and 4 tds the entire year. Seems to me the Jags need a Quarterback or more protection it will also help with Jones Drew back in the lineup. Montell Owens carried the running back duties and averaged 5 yards per carry but only got in the end zone once all year.

Bears are now going to lose a seasoned coach like Lovie Smith who helped the Rams win a Super Bowl. The defense might see changes and the old men might move where Lovie ends up coaching. The Bears offense is run with Matt Forte. But losing a tight end like Greg Olsen who put up 69 recs and 5tds and no other tight end in Chicago was able to take the workload off of Brandon Marshall. The Bears need to find players who can help balance the offense. Cutler seems to be good one moment and very bad the next.

San Diego traded Brees and got Rivers. Now that trade doesn't seem to be worth it. But in Rivers defense the line needs to give him time and the Chargers need to find some targets for him to get the ball to. The running game would also help the Chargers keep time of possession and keep the defense off the field.

Eagles look dead. They have a lifeless team. They need to be reenergized can another head coach come in and do this. Lovie Smith would be a great choice and maybe he can let Vick play like he use to not like he's been forced to do. The defense could use a coach like Lovie to help them get back to dominating. It's kind of funny but the two teams that look lifeless when they play both wear green the Eagles and the Jets.

Oh speaking of Jets Rex Ryan should have been fired this season along with the GM but Rex must have some tricks up his sleeve and next year he'd better produce or it will certainly be his last. Unless he's got a deal with the owner to stay on as the Jets coach forever. He alienated Mark Sanchez. Who I think needs a fresh start somewhere else. He had them spend 5 million or so dollars on a decoy TimTebow. Who should be better off going somewhere else. The only player left is the 3rd string quarterback when the new head coach arrives unless he can pump up Sanchez to stay. But receivers are a Quarterbacks best friend along with the linemen and the Jets needs some good ones to change the losing ways.

For Arizona, Cleveland and Buffalo it's hard to climb up when the rest of the league is doing the same thing. These teams always seem to be at the bottom of the division standings. Without full scale changes of players and coaching staffs the culture of losing just seems to be to hard to overcome.

Let's not forget the Raiders who don't have a clue. Davis's son should get someone who knows players and football and stay out of the way. His dad is having an anger attack right now.

Chiefs are also in the land of the losing. The Rams look a little bit better but they've got to stop making critical errors that have to do with knowing where they are on the football field.

Lovie Smith is the odds on favorite to be able to negotiate and choose which team he wants to go to. Andy Reid might get some love and a fresh start since he's been loyal to one organization. Whisenhunt might be a good gamble since he turned around the Cardinals and got them to a Super Bowl. Turner might scare some teams away along with Crennel and Gailey and Shurmur. But remember other assistants can become head coaches and head men can become part of a staff. It's now up to who you know and what they think of you to be able to get an opportunity to get a job in the NFL.

Finally the best part is that a young group of QB's are taking part in the playoffs. Andrew Luck, RGIII and Russell Wilson came into the league as rookies and don't understand what is so hard about winning. Kaepernick in Frisco is waiting to show everyone that he can take his team all the way to the Super Bowl. The old gunslingers Brady and Manning waiting for the young guns and to teach them that they're not going quietly into the off season.

The Vikings want to ride Peterson all the way to the Super Bowl. But remember Peterson in the playoffs can put the ball on the ground something defensive coordinators will be trying on him the entire game. Let's not leave out the two teams that also have byes Texans and Falcons but I'm not going to say these two are in or out. Ryan and Schaub, Flacco are going to have to take the reins of their team and steer them into the Super Bowl.

So for Me old school would love to see Denver against San Francisco. The gambler wants the Seahawks and the Ravens or maybe the Falcons vs Patriots. Whoever ends up in the Super Bowl they will have to beat some quality opponents.

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Revenge not Quite
Any teams that face each other in a playoff the winner advances the loser exits until next season. When the two teams meet in the regular season the circumstances and magnitude of the games doesn't really compare. Any team you play in the regular season you want to win. If you lose to them in the playoffs you'd like a chance to beat them in the post season.

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Jordan Wieber - I've read a lot of stories that expressed how Jordan didn't achieve the Mary Lou Retton Status.  But Mary Lou Retton didn't achieve what Jordan Wieber and her teammates did in the 2012 Olympic games.  Only 2 teams have ever won a team gold medal from the USA. 
It isn't her fault that she couldn't make the top 24 in the all-around competition not that she didn't have the scores but only 2 team members are allowed in the all-around.  She was visibly shaken.  Would she be able to recover and help her team win? 
She did recover and performed and so did her teammates.  I would imagine her heart still aches over the exclusion from the all-around competition.  Hopefully in time she'll come to understand that the gold she earned with her teammates is very rare.  (Her teammates and the 1996 team).

IOC - WTF Athletes come every 4 years to compete. You should have a system for every sport that is best suited to allow the very best to advance. 

In Badminton 2012 - 3 teams are penalized for not wanting to win since they already made it to the next round and winning means facing a better team in the next round of course teams are going to lose on purpose.

In Gymnastics how can you say that only 2 gymnast per team can make it to the all-around.  It's called the best all-around gymnast. It shouldn't matter the country.  24 gymnasts are allowed in the all-around.  Then that's easy to figure out.  Let the top 24 compete don't penalize teams because they send more then 2.

In Fencing - South Korean vs Germany during the match it was determined by the referees in a matter of 1 second that 4 scores had been exchanged.  Huh?  

IOC - There must be a system in place that awards winning.  You must continue to build the best system of competition to reward the best athletes.  Please get input from all countries and athletes and associations that want to help organize so the path to the medals is an optimal one.

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May 28 2012
NCAA Softball Championship
California vs LSU
Cal was dominate against Washington. Johlene Henderson got the win but the offense didn't overwhelm Washington. Cal will see LSU who beat Missouri to advance. Missouri riding Thomas seem to tire out late in game 3 and LSU got some timely hitting and scored 2. LSU advantage is they play in the SEC and face premium pitching every game. They've got two pitchers Mack/Fico who they can go to. California has Henderson and this game like all other games in the Super Regional came down to teams scoring on mistakes, missed opportunities, booted plays, and pitchers usually coming up big not allowing teams to score with runners in scoring position. I wasn't impressed by the offense of California or LSU. Either team has a chance.

Winning to Advance
Formula for winning is great pitching. But since each team has a ace pitcher whoever can score and play fundamentally without giving up a unearned run wins. But in this season of Softball it's been pitchers paradise. A lot of teams have manufactured runs because of mistakes or crazy plays. I look for that to continue in the World Series round. You never know what is going to happen on the field.

Softball Contact Sport
There was a lot of contact between players who block runners from the base in this game Oregon vs Texas. Most of the plays legal, however when Cuico got ejected against Texas, I thought she was only a casualty of what happened during the entire game. Ogle the catcher from Texas got ran over by Cuico to start the contact (clean but brutal). Hoagland from Texas should have been ejected. She tried to score and the catcher from Oregon had the ball as she tried to rip it out. After she stood up and the catcher was trying to stand she pushed her back down around the head causing her to fall. This wasn't even a part of the play. Cuico got ejected while trying to score later and as she made contact her elbow came across the head of Ogle. It didn't look that bad since both of them tried to push each other. Cuico the best rbi person had to sit the next game and her teammates picked her up and scored 10 against Texas and they needed every run. Moore the pitcher from Oregon gave up 6 runs 3 home runs in the last inning.

Hofstra Olivia Galati
Hofstra Galati was the best most consistent pitcher of the Super Regional and even though they lost against South Florida 2-1, 2-1. She was the best and the shortest pitcher at 5-5. I look for Hofstra to gain some players during this off season and with her in the circle make another run next season. Olivia Galati proves to every person who wants to pitch that size and speed isn't everything. Pitch location is how you control the hitters and the game. Hofstra needs to add some players who can hit the ball over the fence. But this team did take care of #12 UCLA. This team almost got by South Florida. So maybe they'll come back intact. It wouldn't hurt the program that they got into the Super Regional. Somebody out there is going to want to transfer to Hofstra and help this team out with power.

Oklahoma vs South Florida
Keilani Ricketts is a monster pitcher and hitter. She can dominate both sides of the plate and Oklahoma is so strong heading into the College World Series. Any team that faces OU had better come prepared to face her. But softball is a weird game. You don't always have the same performance throughout the entire playoff. If she has a let down and a team can manufacture runs against her and limit her as a hitter OU can be beat. Against Arizona Keilani gave up 1 run in 2 games. OU put up a total of 13 runs. South Florida has a monster in front of them. They face OU on Thursday. Sara Nevins in tall and pitches in the low 70s. She had a great regional but does she have the stuff to defeat Oklahoma. Sara is the only pitcher from this weekend that had problems with keeping her foot on the ground. She got called for illegal pitches. Even if it happens against OU she has to stay with her game. South Florida is already probably working on her mechanics. They're also looking at the OU lineup and what they're going to do against them. The Bulls need to find a way to score. They put only 2 runs a game against 5-5 Galati. Now they face 6-2 left hand power pitcher Ricketts. One thing is certain for South Florida they can face Nevins who is also left handed power pitcher to simulate Ricketts. And OU can do the same with Ricketts. South Florida seems to be overmatched in this one. But if South Florida can score and Nevins can dominate they can win.

Arizona St vs Oregon
A pac-12 game, one will advance through the winners bracket and the other might have to come through the losers bracket. Arizona St had an offensive explosion against Louisiana Lafayette, a team that Dallas Escobedo hadn't had much success against until she pitched a gem. Arizona St offense exploded against U of LL and maybe this can carry over vs Oregon. Oregon is susceptible to being scored on. The difference in the game will be Moore vs the hitters of Arizona St. If she can keep the score down then Oregon has a chance if not Oregon will have to survive through the loser bracket.

Tennessee vs Alabama
Alabama is going to want this as bad as the Lady Vols. History says that no SEC teams have a Softball Championship both of these teams have been knocking on the door repeatedly. Is this the year for one of the teams to finally do it? Tennessee has the two headed pitching staff of Renfroe sisters Ivy and Ellen. They are dominate pitchers both 6-0 but Ellen is more location and Ivy is heat. Tennessee found a way to get by Georgia to advance but it could have been Georgia. Jackie Traina will toe the rubber for Bama. No opinion about Bama since I didn't see them in the Regional. Renfroe sisters are dominate force. But Tennessee lacked hitting against Georgia and if they do it against Traina they could be trying to win the championship through the loser bracket.

NBA Finals
Which team will advance? Spurs already have a 1 game lead on the Thunder. The old men of the West make a statement and even though Durant tried to play down the dominance the Spurs have against the Thunder it still remains true. Until the Thunder can win in San Antonio and beat the Spurs I like the old men to advance.

I read somewhere that the Celtics the old men of the East have no chance against the Heat. I like the Celtics all the way. The Celtics are not the 76ers and they took the Heat to 7. Celtics/Heat is going to be a war. While the Heat should win I would love the old men to have another opportunity to try and win a championship. Old men Finals Spurs vs Celtics.

Stanley Cup Kings
This is the year or is it? The LA Kings finally win the Stanley Cup. What a great thought. But before that can be fact the Kings will have to face a Devils team that came back and dominated the Rangers. Can the Kings continue to dominate on the opponents home ice? Can the Kings continue to stay relentless against a Devils team that has some of the most prolific goal scorers and a veteran goalie in Martin Brodeur. It should be an interesting start on Wednesday. Go Kings go!

LA City Softball Championship
Division I Darian Tautalafua will try and lead the Colts to victory in the title game against El Camino Real on Wednesday. Carson defending champions from last year beat El Camino 6-3. Can El Camino avenge the loss?
Division II Narbonne will take on Maywood for the title on Wednesday.
Division SS Port of Los Angeles will try and win a back to back championship vs Harbor Prep on Wednesday.

LA City Baseball Championship
Division I El Camino vs San Pedro / San Fernando vs Chatsworth
Division II South Gate vs Maywood / North Hollywood vs University
Division III Community Harvest vs Animo Venice Tuesday for the Title.

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May 20, 2012
98-98. One minute and 4 seconds left in the game. Possession belongs to Thunder and the Lakers force a turnover. Kobe is doubled passes to Gasol, who is wide open but passes the ball into the back court. Durant hits the three pointer 101-98. Kobe misses three. Harden fouled makes 2 free throws. 103-98. Kobe misses three and makes a shot 103-100. The difference between the woeful Lakers and the Lakers actually leading the series is not that much. But each player and play could contribute greatly to a win. Lakers lose game 2 after leading lose game 4 after leading. Only game one the Lakers got beat. 2 games one wasted and another too much Kobe and not enough taking the open shot. Now the difference is lakers need to win 3 straight and the thunder only one out of the next three. Durant had a similar shot in game three but missed. Make one hero, Blake miss goat, gasol turnover looms large not because of the result but because he could of took the shot instead he opted to pass to Kobe.

This is the nature of sports you just don't know who is going to step up or fall down. Media continues to bash stars and morality issues of the games best. But in a team sport it is about the team and sometimes the star reigns supreme. But in a course of the game other teammates do contribute and without them no victory.

The spurs go on a 22-0 run to toss the clippers in no comeback land 3-0. These same clippers came back against the grizzlies and won a series. But somehow the clippers losing to the spurs isn't the same as the lakers losing to the thunder. However if the clippers hold on to win this game it's 2-1. One game is all that matters and for both LA teams elimination rests on the next game. Now which LA team fights and for how long.

The kings are just that on the ice. Kings of the city since the other two staple center occupants might be on the way out of the playoff picture. Tonight is the time for the kings to advance to the Stanley cup final and await the rangers/ devils winner. Most likely the rangers a new York LA matchup. All I've got to say is go kings go.

Note I can't understand why players continue to not use the glass. Maybe it's like training wheels on a bike. Players rather swish the shot then bank it in. Another common occurrence in the lakers loss is players rebounding coming down and falling away and making all kinds of moves. What happen to rebounding on the way up and finishing with scoring before coming back down.

LA Kings managed to look beatable after giving up the first goal. I've come to expect the tying goal right away. But the tying goal never came. They tried. But it seemed that the relentless pursuit and style changed into a ragged and reactionary approach that led to the loss. Don't get me wrong Shane Doan did everything to win and so did his teammates. The coyotes dominated the points. The kings tried and failed. They've got another. This time maybe they'll play instead of think and get back to relentless.

NCAA softball
Can't believe the UCLA bruins are out of the playoffs after losing to hofstra and Florida st. LA regional champions will be decided by San Diego st and hofstra. Stand by every year Cinderella comes to this tournament and usually when its all over a PAC 10 now 12 team will be champions. Sooner or later an sec team has to break through. Also Florida who seems to log a lot of air time is out eliminated by south Florida who has advanced to the super regional and will meet the winner of the LA region. Something to keep Cinderella dancing one of these teams (so. Florida / san diego st or hofstra) will survive and make it to the CWS. It's so Florida vs hofstra.

Arizona state was beaten by Syracuse to force a second game. The defending champs
End up winning the elimination game. Cal the number one team beat Arkansas twice to advance.

Super regional on Thursday
Washington vs California
Missouri vs LSU
Hofstra vs South Florida
Arizona vs Oklahoma
LA-Lafayette vs Arizona St
Oregon vs Texas
Georgia vs Tennessee
Alabama vs Michigan

May 13, 2012
LA Kings
Hockey town isn't suppose to be in the west. After game one the LA Kings proved why they're on course to play for the Stanley cup. Thoroughly out playing Phoenix for a 4-2 victory.

This isn't a team that holds back, dumps pucks into the offensive zone, and plays tentative. They surge forward the entire game with controlled pressure and continue to do it as a team. Unlike the Gretzky team of old who are the only kings team to play for a Stanley cup this team might have a better chance.

Although beating the Devils/Rangers winner isn't going to be easy. This team if you haven't watched them are not playing like teams on the west coast. It's really impressive to watch how the Kings started out as an also ran being the 8th seed. Basically surviving on great goaltending of Jonathan Quick. As the 1st round approached like most King fans I was hopeful they'd be able to advance.

To my surprise and probably many others this team started to do more then survive they started to score goals as a team and with Quick stopping almost everything the Kings have only lost one game the entire playoff. Tonight the kings quick gave up a couple of sloppy chances a center ice blast and a careless out of position goal. But the kings Brown put in the go ahead goal in the third period and Quick saved the best chances of the Coyotes. This time the team put Quick in a position to win the game.

The credit should go to Bruce Sutter the coach of the Kings. He has the players in a system and everyone knows where they're suppose to be and what they need to do. It's a system that no other Kings team has used. it's aggressive but not to a point of gambling. He uses everyone on each line so each person can contribute and is counted on rather then hide them.

Phoenix has a few players including Doan who tried to will the Coyotes to victory. Phoenix is a team that couldn't barely get the puck into the offensive zone the entire game, But the Coyotes only need to have a few pucks go in and that made this 1st game ties going into the final period. So while the Kings looked dominant the Coyotes have another opportunity to win the next game.

All in all there will be a stanley cup final played with a west coast team representing the Western Conference. Quick will be better next game.

LA Lakers
The Laker show had one World Peace who entered the playoffs and help bring the attitude for the entire team to play and propel his teammates to contribute to an overtime team effort while Kobe suffered his lowest output of the season. But no one remembers the early round scares if the team should move on to the next round. The Lakers unlike the Hockey Kings don't play a relentless style. They rely on Kobe and stand around to watch. The Lakers to advance has to play defense like they've never played it before. Durant is going to shoot and make shots. Harden is going to shoot and make shots. The Lakers don't need to block every shot but they do need to make it difficult to get wide open shots. The Lakers are going to need to limit the Thunder second and third opportunities. Remember this young team hasn't been to a final and Durant and the Thunder watched the Mavericks last year beat them and win an NBA championship.

LA Clippers
The Grizzlies lost the first game after building a huge lead only to have the Clippers come back and steal game one. The Clippers win game 7 and will face the Spurs a team that has the most experienced coach and players when it comes to playoffs.

The Clippers by making the playoffs gives another team from LA an opportunity to reach the finals. Clippers fans, players and organization would love to win the western conference title and play for an NBA championship. Clippers fans and everyone in LA could envision a Lakers vs Clippers matchup in the next round.

The Clippers have a coach who knows the San Antonio Spurs Del Negro played for The Spurs from 1992-98. The clippers don't have anything to lose if they should come up short. So that means they'll be loose and ready to go and make the best attempt at stopping one of the most successful franchises from advancing to the next round.

CIF SS Softball and Baseball brackets come out this week along with the LA City playoff pairings. I'll post the matchups later.

Seau passing away was a complete shock. Still can't believe he took his own life. One of the most relentless players to play football.

Bountygate - The hunt is on now to make the mean and nasty violent game of football more nicer and kinder. It's too much tampering and telling now. Twitter and Facebook and all the social media avenues help to contribute to hearing all kinds of information. maybe it's too much. A game of violence and compensation for players to target certain players has now been banned. But how many players over the history of football had careers ended or suffered severe injuries because of these bounties? I would bet a lot of players got clipped, held, twisted to eliminate them from a game to be able to advance and not face them or target some for comments or statements that they're going to take them out of the game for good. Nice no, illegal maybe, but saying one thing is just talk doing it is another. Players in the past that didn't make much and had to support the family with another job probably kept the violence to themself. But now you have to tell everything to everyone and someone is going to take up a cause because of it.

Concussion Syndrome vs Big money - players want to advance to a level of being paid for playing sports even to a point of having to use aids that might not be legal (steroids), When a player decides to sign a contract and commits to playing a sport he has now voluntarily picked his job. After being paid, partying, having an opportunity to provide to make a decent living players are now turning to complaining about the sport and a living that they decided to pursue. No one is forcing them to take the risk. All players know the risk involved. The surgeon general warnings are on cigarettes and still people enjoy them freely and continue buying them. Football may cause a lot of different ailments but players continue to play and enjoy the game. But later when the checks stop and the fans are gone what then? When the choice you made turns into ailments or symptoms that you know could happen then it's pay me, sue someone, feel sorry for me. A crucial part of all of this is each individual has to pay the opportunity cost and assume the responsibility that goes along with the choice.

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I'm not a huge basketball fan. My interest over the years has been dwindling and this year I was prepared to hear about players playing overseas in the Euro-leagues. But the NBA and players have come together to make this season a reality. I know it's not final but it seems like this season is a go.

The league is built around stars and egos. I'm not saying the players are any less gifted then in years past but I'm tired of the twitter. I'm tired of the bravado and hype. I'm tired of referees excusing name brand players and whistling those who are not as lucrative.

Maybe it's because Phil Jackson has exited from the Lakers and there isn't the wonder if he can 3peat or 4peat. Maybe it's because the Lakers don't have a team that dazzles only a few stars that are featured. Maybe the new coach can energize the team and play some exciting brand of basketball. Maybe it's because Magic Johnson might be moving into a office at Dodger Stadium. Maybe because all the Lakers of the past have now moved on, West is gone, Jabbar is in the 2nd row of the areana, Kobe career is on the down side. Not to say he's lost skills.

We'll see what this year brings for the Lakers. Maybe I'll be more energetic about the season when it comes playoff time. But for now I still respect the game that a lot of players have night in and out.

Last year the focus was on a lot of items. Miami and the all-star built roster made it into the finals only to be beaten by Dirk and Mavs. The hate for LeBron is fueled by what he says but if you met him and been around him I bet you'd find a person that you don't see during the season. Phil Jackson and Lakers looking for a 3peat ran out of gas. A team that relies on Andrew Bynum who didn't want any more instruction from one of the greatest centers all-time can't seem to stay healthy. Pau Gasol who seemed to fizzle out when the Lakers needed him most.

Then there is the rivals the Boston Old men Celtics. A team that is aging but still a formidable opponent. Why they let Mr. Perkins leave Boston didn't make any sense on the court. Can the old men make it to another NBA final?

Certainly the NBA product has taken a hit with this work stoppage. But when the season is in full stride I expect most of the fan base will be back. I'm just not interested right now. Maybe because Football is at it's prime viewing. California finals are this weekend. California State Championship around the corner. The NFL playoffs and Super Bowl is going to be something to watch. Only dominate team in the playoffs is the Green Bay Packers. San Francisco is 2nd in the NFC. The AFC is wide open and don't forget the Broncos and Tim Tebow.

Once this all plays out and the NBA season takes shape I might be more in tune with the NBA. Right now it's football.

One thing is a plus for me I'm sick of the triangle offense.  It looks like get the ball to one player named Kobe and let him shoot everytime down.  I'd like to see the Lakers run the floor and get transition baskets.  But that means the Lakers will have to play defense.  Defense in the NBA what a concept?

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The Growing Legend of Tim Tebow
Give your team a chance to win games, is all you want players to do. The legend of Tim Tebow started with a lot of critics. People who are suppose to be on his side didn't start being supportive of him. A great Quarterback he is not. He isn't very mechanical ala Peyton Manning. But again Denver has won a game at the last second and Tim Tebow got the team in position for the win. Before the coaching staff and the hovering critic John Elway puts him through a remaking of him they better think again. He doesn't make mistakes down the stretch and do something that he knows isn't in his arsenal. Too many greats have taken the reins of the team and stretched them until they've become something they are certainly not. The fact is Tebow wins. He puts his team in a position to win. He's not going to be perfect. He'll work on all the problems the staff and Elway think he has. But they better be careful not to overdo it. Just look at Vick in Philly where they took an instinctive Quarterback and made him so self conscious about being in the pocket he remains in it too long. They did the same thing to Kordell Stewart he was instinctive and they made him into a bad quarterback extracting all his instinct and create a pro-type quarterback that lost.

Tebow should be able to make his own decisions. He has a management style that produces victories. Elway didn't do that by himself if Terrell Davis and his line didn't come to Denver Elway might have not won any playoff games or Super Bowls.

Football is a team game. Tebow is about team he doesn't force a play to make himself the hero. He does take what the defense gives him and minimizes turnovers and mistakes and allows his teammates to win the game. This time it's Prater with a 23 yard field goal. If you ask Tebow what he thinks about himself it won't be that he's so great. But a leader Tebow has already stepped into that role. Problem is are the coaches and Elway going to tamper with him so much that he believes he can make every play himself.

Right now leave him alone. Add some components to the team to enhance the ability to run the offense around Tebow. Denver could win the division. Denver could make it to the playoffs. Denver could shock everyone and make it to the Super Bowl. But Tebow will not be shocked. He expects to perform at a level that gives his team the best chance of winning. Everyone could pull up the stats. But stats don't win games players do. And Tebow is a "playa".

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The Broncos played the Raiders as close as you can without winning the game. But too many mistakes and the inability to stop the run was too much for the Broncos. The difference was three points not a lot but it was enough to win the game. The three point difference was because of the 63 yard field goal by Sebastian Janikowski. He deserves to have his name along with Jason Elam and Tom Dempsey. Here is a note Elam and Janikowski kicked 63 yard field goals in Denver. Dempsey kicked his when the field was made of mud, dirt and natural grass and in Detroit. Dempsey did have a special shoe however but was born without toes on his kicking foot. He also had no fingers on his right arm.

The Patriots beat the Dolphins and all the news is about Tom Brady and how he threw for over 500 yards and 4 TD's. But Chad Henne had over 400 yards and 2 TD's. The big turn is when the Dolphins couldn't score from the 1-yard line and after being stopped Brady hit Welker while throwing from the end zone for a 99 yard touchdown. That is a huge turn in momentum not to mention on the scoreboard. 31 to 17 Henne on 4th and 10 hits Brian Hartline. Henne on 3rd and goal hits Davone Bess who stretches for the goal line but his knee appears to hit the turf prior to the ball being extended over the goal line. Bess lunged for the pylon and hit the pylon but his lower body was already in contact with the field. The line judge signals touchdown because he sees the ball hit the pylon and doesn't see Bess knee hit the turf. But after review the touchdown was reversed the ball on the 1inch line. Henne on 4th and goal tries to hit Hartline. The play called was for him and him only. All the other receivers just ran into the defenders.

After the Dolphins look at the defense the Patriots are in they'll find holes in the defense. Henne and the Dolphins will be better prepared when this situation comes up the next time they play the Patriots. During the play Henne immediately looked for Hartline and never looked anywhere else. Maybe a Michigan guy can throw to a Ohio State guy for the win. Henne had loads of time.

The play that works on the goal line is crossing routes in front and behind the zone. Also play action with the fullback or back running to the open area of the end zone. It's easy to second guess after the play. But if Hartline would have caught the ball all of what I'm saying wouldn't matter. Another option instead of running a fade route would have been to stop when the defender has his back to the Quarterback and cut inside across the defenders hip. The defender would not be able to recover and Hartline could have got a pass interference call or even better caught a touchdown pass. The defender is playing Hartline to run the fade but he did have help had Hartline ran inside Brandon Meriweather did drop back to cover his zone but didn't move all the way back once he saw the ball was in the air.

So what appears to be a touchdown after the Devone Bess catch is not.  Had he crossed the goal line would have made the score 31-24.  The first play after the stop Brady hits Wes Welker for a touchdown.  I'm not saying the Dolphins would have stopped Brady and the offense but 31-24 and kicking the ball off would have felt a whole lot better then having a touchdown taken away and then immediately after the Patriots score on one play.

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The surprise of this week has got to be the 41-7 game the Buffalo Bills put on the Chiefs. But the Chiefs aren't going to be a good measuring stick for how good the Bills can be this season. Ryan Fitzpatrick the one time back-up to Marc Bulger of the Rams found his rhythm and hit his Tight End for 2 of his 4 touchdown passes. I wonder who took Fitzpatrick on their fantasy team this week. Matt Cassel and the Chiefs must still be in pre-season mode. The Bills will get to see how good they are next week against the Raiders.

Recap of the First week of the NFL season -
The Packers (1-0) look like they just picked up from last season with a win against a tough opponent like the Saints (0-1). It came down to the Packer defense being able to prevent a goal line run.

Pittsburgh vs Baltimore was a lopsided win for the Ravens. Roethlisberger I think has karma against him. This is bad news for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was a sad display of football from a franchise that prides itself on making plays. Hopefully for football fans maybe it's just the Ravens stepped up and dropped the Steelers and the Steelers haven't woke up yet.

Chicago isn't being mentioned as much of a football team but they smacked the Falcons around and dominated a one-sided game. It could be another race between them and the Packers to the Super Bowl.

Bengals outlasted the Browns. Not much to say when two teams that haven't been good for a long time face each other. Let's wait until both teams play better quality teams.

Texans might end up winning their division. The Manning-less Colts haven't got a chance. They might even get to .500 this season. What a difference Peyton Manning makes on that team.

The Jaguars got rid of David Garrard but was able to use starter Luke McCown who didn't throw a touchdown the entire game. Maurice Jones-Drew and the run game along with the defense will have to get the Jags to the playoffs with Manning being out of the division any other team can win the division. The Titans got no production out of Chris Johnson and Matt Hasselbeck threw 2 tds and 1 int.

The Rams started out keeping pace with Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles at 17-10. But as the game progressed the margin began to increase. The problem for the Rams is that Steven Jackson missed much of the game. The starting receivers dropped half of the passes Bradford threw to them. Cadillac Williams did a decent job and the Rams defense looks a little better. But Bradford got injured and Danny Amendola went out. How many Rams starter is left for next week?

Lions beat the Bucs 27-20. This might be the year the Lions make a run at the playoffs and beyond.

Cam Newton had a good game. But Carolina still lost the game against the Cardinals 28-20. The rookie will get the best the NFC has to offer against the Packers next week. Arizona with a win has a chance to win the NFC west. That doesn't say much because all the teams in the NFC west aren't very good.

The Chargers defeated the Vikings 24-17. Vikings looked the same only difference is McNabb is in and Favre is out. They are explosive at times but sometimes lack any offensive rhythm. A hard team to figure out will face the Bucs. The Chargers have the same team, same defense but got an early season win.

Seattle Seahawks can't defend the return. Ted Ginn Jr of the 49ers returned two kicks it what seemed like almost back to back to seal a 33-17 win. 49ers get a measuring stick game against the Cowboys. Seahawks will see how good or bad they are against the Steelers.

The Redskins win 28-14 against the Giants. So this game gives us nothing as far as how good the Redskins are or how bad the Giants are.

Jets found a way to win and Dallas seem to have bad habits in finding a way to throw away a lead in the 4th quarter and lose 27-24.

Monday night Games
Patriots vs Dolphins
I expect the Patriots to dominate the Dolphins. But I could be wrong.

Raiders vs Broncos
This is going to be a war. New Denver head coach John Fox is a good coach. Raiders are solid in the run game. Who is going to come out on top. The Raiders are banged up all over the roster. 3 receivers are injured. Te Boss, 2 corners a safety and a linebacker. Yet the Raiders can run the ball and if they do then Denver is in trouble. Denver is also feeling the injury bug 3 defensive tackles, 2 safeties, a linebacker, 2 receiver a starting guard. But come Monday night none of this is going to matter. One of these teams is going to be 1-0 and the other 0-1.

MSG Games - (Measuring Stick Games for next weekend.)
Saints (0-1) vs Bears (1-0)
Jets (1-0) vs Jaguars (1-0)
Cardinals (1-0) vs Redskins (1-0)
Cowboys (0-1) vs 49ers (1-0)
Chargers (1-0) vs Patriots (1-0)
Texans (1-0) vs Dolphins (0-1)
Raiders (1-0) vs Bills (1-0)

Packers (1-0) vs Panthers (0-1)
Ravens (1-0) vs Titans (0-1)
Steelers (0-1) vs Seahawks (0-1)
Eagles (1-0) vs Falcons (0-1)
Bengals (1-0) vs Broncos (0-0)
Browns (0-1) vs Colts (0-1)

Rams (0-1) vs Giants (0-1)
Lions (1-0) vs Chiefs (0-1)
Bucs (0-1) vs Vikings (0-1)

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Finally the season most of us have been waiting for his here. College Football has begun with a bang.
Rumor has it that the Pac-12 might turn into the Pac-16. How about this (Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech) leaving and joining the Pac-12 making the 12 into the Pac-16. But that might not happen until next season or later.
Rankings are as good as guessing.
14 ranked TCU lost to unranked Baylor 50-48.
#23 Auburn survived with last second heroics which seems all to common for this football team and pulled out a 42-38 victory over unranked Utah State.
#25 USC barely squeaked by unranked Minnesota 19-17. Again USC found a way to allow a team the last possession and a chance to win the game but USC defense intercepted a pass to seal the win.
UCLA looked confused and dazed in the first half. They steadied the play but it wasn't good enough. Coach Neuhiesel last few games or season looks like this is going to be the one unless he can find a way to allow 3 offensive play callers any rhythm.
#16 Notre Dame lost to unranked South Florida 23-20.
#19 Georgia got a look at #5 Boise State in Georgia the result Boise State 35, Georgia 21. Not an Upset but those that believe because of the ranking or the conference a team plays in gives an indication how good a team is doesn't have any value. The only way to see if one team is better then the other is play.
#3 Oregon looked horrible against #4 LSU as they lost 40-27.

All the 53 men rosters are full. Those people who believe the pre-season is for nothing just ask all the men that tried to make those rosters and the few that actually are going to get paid as professional football players. That part of the season is crucial for evaluating talent and teaching all of the additions to the team about what the coaching staff believes can help them win.

Tiki Barber was shocked he couldn't gain any interest to play. But maybe Tiki has to look at what choices he made in his life. He did it to himself. Maybe he can make a roster and be productive and this season is barely starting anything can happen. He still has a remote chance to come in and help a team.

Peyton Manning is not ready and rumor has it that he needs another surgery and won't play the entire season. Kerry Collins is going to have a major impact on the field but if he falters everyone who is mad that the back-up should have got the starting job will get to see him in action. We'll see just how good he is when the season is on and the game is on the line.

Before you crown the Super Bowl champions and get into the strength of each team just remember the Cardinals played the Steelers in the Super Bowl and lost by a play. Seattle beat New Orleans last year in the playoffs. Anything can happen as a result.
The Packers are the defending champions. But that doesn't give you a free pass to play in the Super Bowl. Every team will use the film of the games the Packers lost. Any team has a shot at the start of the season. That's why fans love this time of the year. Season kickoff Thursday 9/8/11 Saints vs Packers.

I don't think the NBA will be open this season. This could be the year the NBA closes until contract is signed. The players want to work. There is a no hire of United States players in some leagues but look for the smart nations and leagues to take advantage of the opportunity to bring as many of the top players in the United States to play. It should make for some interesting moves and leagues that we've never heard about might become something we mention as easy as NBA. The NBA executives and owners better be careful or you might find some arenas up for sale or turned into cinemas to view NBA playing overseas.

Too many superlatives flung out for plays and players who are playing against less then the best players and teams. An over dramatization of what is occurring on the field seems to happen more then I would like to hear. Following game play and players in the game watching to see items in the game that fans might not be watching for instead of over-hyping everything that happens.

The film doesn't lie and many stations and producers love to show every mistake over and over which makes football about avoiding mistakes. But football shouldn't be played like that. Football is about reacting and making plays. It's about fluid constant movement to compete play after play.

There is instant pay for touchdowns. Glory cast upon skilled position players while this game wouldn't be the way it is if it wasn't for the linemen play.

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Olympic No Show
During the 2012 ceremony many hometown athletes from England National team will skip the opening ceremonies because of the long wait until they actually walk into the stadium. I say if athletes don't walk in they don't compete in the Olympics. But if the event is coming up the next day those athletes should be excused from the ceremony. If any athletes are permitted to not attend the ceremony it isn't fair to the other athletes to make them have to attend the ceremony.

But the ceremony is a spectacle that has happened every 4 years that I've seen them and I've never heard of athletes asking to skip the opening ceremony until now. This isn't what the games are designed for and if a lot of athletes take this attitude then maybe they shouldn't be allowed to compete at all. However event organizers along with IOC committee should find out if there are other ways to seat all the athletes and then recognize the athletes that are competing for their nation.

Then again maybe the athletes have experienced long waiting times in uncomfortable conditions. This shouldn't be a parade for them prior to coming into the stadium. They should be allowed as comfortable experience after the parade in front of the stadium and the ability to be seated once the walk is over.

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7/20/11  Woods Like Tyson
The swagger seems so long ago for Tiger Woods. He was at one point thought of being almost unbeatable. I think right now he reminds me of another dominate athlete, Mike Tyson. Okay not exactly but I'll explain my reasoning behind this notion. 
When Iron Mike Tyson stepped into the ring he was dominate. He was almost too powerful and I felt sorry for the opponents that had to face him. Tyson was taken in by Cus D'amato after his mother passed away. If you're familiar with his training and the trainers that learned from him they use a number system. The boxer just reacts to the numbers that he hears his corner call out to him. Not to say Tyson couldn't fight but his reaction wasn't because of something he sees or react off a reflex caused by his opponent. He seemed invincible just like Tiger Woods in golf.

Tyson moved on to Kevin Rooney after Cus passed away. Mike Tyson says his downfall was because of Cus D'Amato and Kevin Rooney. But he wouldn't have made it anywhere in Boxing if he hadn't met Cus or Rooney. He would have never become the youngest heavyweight champion at age 20. But in came Don King filling a young black youth full of notions that turned Mike Tyson away from Rooney. Call it what you want but Tyson fired Rooney and all of the team and people who led him to the championship and he became the property of Don King and so did all of his money. This was the beginning of the end for Mike Tyson.

It seems that Tiger Woods had a team around him that he trusted. His father was a big part of that team. But he passed away. Butch Harmon worked on his swing but he became obsolete after a while. His wife divorced him. And now he fires his long time caddie. Just like Mike Tiger divorces himself from all the people who helped him become a champion. His caddie was probably giving him straight and tough advice and Tiger probably didn't want to hear it. The team he had around him when he was winning is now gone. And for him so are the wins.

Tiger Woods can change everyone around him to people that are saying what he wants to hear. But if Tiger would really take time for himself and look back he could find the tools that made him successful. The people around him didn't change. He did. Now he settles for being an also ran. Woods' needs to listen quietly and ask himself do you really want to be the best and break Jack Nicklaus record. If the answer is yes he better start thinking like the Woods that was winning. He better stop being this sound bite sucker who is getting use to losing, and making excuses about what happened. Stop patting yourself on the back for having a few good rounds of golf. Because the Woods that was like a tiger back then, would kick this pussycat, posing as Tiger Woods, now.

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USA Soccer
The expectations continue for the USA Soccer team after losing a heartbreaking World Cup Final to Japan on penalty kicks. The USA women soccer program built by stars Mia, Julie and Brandie has a new set of players and coach. The team not at the level of the former program did grow up in the World Cup. They're not by any means the best team in the world but they're exciting and play with aggressive passion. But it is positive progress to get to the team they want to become.

Alex Morgan a 22 year old player who scored once and passed the ball off Wambach for another goal is going to be a great talent to watch for years to come. The team without much consistency when it comes to winning helped carve out an identity by fighting through Brazil and France for wins and emerge in a final with Japan. But Japan clearly wasn't going to stop the run after beating Germany early. Japan wasn't perfect losing to England. But these ladies and coaches had one goal in mind and focused on the task at hand. They wanted to give a grieving nation something to look forward to. They wanted to show a nation that no matter what a patient and resilient team can win against all odds. And that's exactly what they did.

Julie Foudy said maybe the slow, patient style of soccer Japan hinders them sometimes. It was near the end of the overtime and Japan still playing their game. They played like they practice. Not necessarily as flashy as the US game a methodical and smooth approach but in the end it was good enough in this tournament to take home some hope and maybe some dreams for millions of people in their country.

Hope Solo seemed to be disappointed after the game, probably blaming the loss on herself. But it wasn't hers to shoulder alone. Yes the USA women did lose the World Cup but they won. They won fans in this tournament. They won experience on the biggest stage in the biggest game. They won because they could have easily folded against Brazil and France and not make it to the final. But more importantly they found out together what it was like to go the distance and stand side by side and give the best performance they could and in sports and life that's all you can ask for anyone. Yes it is always nice at the end in the finals to be called champions.

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NBA & NFL have one idea in common for the upcoming season. There might not be a season in either league. The owners have basically said to the players you can't play for us anymore. The contract that had existed in both leagues has expired. The bottom line is owners don't want to fork out more money. Owners don't like the contract the players are negotiating. But the owners can only blame themselves for paying some players more money then they're worth. The leagues have been built by owners lured by players and fans spend money. The players are the reason fans watch. Without the marquee players playing the leagues don't stand to draw much attention.

Number 1 US viewed sporting event the 2011 Super Bowl 111,000,000 million.
30 NFL Teams are comprised of 53 players 45 can dress for a game
1590 players in the league. 1350 on active roster.
There are only a handful of players on each team that are household names.
325,000 is the league minimum. At 16 games average pay for each game is 20,312 dollars.

Average 15 million viewers per telecast 2011 NBA final.
30 NBA Teams are comprised of 15 players 12 can dress for a game 450 players, 360 on active roster
There are only a handful of players who always seem to be all-stars.
398,762 is the league minimum. At 82 games average pay for each game is 4,862 dollars per game.

Salaries are based upon draft position. The higher the position the more money the player will make. The salaries of drafted players are not just based over a single season but over multiple seasons and bonuses are factored in. Bonuses are negotiated in certain cases for certain players if they sign for teams. The salary structure also factors in years in the league.
Owners and the players association have to negotiate yearly salaries, what draft picks make, how much veterans make. There is also the pension, retirement package, what happens if a player suffers an injury in the league. And this salary structure is the crust of the labor dispute how much?

While the latest ruling from the Courts supports the NFL Owners and the lockout. This only means that it's more likely the Owners have solidified there position of not yielding on the concessions the NFL players association wants. That means the players association members specifically those players that only make the league minimum will be more likely to take whatever the league will offer them. Owners know that the wealthier marquee players could decide to holdout and not play the entire season.

Owners must decide to use less qualified and experienced players to field teams for the season. Those players that decide that playing is more important then standing with the rest of the association will cross over and play for less. The whole point of marquee players is they sell tickets and put butts in seats. The leagues will be just another start up league with rich venues and huge ticket prices that will have to be slashed. Concessions will have to offer deals to get families to come to the games. The telecast and stations will lose viewers. The marquee players could put together any combination of events that they appear in that fans will automatically tune into just because of the name recognition.

The NBA has even more problems then the NFL. The NFL American football is only played in 2 other leagues in the world. The UFL a 4 team start up league with pro coaches and players who might likely leave the league and decide to look for an opportunity to play in the NFL. Marquee players won't play in the UFL because of the level of competition and the number of teams. The CFL is professional football in Canada but the game isn't the same 12 men on each side, a bigger field, receivers allowed to run toward the line of scrimmage. The Canadian Football League has been in operation since 1958 - eight teams some players could opt to play in this league.

When labor disputes happen usually the players who make the minimum splinter and the marquee players are segregated and begin to blame the association and the marquee players for them not being able to play. Already a group of players in the NFL have filed statements that blame the players association for not accepting the prior offer of the owners. So the reality is who can outlast the other.

If you're an NBA player the next move is to decide to play elsewhere this upcoming season. Unlike the NFL there are other places to play basketball and make decent money. Deron Williams has said he would play in Turkey. Kobe Bryant is saying that he wants to set up some barnstorming tours starting in China. Others will make up their minds but the decision the players make will impact the leagues in other places of the world. This could be good for the NBA. The NBA players could be building up more support for the game in the United States. But the league would have to get all the marquee players that scatter out worldwide back into the league. If the marquee players don't come back and the NBA decides to use other players it would take a long time to build the fan base back to where it is now. And if the marquee players end up playing somewhere else and continue to go there then the media will follow and all of us who follow the NBA will end up following the marquee US players' games on television and the internet.

It's all about the money. The bottom line is that player salaries became an issue a long time ago. Just look at what is happening here in Los Angeles. The Dodgers organization is bankrupt. They just severed ties with Steve Garvey. He is no longer an employee of the organization because he decided to put together a group to buy the organization. Why fire a life long Dodger because he wants what he thinks best for the organization?

Bad business affects everyone around you. The owners have done that over and over again. Too much money paid out for nothing in return. Salaries have to be within reason. Single season contracts maybe should be the norm. Multi-year deals only pay for what they believe could be worth it. It all boils down to dollars and sense. This is what happens to any league and players when the salaries become so outrageous. Still a base salary for a player must be established. There has got to be a system in place that rewards long term service and service beyond the normal. But the current lockout was created by an outrageous need for owners to pay single players money they won't earn and don't want to pay now.

Remember Manny Ramirez 2009 2 year deal worth 45 million dollars.
In 2008 he made his 12th All-Star team 102 runs and 121 rbis. Great numbers.
but 16 years in the league and as a Dodger he ran away with 45 million dollars.
Okay for Manny and his agent. Not great when he's only one player on the Dodger payroll.
Jason Schmidt 15 million dollar a year contract in 2007 and 09 and he didn't do squat. That is 75 million dollars used on two players who did absolutely nothing.

What are owners basing these crazy ridiculous amounts on?
Ramirez can't carry the team and Schmidt did nothing but give up runs while he was a Dodger.
Jason Schmidt Era averaged giving up 5 to 6 runs a game between 1995-00 he dropped era 3.39 in 11 games with San Francisco in 2002, 2003-04 Cy young award winner and one of the best pitchers in baseball in his 11th-12th season in baseball.
13 years later the Dodgers acquire Schmidt how much up side can he give the club when he's been pitching in the same division and the hitters have seen him for the last 13 years. Dodgers got 10 games out of him between 2007-09.
And you wonder why the Dodgers are bankrupt. You think?

Ryan Leaf 11.25 million guaranteed and JaMarcus Russell 31.5 million guaranteed is just bad business to pay young Quarterbacks a boatload of money and end up with nothing. This is great for the 2 players and agents, not for the team and the league.

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NCAA Softball Playoff
UCLA vs Florida winner advances, loser goes home. UCLA looks like they aren't going to make it trailing 9-0 in the third. Looks like the mercy rule will be enforced and UCLA will be going home if they don't score a bunch of runs. Florida in the driver seat in this one.
Missouri has forced another game against DePaul. Missouri currently in game 3 is leading 2-0 top of the 3rd inning.
Tulsa forces another game against Oklahoma. Loser goes home.
San Diego State survived against Long Beach State in extra innings on a home run, after all that work will face Arizona State today. I'd be shocked if San Diego State stays in the game against Arizona State.
Stanford needs a victory against Nebraska to advance. Nebraska will need to win to force game 2.

So far the bracket looks like this:
Arizona St vs San Diego State / Texas A&M
Oklahoma vs Tulsa / Arizona
Washington / Missouri vs DePaul
Oregon / Florida vs UCLA
Oklahoma St vs Houston
Baylor vs Georgia
California vs Kentucky
Alabama / Stanford vs Nebraska

NBA Playoff
Dallas played flawless basketball in game 3. But it only lasted for half the game. Oklahoma City came back from a 23 point deficit to get within 6 points. Dallas strategy in the first half was to run the offense through Dirk Nowitzki. They abandoned that strategy as Oklahoma continued to run the basketball at the Dallas defense. Tyson Chandler had a number of important offensive rebounds down the stretch. Both teams shoot free throws very well. Oklahoma will need to continue what they did late in game 3 and start faster in game 4. Kevin Durant takes too many shots from distance. Harden might be a better point guard then Westbrook. Maybe it's time to put the ball in Harden's hands and let Westbrook play the 2 guard.

In game 4 Dallas needs to spread the court and continue running the offense through Dirk, this forces Collison during pick and roll situations to have to make a decision to help or stay on Dirk. If he helps then Dirk can take wide open shots. If Dirk forces the issue against Collison without making the extra pass Collison played decent one on one defense against Dirk forcing at least 3 jump balls. Durant has to touch the ball more in the offense. Maybe Oklahoma has to take a page out of the Dallas offense and use Durant like Dallas uses Dirk.

For Dallas to win the next game they have to remain close at the start of the game. Oklahoma and the home crowd will be energized knowing a loss will put Oklahoma down 3 games to 1. If Dallas can force Oklahoma to take one shot and no second shots and score the basketball like in game 3 Dallas will be headed home needing only 1 win to advance.

Oklahoma needs a consistent, penetrating push that allows playmakers to select the right option to get easy points. Oklahoma was horrible from 3 point range 1-16 or some crazy number like that. Should they launch 3 pointers and settle for only one shot this would be a win for Dallas. Oklahoma would love to get in the open court and force Dallas to chase them the entire game. But this won't happen if Dallas doesn't turnover the basketball. One thing must change. Oklahoma must control the defensive glass against Dallas. One shot opportunity should all that Dallas can get. If Chandler and Dallas can control the offensive glass it might just be the last home game OKC fans will see this season.

Heat vs Bulls
LeBron James took over the last game down the stretch. But the addition of Udonis Haslem makes the rebounding closer then in the regular season. The Bulls have a template of success against the Heat. The problem is the Heat won't allow the Bulls to push them around with Haslem in the line-up. A deep rotation by the Bulls and speed to defend the Heat but allowing James to score is one thing allowing his teammates to contribute isn't a recipe of success. Wade and Bosh are factors that the Bulls must limit on the offense. LeBron can't be allowed to just do whatever he wants to. There must be a constant force picking at him the entire game. It's hard to win a NBA playoff game. It's going to be harder for the Bulls to beat the Heat at home. The Heat don't have a loss at home in this year playoff. Maybe if the Bulls run, scramble, scratch and claw they'll change that trend.

Looking For All The Bad
Arnold and Marie have now gone separate ways. All the moral police have come out and launched an attack on Arnold and the couples' former staffer. But this is not something I like to point out. Moral issues, that people take to the forefront of the public is something news wire services like to do. I think maybe someone should follow all those writing the stories and you'll find dirt on everyone who is writing these stories.

Tiger Making A Comeback
Tiger is said to be making a comeback. But he hasn't been around for a long time. He's lived his life the same way until he was caught by his wife and left by her. Since that incident when everyone seemed to be shocked everyone that really knows Tiger knows he lived his life in that manner. I don't have anything to say about that. But the golf part of it I do.

Tiger game was altered forever by his knee injury. After that stories flooded the internet about how he needs to alter his swing. If he didn't then he could put the same stress on the knee. After going through the injury Tiger altered his swing and began to do something that he shouldn't have done. He began to think about what he was doing instead of swinging the golf club like if nothing had happened. Then came the fall out of the infidelity and he now has to think about all kinds of scenarios.

Athletes build up muscle memory. They don't have to think about what they do after a certain point. They just trust themselves and do it. Well Tiger might not ever get back to winning. He might be stuck on the majors he has won and never win another. The point is no matter all the things that have happened all falls on Tiger Woods. Will he just start playing Golf and start swinging the golf club and not think about it. Don't worry because he knows what the result is going to be. If the result isn't what he wants, so what, swing again. That's golf, same as life. Bad happens, keep on breathing and keep on stepping. If you feel you need to alter something then do it.

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Careful to Judge
When football season comes around experts are quick to predict. Those predictions don't always happen to be right. But maybe it's a way to attract the fans to watch the team. When the season is beginning defense is always ahead of the offense. But as time goes by the offense begins to take advantage of the defense. But these match-ups in practice are no where close to the test in the regular season. There are no secrets in practice and eventually you know who is going to get the ball. Eventually great players make great plays. But all of this is competition to see who'll get to start games. Don't believe the hype. Sometimes great high school players don't attain the same greatness in college.

Ratings and predictions go only as far as the lips. Teams need to play well enough to defeat an opponent. Your only required to give enough effort to defeat an opponent. The Spurs the number one team in the Western Conference at the start of the playoffs are now trailing the series 2-1 and this only adds to the Memphis Grizzlies confidence, not to mention they've got a plan that leads to victories. Only one to stop the Grizzlies is the Spurs.

The Lakers started off losing and not playing with much intensity. Two games later the Lakers find themselves up 2-1 with game 4 today. The Lakers haven't done anything yet. At least they didn't crumble and trail in the series like they did in game one. But a Hornets' win today will even the series and anything can happen. The Lakers must win game 4 to have a comfortable lead in the series and the ability to close the series out at home. The key for the Lakers to win this game is how they handle Chris Paul. If they shut him down and allow him to give up the basketball and not allow him in the paint the Lakers have a good chance of winning. If the Lakers get lazy on the defensive end they will pay with a loss today.

NFL Disappointing
The NFL might be in for a rude awakening this season. IF they think that they can get away with replacement players and have fans believe it's business as usual we will see on opening day. I would suspect if the majority of marquee players remain unemployed and don't go to work this season most of the stadiums in the league will be empty. Owners better start lowering ticket prices and add gift giveaways.

The sad thing about this whole scenario is that a group of players are going to join the owners and play this season. They've already said they think that the Players Association didn't do enough to negotiate a contract with the league. That means all the middle paid players who are going to work this season for less money. Eventually these middle tiered players are never going to be the franchise players. Should the franchise players decide to cross over and take whatever the owners decide to give them then you'll eventually see the fans return to the stadium. But if no marquee players return and the fans decide to stay away the league will have to decide what to do at the end of this season.

I wish the players would find new ownership under a new league. But in order for this to happen the entire player base would have to sacrifice this season to build a league with new owners. This isn't going to happen as this season goes on I think a lot of players are going to settle for whatever the owners propose and you'll see some marquee players never play another down of football. You'll also see players that you'd never see if it was business as usual.

I'll see what quality of players end up playing this season. But for right now I think about 5 minutes of viewing is the most I'll watch until I turn it off.

At least College Football will be the same game and I've always got the high school games on Fox. Too bad College booster greed has made a playoff less season. But the intensity and excitement of the game is still great.

The Kings have staved off elimination. Quick needs help from the Kings defensemen and can't allow 51 shots on goal again if they expect to climb back into the series. Quick just can't withstand that much pressure and be expected to hold up. The Kings give up too many odd man rushes after the defensemen pinch in to far trying to attack the net. Pavelski is the key player for the Sharks he seems to always be around the scoring plays. Someone needs to mark him and mark him hard.

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Adult Con 2011
Adult con is boring at best. After attending the convention on Saturday I found out it will be my last. The convention last year was good because of Lupe Fuentes. Most of the talent at that adult con didn't charge five dollars for taking a photo of them. Lupe made the event worth going to. This year I didn't plan on going but decided to.

This year Carmen Jay and Isis are nice. But I ran into a bitch named Briana Jordan. Hell I can download a million pictures of her. I don't want the picture to sell just post on flickr so other people can enjoy them. She told me that to take her picture would be 5 dollars. I said 5 dollars I can take your picture when you're not looking. She said I was rude and that she would get me kicked out of the adult con. I told her that was all right I'd leave. So I left. Just about 3 hours going around the three aisles they have there it was time to go anyway. I do wish I had got the chance to take Angelina Valentine photo in front of her.

Ms Jordan isn't worth the trip to the Adult con. But some pornstars and models are worth the trip to the event because if they would be like Lupe Fuentes it would be more fun. This year they did have a DJay and a couple of girls danced on stage. But for the most part it's a boring event not worth the time or money.

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Legalize or Not
The hot topic around town for many people is legalization of marijuana. However business in this industry is still open. People will get what they need legal or not. For cities that allow the business to operate know that they'll increase city revenue. The Federal government recognizes the industry can create huge cash flow but still won't say that it's legal for the business to operate and at the same time have back taxed these businesses for huge sums of money. It's the old damned if you do and damned if you don't syndrome.

The same issue surrounds alcohol. While ads promote drinking is social, fun, and exciting pastime. The law says that you're in violation after exceeding the legal limit which is a few drinks. And who drinks a few? This allows the cities and government to raise huge sums of money and all the while stumble out of the bar laughing the same night. But some people will never be arrested for drunk driving and some continue to have bad luck.

This whole entire business entity is now for the rich. Maybe at the local level some advocates who represent the people and have the same issues and ideas participate. But I think it is for a short period of time only to become swallowed up by the whole system. Taxation without representation and England saw many people seeking other places to live because of the Kings decreed and abuse of taxing the people. All the while the king and his family collect money they don't deserve and never earn. It's the same scenario now there are no new lands that we can leave for to live in peace. So while the rich get tax breaks and can afford the best tax attorneys the poor continue get poorer.

NFL Labor Dispute
This is an example of greedy, wealthy owners who want to increase revenue, nothing wrong with that. But they want to demand the players to perform tasks that they aren't willing to pay for. At some point since they've extended the deadline they'll have to come to some type of compromise. Probably give up a lot more money in revenue sharing then they wanted to. Contraction of the league could happen in the next few years because the owners who have been spending money on dying teams will not want to continue doing that. The NBA is in the same boat as is every business. Owners must make enough to pay salaries and costs to run a business. That is no small fee.

Changing Work Force
I've noticed a change in work force. I will guess that having no papers and getting a social security number and trying to get a job without being legally in this country will now be harder then ever. Employers will have to comply with a shift in the workforce. With so many employees who have lost jobs they've been at and need to still support the family will take jobs they once never thought of taking to make ends meet. I have also noticed a increase in the amount of freight that is coming through our facility and the economy seems to be better. Hopefully that means more jobs for everyone.

A Perfect World
To me this would mean that everyone had a place to stay, enough to eat and the means to provide the family a secure future. But for many people they don't even try to seek employment relying on government assistance and have no drive to work. They even are selective in the jobs that they will continue to do. 5 or 6 new workers come through in the last few weeks and most either lose the opportunity to work because they are ill prepared to take the atmosphere of doing tasks that require 8 hours of work. Some think that they are bosses and need to tell supervision what to do instead of closing the mouth and working. Others make excuses about why they need to leave early and ask if they will work tomorrow. This seems to be more lazy people who want a paycheck for nothing and if they're use to getting money for doing nothing they'll always choose the lazy way to live. But all the while I've never met once of these lazy people who was quiet. They for the most part know everything and talk a lot and have an opinion that they think has merit.

Still Blessed
Having said all of that the USA is the best place for me. The problems that you see in other countries don't happen here in the US. But it's not perfect and we need a lot of help in a lot of areas. But there is no place like home.

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Jerry Sloan has exited the NBA. He coached almost half a century on one team. He only had one season under .500. He is a Hall of Famer for sure. But all things come to an end. But let's not dwell on his exit but remember his contribution to the NBA during his career in Utah. If you really look at it Jerry Sloan has worked three careers in one lifetime. He spent time as a player in Chicago. He coached a total of two careers. Now that he's exited don't look for him to change his habits. He'll be the same as he was in the NBA in whatever venture he pursues. Don't worry about him.

All the ups and downs of the season have hit the defending champions. Each loss is magnified and wins are sometimes talked about like they lost. The season is something the Lakers must endure to get to the place they all want to be. This year is Phil Jackson last one. The Lakers could put themselves in position for a third straight NBA championship. That would put Phil Jackson alone in being the only coach to have won 3 consecutive championships twice on two different teams. If Mitch Kupchak and Jennie Buss end up making a trade then so be it. But if they don't then the Lakers must complete the goal of winning a championship this season. To many the Lakers are not the best team in the NBA. We'll see how much the Lakers want a championship come playoff time.

The website is treating the coming draft and season just like any other. But there hasn't been much talk about a lockout or the meetings between the players and ownership. I think that a lockout is coming. The owners don't want to talk about it nor do they want to address it on the NFL website. But without the marquee players the owners don't have a product that can generate the fervor and expectation that comes with every season. They can sell the draft. They can have players sign with the team but if the players walk away and don't play the league has nothing to offer. For Goodell and the NFL they'll have to sell an inferior product to a group of fans that will not buy into that.

The same situation will come to the NBA next season and maybe it will be the year that the two most popular sports find out just how greedy the owners can be. It's the same situation with the NBA. No Kobe, LeBron and the all-stars substitute players from college and Europe and what you've got to pay in ticket prices is the same and the quality of the play isn't. A no win situation for making money.

In case of lockout...
We might get the opportunity to find out if we can survive withdrawals of the two most popular sports not being played. So time will come when we'll have to find other things to do. But we already do that every season. When golf and auto racing is the only sports on tv. Wives and some husbands will love this secretly. Maybe businesses will also love this time since families will be looking for something to do and spend the money with them instead of on the sports cravings.

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The story is already can Pittsburgh and Green Bay get back to the next Super Bowl? But my question is how will any team get to the Super Bowl if the players don't have a contract with the NFL? So the Players Association could disband and individual players could start to feel pressure to make deals with the owners. It's been a while since a strike or lockout has happened. But let me tell you the games aren't the same. How could they be when your anticipating the matchups and draft picks that you expect and then you've got to settle for whoever from wherever state university.

Before we get to who is prime to make it to the next Super Bowl. Let the Packers staff, players and organization enjoy the win. But I know if I was playing I'd like to know if I was going to be able to go to work and earn a living. Before everyone forgets this is how the players in the NFL make a living. Maybe the owners will notice that it's the players who put the fans in the stands not the elaborate stadiums or concessions. It's not the beer and food.  It's about the players who make plays against other players.

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Super Bowl 45
Pittsburgh vs Green Bay - The hype is over. The anthem has been sung. The planes have flown overhead. Now it's game time. Can one team dominate the other? Will Big Ben need last second heroics to win another Super Bowl? Can the Pittsburgh defense clamp down the Green Bay offense? Will either team be able to run the football? Will Aaron Rodgers finally be the center of attention instead of having to answer questions about Favre?

This is what it's all about two teams for the championship. Deion Sanders, Marshall Faulk, Shannon Sharpe, Richard Dent, Chris Hanburger, Les Richter and Ed Sabol have achieved what few players can the next class to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The big question everyone will ask after it's over is will there be a next season or not? This will impact the draft and where will football be played if anywhere? Replacement players never seem to be able to capture much of the fan base.

Christina Aguilera Alteration
She makes a huge mistake and makes up her own words to the National Anthem. It's something that should never happen. You'd think singers would practice the song prior to doing it live. She isn't going to be the last one to make a mistake.

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The New Year has started and at this time of the year College Football is working towards the only game that will decide the champions. But sadly this is related not to parents, players, coaches. This has got to do with greed of the few who hold this sport hostage. No administrator dare tamper with this long standing tradition. Hopefully one year will bring the end of a division I football championship playoff and two teams left to play for the undisputed Division I Champs. Until this happens I continue to list the recognized champion. But for those who say the season is fine just the way it is might not understand that College Football extends into division II/III and both of these have playoffs.

I know that many interested alumni follow these games with much passion. But really every sport has a playoff system in place. To say these games are useless would ignore the huge pay days for conferences and universities.

Auburn vs Oregon is as close to the best teams playing this year. Seems to be a game the ratings will probably rate as very high. But for a few teams and coaches they can only wonder what would have happened in a playoff. This is common since this system has been in place for a long time.

Next season will begin a new era in college sports when colleges start to play in other conferences. Some will only have the football team participate in the conference move. While others will switch the entire program. Maybe one day it leads to a playoff.

Tomorrow marks the end of the regular season with some teams needing a victory to make the playoffs. While all the if's and scenario's are drawn out the season will end. Some winners could miss the playoffs and even some losers make the playoffs. However it turns out there will be playoff picture to look at. Experts will wear out the match-ups. Only thing that matters is what happens on game day. This is when winners advance and the losers go home. The drama and pressure builds until the super bowl.

Patriots are playing the best and most consistent football and I can remember when the experts had this team as being weak. So much for the experts perspective. Many think that teams like the Seahawks and rams who could make the playoffs below.500. While this isn't fair to some teams with better records this is part of the system. Whoever wins the division makes it to the playoffs.

I remember those "sorry Cardinals", who most dismissed as just an also ran. However they came within one play of winning the super bowl. But Pittsburgh answered with the final play a strike between three defenders delivered from Ben Roethlisberger to Santonio Holmes. The back breaker was the interception on the goal line and the James Harrison 100 yard interception return for a touchdown with 18 secs left in the first half. This all against those "sorry Cardinals". And while the rams or the Seahawks might not get all the way to the super bowl. One team will at least get the chance. Unlike the selection of the two teams to lay for a national championship in college.

Roger Goodell is head of the Football Bureau of Investigation, Chief of Fines and marketing himself into one of the most highly visible commissioner of any pro league in the history of sports. He's got incredible amount of power. But he can't do this on his own. I believe he's just following the instructions of the NFL owners. Just let him cross the owners and he'll be relieved of duty or worse they'll have a story air about corruption and scandal that will leave him scarred for the rest of his life.

While he's orchestrated the steroids investigation, levied fines to players around the league and now he's the chief investigator of all players that hit the police blotter or scandal sheet.

The Brett Favre story away from the football field isn't any different then all the men cheating on there wife in society. So What? Not my biz. Rex Ryan and his foot fetish with his wife. Again that's his business. But people clamor for dirt any kind truth or not sadly people eat that dirt up every day.

Lakers seem to have a lot of problems after losing to the Miami Heat. Many say that Phil Jackson doesn't know what he's doing. Okay panic stricken people this happens every year to the defending champions. I think after completing a run of three/3-peats and looking to complete a fourth he knows perfectly where the team is and what he needs to do. So we'll check in from time to time and see just where the Lakers and the rest of the teams are in the race to the playoffs.

Lately it's been raining off and on here in good old sunny Southern California. At night it's chilly but I will refrain from saying cold since other places are horribly worse. I know a double negative but you get my drift. The high 30's is cold for us here. I do love the sun on my skin. Just don't understand how anyone copes with rainy weather all the time cold/snow and the problems the weather brings. But if that's where you live I guess you just do the best you can. Can't wait until it warms up a bit.

Watching people is interesting but sometimes I just don't get some. I know that when you enter on a escalator that only goes up returning to that area just doesn't make sense to go down. Right? But I saw 30 people the blind leading the blind to such an area. A sign in red written "No Exit", Not only did people ignore the sign they tried to open the doors leading to the escalator which is going up. 5 people actually ran down the escalator after people opened the doors most just turned around and mumbled. The interesting part of it 4 of the 5 people that ran down the escalator are females, Okay young females. It does explain a lot of the problems that we might run into are created by the same type of people so don't blame God or any religions.

So much information is available now because of the blog and twitter. It's seems like an endless stream of info but some can't get enough. I use this form of communication and make it public for whoever wants to read it. But some items should be private. I know journalists think freedom of speech gives them the right to pursue a story and to photograph whatever they want. But a line exists and I know it. But they need to get the dirt and finding it means more money. It's a job to some and for me and others just a way to express our point of view.

Like mr, Carlson saying Vick should have got the death penalty. He was the only person I've ever heard of convicted for dog fighting. One day I asked a animal rights activist if you had to choose between a person or a dog who you would choose to live the answer the dog. I said this only happens here because of the wealth of our nation. She said no it isn't. I told her to just picture a place that is poor in the world and you need to eat who do you choose man or animal. She changed the subject and storms off. Soldiers understand hunger and what they'd do in order to survive. You've heard the story in which plane crash survivors ate human meat to sustain there existence. Many say bah humbug. For religious beliefs certain countries will never eat certain animals. If you never need to go into survival mode then you'll never understand.

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LeBron the head of NBA marketing is at it again. Saying he's just a player but let's just make the league smaller and give all-stars more of chance to play together that's how you'd make the league more interesting.

Funny thing is I've never heard of any league trying to shrink. Yes more teams mean more opportunity for other players to make the team. Some teams just don't have the capital to afford multiple all-stars. Some teams might not want to have that many all-star players on the roster. Also you only can have so many all-star players. Who'll volunteer to sit on the bench? Who'd be ready to coach the team?

But having a team full of all-stars doesn't guarantee a championship and if LeBron wants to prove that point Miami will have to win multiple championships so far they have none. The Lakers come to mind with Malone, Bryant, O'Neal and Payton funny thing is they couldn't win the championship but came awfully close.

There is only one basketball and I'm sure an all-star led team will eventually win a championship. But to shrink jobs for other players and take away the opportunity to play in the league seems a bit condescending to those players that just get the job done.

What LeBron is saying as a player could be true. But it takes away the work ethic type teams that are supported by fans who want to see them excel. That would mean that teams would be disbanded and job opportunities shrink. I wouldn't want to watch a bunch of spoiled all-stars in a league of their own.

Frankly I'm sick of LeBron James talking and marketing. Until he wins multiple championships and leads his team by example he should keep his mouth shut. But since he's the poster child of the NBA and in his mind the best player he feels compelled to offer his advice.

First it was Erick Spoelstra he was the problem in Miami. Then it was Chris Bosh just not producing enough. Then it's someone else. But the problem is never an all-star.

I would hope that LeBron would have to eat his words. LeBron is a great player, but one that is taking the word team and throwing it in the toilet. I'd sure like to see Cleveland win a championship before Miami then LeBron can explain the value of all-star studded teams. But more then likely the Heat will win a championship or three.

A League of Learning
Today I heard a comment from my neighbor. He's about 8-10 years old. His comment got me thinking. He said baseball season is far away. That he doesn't get to play but 2 innings a game. His little sister says she plays softball and that she likes her coach.

So I thought back to all the rules of youth sports and sadly all the kids practice but all the kids don't play. I don't know why it's so important for adults to create leagues that have all the great players on one team. All this does is put winning as the absolute goal.

I think we're missing the mark for all of the youth involved in sports.

Why isn't the goal to teach everyone about playing the game? Isn't it more important to teach kids the lessons in sports that they can use in life? The coaches in youth sports aren't of the best quality. Many of them are former players or just parents who want to see the kids play. Very often the best coaches don't want to be involved unless they have kids in the league. If they have kids in the league it always seems there kids get quality playing time. And then the winning at all cost coaches that will do anything to win a game.

It seems that same philosophy that controls our youth leagues is also what LeBron James has been saying about the NBA. The mediocre players have no place in the league. His attitude is only the very best should be able to play. It's that mindset about players that make up the majority of every sports foundation for youth in our country. Let's be realistic that's the reason that so many youth aren't playing sports. Even though they practice and try it's just not good enough when it comes to winning games. But youth sports isn't created for elite athletes it's purpose should be about learning the game and having fun playing a sport. While learning about respect for teammates, coaches and parents and how to win and lose games. This concept has long been smashed down under the greedy people who think about the bottom line which is I paid for this league and this league will be about what I want it to be.

It isn't a coincidence that the same mindset is involved in College sports. It starts as a youth but you get to at least be a part of the team with limited playing time. And then in High School it's about putting the best players on the field and winning as many games as they can. It's about featuring scholarship athletes so they can make it to the next level. And for a tiny fraction of the entire population of athletes that are between the ages of 5-until about the teens a league should be in place that everyone plays. Not just throw out the equipment and say have fun. But to have coaches to ensure that they continue to grow as players and more importantly grow as informed adults.

But since this isn't a priority for many politicians and communities the same old culture in sports will exist in this country. Offer athletics to everyone. Have parents involved so they can help with the players on the team. Hand out participation awards for some of them. And find out that by the time a young person who likes a sport has participated only a small portion of the time. The only one's who can play must play well. By the time high school rolls around you've got a very small percentage of the student body even interested in sports.

That's why the video game genre is so popular. Everyone who can get to participate is going to get a chance to play as long as they want to. No one is calling them names if they make a mistake. You can participate when you want to and now they've got games in which you can actually perform physical movement.

It's funny I've coached a number of years and saw some ugly incidents that involved parents yelling awful stuff to young kids who have no clue. One thing is true every kid that has done bad and made a bad play got earful of hatred directed at them. And all that hate is for what? Because they made a mistake.

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Philly Wins Thriller

After Andy Reid failed miserably to challenge a call on a play that resulted in a turnover, Troy Aikman and Joe Buck kept on talking about it.  But as announcers you've got no control of what happens on the field.  You've got no influence on the game.  Frankly you can't change what has already occurred.  Reid didn't challenge the play but in my opinion it wouldn't have mattered.  The runner was touched on the way to the ground.  The contact that the defender made didn't cause the runner to fall.  He just happened to put a hand on him.  After this it seemed that Aikman and Buck didn't believe Reid.  Reid has been coaching in the NFL for a long time.  He's been making decisions his entire career.  After this game no one is going to question him.  Well maybe a few reporters.

The only criticism I have of the Philadelphia coaching staff is that they made Vick into a pocket passer.  The entire game the Giants had 8 or 9 men on the line rushing Vick who just continued series after series to stay in the pocket.  But due to the coaching staff making Vick more conscious of staying in the pocket sometimes he should just run.

Finally the offensive coordinator figured this out and Vick hurt the Giants play after play.  After tying the game 31-31 the Giants couldn't move the ball.  Hodge came in and punted that ball, a line drive that Jackson initially fumbled.  He started one way and then cut back into the middle of the field and after the play was over the Eagles win the game with no time left on the clock.

Coughlin came to his rookie punter and asked him why he didn't punt the ball out of bounds?  No response from the punter.  Hodge could find himself looking for another job after this performance. 

For Vick he needs to be able to break down defenses by running the ball.  When defenses blitz toward the Quarterback they know exactly where he's going to be in between the tackles.  For Vick his instinct has been altered by the coaching staff but this game the staff made the right call asking Vick to use his running ability to help win this game.

With as big of a lead that the Giants had it shouldn't have come down to the punter kicking the ball to Jackson.  They could have played better offense and defense and perserved the lead and not let it come down to that one play.  But it did. 

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Northern California Dominates
Northern California didn't have much success in the past only registering 3 wins. But this season the North won 4 out 5 of the California State Football Championship games. Serra, Centennial-Corona, Servite all could make excuses about what went wrong but the selection committee did a great job matching three undefeated teams from the South against teams from the North. Although the results didn't favor the South that's what playing for a state title should mean.

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Jets Get Help
Sal Alosi is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach on the team. He's in a lot of trouble trying to aid the Jets during a game this weekend. He tripped a player from the sidelines. Yes that's right. What is he thinking? Maybe he thought no one would see him. It didn't look all that terrible. But when non-players get involved in plays that happen on the field this is a huge line to cross. I would expect his punishment to be heavy maybe even fired from the NFL. Not only this but the fallout will follow him could be felt for many years to come. At some point I would hope he would be allowed to continue making a living performing his job.

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California State Football Championship
Serra is surely going to have a spot after going undefeated this season. The problem is there a team up North that can give them a game? We'll see which team they'll play against. Centennial - Corona also went 14-0 and should be a part of the selection representing the South. After Servite 14-0 defeated Mission Viejo who also came into the game undefeated should be selected. And finally Oaks Christian avenging a loss against Westlake and winning a close game 29-28 should also represent the South. These are my four picks to make it to the State Football Championship. I have no clue on which team will be selected for the small schools division.

Of course De La Salle undefeated will represent the North in one of the four state title games. The other three better be good enough to put up a fight. De La Salle is 2-2 in the state making this one the 5th straight appearance.

Maybe the State selection committee will pair up Centennial and De La Salle in a re-match in which Centennial won 21-16. The Northern Section hasn't found a way to dominate the Southern Section. Only two schools from the North have wins in the State Championship Grant who beat Long Beach Poly and De La Salle holds 2 wins.

The games have been of championship quality and for whatever reason the teams from up North have been on the losing end.

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A Dream Turned Down
Keith Fitzhugh has been working as a train conductor for three weeks. But the New York Jets asked him to accept an offer to join the team but he turned them down. And said thanks but he needs to work steady and has his ailing mother and father to take care of.  After being in Jets training camp the past two seasons, Fitzhugh understands the disappointment of not making the final roster. Fitzhugh might not be the only choice for the Jets who have also been looking at Donovan Warren and Emanuel Cook to help fill the void left at safety by Jim Leonhard.

I know Fitzhugh is dedicated to his job and doesn't want to lose it. But this is an NFL franchise and if they want him bad enough they'll go to his employer and talk with them. I'm sure the railroad could loan him out for the rest of the season if he is going to join the team and play. Fitzhugh might have his bosses at the railroad asking him to go play and no matter what he'll be able to resume his position. But it depends on how serious the New York Jets are about him playing. If he's just going to report to the Jets and enter into a competition with others to see who'll get the start at safety. Fitzhugh might be better off just driving the train.

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Five Set Thriller
Redondo didn't look bad when they faced Long Beach Poly for the CIF SS Title in Volleyball. But Poly just looked too powerful. They just overwhelmed them with too many people on the team with the ability to hit the white off the volleyball.

So when Redondo began the journey toward the State Final they would get another opportunity to face the Jackrabbits. Both teams survived and played a 5 set thriller. That wouldn't have been possible if Redondo thought that Poly was just too powerful. Redondo pushed Poly to the brink but Poly survived.

Coach Chaffins isn't a stranger to powerful athletic teams. He must contend with the Volleyball factory Mira Costa. So Redondo knows just how to deal with overwhelming players on the other team. They just came up a few points short.

Poly will play for the first state title in Volleyball, ever. The football team doesn't have a state title either. So if the girls from Long Beach can win they'll have bragging rights forever. They'll be able to tell the football players that they won the state title first. It just seems odd that the team that wins the first would be Girls Volleyball and not Football.

Phil Jackson made a statement about the Miami Heat and the current coach Spoelstra. But he better forgot about saying anything about any other team and focus on his own team. The Lakers have just lost 4 games in a row. Yeah, the record is 13-6 but they've got to stop losing. I remember at one point in his career it was rare that his team would lose 3 in a row. So Phil better start taking care of his own before they start learning bad habits. And it's a bad habit to lose so many games in a row maybe the Lakers forgot how to win games. Phil better stop looking around the league and start looking at his own players.

College Football
Again it's another year of ho-hum. Yes without a playoff the year comes down to the final two teams and the BCS. All the while I just wonder if the Boise States' and the rest of those teams that aren't suppose to be all that good what they would do in a playoff. But colleges that participate in bowl games are interested in them because of the pay they'll receive. Funny how this whole system is set up for those who make a ton and of that money some of it goes to the schools. It's the poor players that get nothing. Only some are fortunate enough to receive a sponsored college career.

LA City Football Playoff
Carson will try and get by Taft and in doing that advance to the championship game. The other side of the bracket has Venice meeting Crenshaw. So it could be Carson vs Crenshaw in the finals. Sorry Venice. But I don't think either team would have much of a chance to get a bid to the State Championship game.

CIF Southern Section
The Pac 5 champion usually gets an opportunity to play in the State Championship if Mission Viejo is undefeated this season. They've been a good program for many years but have yet to play in the State Championship. Mater Dei will try and prevent them from reaching the final. But this Mater Dei team has 4 losses coming into the game.
A pair of undefeated teams will play for the other spot in the final, Alemany and Servite. One of these teams will be overjoyed and the other will exit the playoffs and experience the first loss of the season.

Serra looks like a team that will go undefeated. They look like an easy bet to make it to the State Championship. The only problem is finding an opponent to give them enough competition in the final. But Serra still needs to win two more games until they get to that point. And I can remember a few teams that went undefeated the entire year only to lose in the final. Serra must beat Paso Robles. If they should win they'll take on the winner of the Chaminade (lost to Serra earlier this season) vs Arroyo Grande (lost to Paso Robles earlier this season) game.

Oaks Christian is again in the Northern Division playoff and will take on Valencia. Westlake and St Bonaventure will fight for the other spot. Oaks Christian might not have been as dominate in years past they lost to Alemany and routed by Westlake. So if Oaks can beat Valencia and Westlake can get past St Bonaventure it would give Oaks a chance to avenge that rout. Westlake beat St Bonaventure earlier this season by a point.

The surprise for me is to see South Torrance still alive. Can the Spartans continue to win in the Northwest Division of the CIF playoff? Templeton lost to Morro Bay the team South just beat in the playoffs. But will South be able to handle Templeton? Nordhoff is 12-0 and will face Lompoc who lost to Templeton earlier this season.

But championship football is about making plays against other great players. It's what your entire team can do as a unit. All the teams have made it this far but now it's at the point of the playoffs when the winners advance to the title game. Every play is magnified. Every score is crucial.

If you didn't know California State Football championship draws from all the State section champions. The list seems endless and they are selected for the State Championship. Of course I come to expect De La Salle to represent the North. They are currently 11-0. Grant was an excellent representative two years ago. They shocked Long Beach Poly 25-20. They believed they should have been a part of the State a year earlier. This year Grant is 13-0. Both of these schools should they win titles will be a part of the state championship. Since De La Salle is defending champion and has made it every year (2-2). It would be ashamed if the committee left Grant at home. They played so well before another appearance would give the North two powerful teams.

This is what football is all about. Until Division I College Football gets a clue about that then all eyes on high school and the NFL until the championship is won.

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Girls High School Volleyball
Redondo will face Long Beach Poly in the Semi Final of the State Championships. But what was clear in the CIF Southern Section Championship game is that Long Beach has a lot more athletic players. It seems like everyone on Long Beach is able to hit kills. Redondo in order to advance to the State Title against Northern California is going to have to ask for a bit of a miracle. Poly will have to aid Redondo for them to stay in the match. Not only does Poly have so many hitters but the entire team seems to be able to play great defense. Redondo and Long Beach had some of the longest rallies I've ever seen in any volleyball matches.  But Poly was too much for Redondo to handle and still might be too powerful for them to get by again.

While Long Beach Poly Football team has exited the playoffs, the volleyball team has won the 2nd section title (2000) and is one game away from making it to the State Final. If Poly should win the state title this would represent the first state title for Long Beach Poly and maybe a start to many more.  By the way the Football Team has not won a State Title yet.

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Raiders Ready to Step Up
It's been a long time since I've watched the Raiders be able to win games consistently. They've found excuses and sometimes quit. They've had calls go against them and then focus is on the bad call and not on the next play. But this weekend they just seem to be a different team. Coach Cable is missing his starting receivers and maybe it's best they don't get back on the field when they become healthy or use them like back-ups.

Jacoby Ford was unknown to me, but not anymore. His return was patient until he saw an opening and he was gone. Most track guys don't catch the football very well. But Ford no only made some catches he made big plays when the Raiders needed it. Jason Campbell threw the ball very well. He made good decisions most of the time.

Ford snatched the ball away from the hands of the Kansas City defender. Who then claimed Ford interfered with him. He didn't he just wanted the ball and took it away to set up Janikowski and he tied the game. Ford made the big catch diving to receive a pass from Campbell that set up the game winning field goal for Janikowski.

The Raiders are doing something well for the last 3 games. So it's no time for Al Davis, Tom Cable or anyone to mess with what is going on. I just wonder after the bye week if the Raiders can hold on to an old Al Davis saying, "Just Win Baby".

Wade Phillips fired in Dallas. He shouldn't be the only one that receives walking papers. Some of the players on the current roster should be gone after this season too.

Childress should be next to hit the unemployment line.

The next coach/quarterback situation to pop up is going to be this weekend when the Redskins take the field. Who will be the starting quarterback? How long will Donovan play? Will Shanahan acquire another veteran quarterback? We'll see.

Rams Have a Chance
Believe it or not the Rams and Seahawks are tied for 1st place in the NFC West. Can the Rams continue to win and make it to the playoffs? Bradford has a lot to do with the teams turn around.

Falcons hold a slight edge on the Saints with Tampa Bay trailing but it's going to go down to the final game in the NFC South.

Vikings can only hope that the Bears and Packers start losing. The Bears are a surprise to me but the Packers have looked like they might finally end up winning the division without Brett Favre at Quarterback. Aaron Rodgers and the Pack look playoff bound and could very well make it to Dallas.

Giants started out looking as if Coughlin would be on the hot seat. But Eli and the acquisition and emergence of Hakeem Nicks has the Giants atop the NFC Central. Vick and the Eagles seem to be a different team when he's running the offense. And the Redskins only need to win some games and have the Giants and Eagles stumble for them to vault into contention. But with Shanahan playing mind games with McNabb it seems to be the wrong time for that.

Even though the Raiders got a big win will they continue to that all season. Chiefs are still half a game ahead. Don't forget about Philip Rivers and Norv Turner in San Diego. At 4-5 the Chargers could end up winning the rest of the games on the schedule and end up atop the AFC West. But at least now the Chiefs and Raiders will make the rest of the season interesting.

Patriots fall to the Browns. But still are ahead of Miami. The Jets lead the division 7-2. The Jets have played one more game then the Patriots. This division rep will be decided probably the last week of the season.

Steelers and Ravens are the only teams that will contend for the AFC North.

The AFC South is wide open. A division that was dominated by the Colts who just seemed to be asked the same question every season are they going to go undefeated. Not this season since the Colts are at 5-3 tied with Tennessee. Houston and Jacksonville are 4-4.

Halfway through the NFL season it's really been a great season as far as the competition. What hasn't been fun at all is the Commissioner and his cronies. He's altered the game, played judge and jury against players. He's got to have collected the most money from players in a single season. He's collected all this revenue, wonder where it goes?

Miami is going to be the attraction especially when they play the best teams in the NBA. As the season moves on we'll get to see who those teams are as they distance themselves from the rest of the NBA. The Lakers have started the season like they ended it. Do they have enough juice in the tank to keep it up and end the season with the best record in the NBA? More important will be when the playoffs start will they be healthy and ready to go after the 3peat.

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Wave Good-Bye Childress
If Brad Childress can make it until the end of the season this year I'd be surprised. If Childress isn't let go before the start of next season then I'd be shocked. Childress now has a feud with Harvin in which it almost got physical. Physical, a player is to get physical getting ready for next week not with a coach and never with the head coach.

Childress has lost respect from the Viking players. The loss of respect leads to a lot of players just tuning you out. This creates circle of coaches who support and who will talk about Childress with groups of players. If the Vikings want to win it will be because of the players come together and decide to.

Review of Upcoming Movies
Critics rate movies bad, good, up or down. But it really doesn't matter. What matter is if the public is willing to give up money to see the movie. Megamind is a movie that netted 47.7 million dollars. The review was not too favorable. Just goes to show you how much stock people place on these reviews.

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Redskins go Shopping
Believe it the Redskins have looked at JaMarcus Russell and J.P. Losman to fill in as Quarterback. Maybe Shanahan is going to waive McNabb or maybe he just wants them to run the 2minute offense like a closer in baseball. I wouldn't be all surprised if McNabb is waived. Maybe McNabb will get with Moss and go to another team together like LeBron and Dwayne and Chris did in Miami. Maybe they end up in Chicago at a discounted rate. Funny how Shanahan has gone from claiming that McNabb isn't in shape to searching for a Quarterback like he doesn't have any on his roster.

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Another Season - Patriots Run to the Super Bowl
The Patriots started this season not mentioned much. But they should never be counted out ever. As long as that guy on the sidelines with the hooded sweater is on the sidelines they've got a chance to make it to the Super Bowl. I never count them out. And this season right now they're at 6-1 and have the best record in the NFL. Amazing with all the talk about how they're not as good. They don't have a defense or running game. They get rid of Randy Moss and still find ways to stay on top of the NFL is a credit to the coaching staff and players that put on a Patriots uniform. They've always done it as a team. They're a measuring stick for opponents because if you can beat the Patriots you've beat the best. You have to earn a win against them.

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Waive Good-Bye to Randy Moss
The news hit me with a little bit of shock. Why would the Vikings acquire the salary of Moss and give up picks only to waive him. Just because he didn't perform all that well against the Patriots what did you expect him to do? Coach Childress might not be in Minnesota next season. He's lost focus. Why would you get rid of him now. Okay he's in love with Bill Belicheck and the New England Patriots so what. They cut him. Maybe they planned on deferring his salary and getting him back off waivers. Don't count on the Patriots wanting him back though. Another team will claim Moss.

Shanahan Message to McNabb
The same issue could be said for Mike Shanahan in Washington. Why they tried to have Haynesworth play nose tackle instead of the 3 technique that he's always played is beyond me. But they said he was out of shape and not ready. Now they've switched him back to his familiar position at the 3 technique and he's playing well.

McNabb was pulled because Shanahan didn't trust him running the 2 minute offense. He claims that McNabb isn't in shape to run it, not grasped the offense well enough or he just doesn't believe McNabb is the Quarterback for his team at this point. Whatever the reason he's just shook up his entire team. Shanahan better get a grip and understand something. The Redskins are at 4-4, Eagles 4-3 and the Giants at 5-2. That doesn't mean the season is over. But now with his Houdini trick and making McNabb disappear and giving him the impression that he's not ready to run his offense maybe McNabb takes a seat and watches Rex Grossman or some other guys try and get Shanahan some wins.

What Childress and Shanahan are doing is alienating themselves against the players. Anytime you do that you could have yourself a revolt. Not that players would give up playing or not try to give 100% but the confidence and the aggression and passion will be replaced by having to look over the shoulder at the coach.

Why not just go to the players involved (Favre, Moss, Haynesworth, McNabb), meet with the staff and the players (because any decision that involves them impacts them also), and then come to a solution. And then make a decision based on the team. But the solo, tyrant that is my way or the highway can get away with it if your team is winning. But in both cases especially in Minnesota winning is few and far between.

By the way Childress if the defense knew how to tackle maybe you could have got the ball back. But when your defense is trying to get the ball back and score and allows a team 3rd and 12 to make the first down then what does Randy Moss have to do with that? It's just not Favre and Moss fault.

Same could be said about the Redskins. Shanahan if you want to make the best of the rest of the season you need to sit down with Donovan and go over the offense and understand what he feels comfortable and what he doesn't. Or you need to identify the areas that he's hasn't grasped yet and have him practice it until he's comfortable. Whether you like it or not you've got to ride McNabb the rest of the season. Unless you think Grossman gives you a better chance to win. You've already seen what he's capable of.

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 Jim Nance must pay attention to what he is looking at on the field.  He should pay attention to what he is saying.  Phillip Rivers threw a pass that was ruled to be backward.  The receiver didn't cover the ball and New England recovered it and advanced the ball down the field.  Nance said that he thought the play was a forward pass.  After viewing the play the referee ruled that the play would stand.  Nance then said that Rivers released the ball at the 38 and the ended up hitting the hand of the intended receiver at the 37 and a half.  Jim that means you just proved the ball went backwards.  Hey Jim forward doesn't mean further behind.  Forward means that the ball had to be at the 38 or ahead.  After his comment he was silent and moved on.  But that goes to show some play by play guys just don't pay attention to what is going on or they just talk about things they think they see.  Fantasy broadcasting is somewhat entertaining for some.  But to me it just proves that a lot of people make up things that they think happened that really didn't.  Announcers are not immune to that and neither are referees.

There isn't nearly as much focus on the hitting as I thought.  I think many of the defenders have adjusted themselves to avoid the big helmet-to-helmet hits.  I haven't seen defenders slowing down because of the big ultimatum by the league. 

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NFL You're Number One - Roger and Ray
Okay Ray Anderson I call you the deputy of the NFL and Roger Goodell is the sheriff of the NFL and both of you have declared war on players who hit illegally. The definition of an illegal hit is any helmet to helmet hit. This just shouldn't apply to a Quartback and receivers you must include the linemen and every player on the field. Next is the shoulder hit anwhere above the chest. Next you fined Dunta Robinson for his hit on DeSean Jackson but that was a legal hit. I guess it was the result of the play that determines that case. But now every defender and defensive coach is trying to get ready for the upcoming game and the question is where to aim? The chest area is to close to the head and all defenders use the numbers. Now, should defenders attack the legs? If defenders do that look for leg injuries to skyrocket as a result of the change in the rules. The cops of the league will issue another video and law outlawing attacking the legs because it results caused too many leg injuries.

So then your left with a small window of making a perfect tackle every play against players that can shift, cut and use speed to leave you looking silly. I guess it's good for the game. If you're an offensive player you love the rule change. If you're a defensive player your feeling cheated that your ability to do your job has been taken away.

Time will tell just how far the league is going to go with the heightened sense of limiting collisions. I would have never thought that the NFL will legislate against hitting. But give credit to the Deputy and Sheriff of the league they are working overtime to help save the players. They not only take care of what happens on the field but police the players when they're not at work.

Both Anderson and Goodell deserve a round of applause. I'll reserve my applause to a single finger, right hand, left hand, or both. I'm sure many players and fans would like to show them that they're number one to them also.  Remember defensive players don't use your head, shoulder or forearm to deliver the hit.  What else do you have left?  Maybe you can wish an offensive player to the ground or tackle him with your stomach.

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It's A Contact let them play
Growing up during my generation we all played tackle the man with the ball. We called out other people and challenged them to meet at the park and we hit each other until there wasn't any energy left or it was too dark to continue. Football is about contact. It's a game about full speed and attacking each other until the end of the game. Lately the NFL has made aggressive moves to shift the focus of the game to entertainment. Hell maybe they want to start staging games where players look like they're hitting each other but the offensive player starts to flop down. Maybe they want the game to look more like the Pro Bowl where everyone isn't trying to go full speed and most players are trying to play but not get hurt.

The once highlight reel with the most vicious hits is turning into the ATM for the NFL. I don't think any of the players are trying to injure someone. They're for the most part players trying to perform a sport that they've been playing for a long time. It's instinct now for most players in the NFL.

I take exception with this perfect role model the league is trying to make out every player to be. Why do you think most of these young men started playing football? Contact....physical aggressive sport and maybe because they're pissed off young men and need somewhere to release some built up frustrations. Where to go and release some frustration? I know the football field. Some people might take up football to release frustrations but you have to follow the regimen to make the team. You've got to make the grades first next you've got to follow the instructions of the coaches to learn your responsibilities on the team.

I feel the NFL is putting pressure on players to change the reactions that they've learned over 4 years in high school, 4 years in college and some have played longer then that before entering the NFL. The NFL is starting to sound like the want a nicer and safer game. If the NFL does accomplish the nicer and safer game they could drive most of the players and fans away for good.

If I was a player I'd call a meeting with all defensive players in the league and have everyone fall down and miss tackles and avoid contact for one weekend. The offensive teams of every club would run up huge scores and no one would get hurt. You want someone to play nice. That's nice. But that's not the game of football. The league decides receivers should be protected because they're defenseless and Quarterbacks are defenseless. Okay. Now what? Rules are going to be changed to help bring in a different environment and teach players a new culture in the NFL.

One of these days I'm going to look at the product the NFL is producing and it's going to be a mamby pamby league of a combination of touch/flag football and the violence and the aggressive nature of the game will be gone. As soon as that happens I hope the NFL players get together along with some business men and start an old fashion football league that makes sense. I don't like helmet to helmet hits. But they happen. Guys moving at top speed body angles changing and in a blink of an eye someone could be seriously injured or worse. That's the consequence you face when you're playing football. The older you get the faster the players are. So by the time you hit high school guys are coming in with a lot of speed. You try running into a brick wall over and over and find out just how well your body can absorb the hit. Now try this with your head. Ultimately you're going to lose more and more if you use your face mask and helmet to make contact in football. It's never taught by any coach. It's against the principles of liability and no coach will ever say hit him with your helmet.

Soon they'll say that you can't hit a receiver until he's caught the ball and his feet touch the ground and he's taken two or three steps then you can tackle him. You know the same rule that applies to a fair catch signal. Maybe the receivers will get to wave their arm and the defenders have to freeze where they stand and if he catches the ball he's down where he caught the ball. Can you see the rules saying that you can't hit hard you've got to tackle softly. Yeah right.....this is a bunch of bullshit. Football is about impact and collisions if Quarterbacks don't want to get hit while passing then they better get some blocking and keep extra guys to protect them instead of the rules. Same for the receivers I blame the Quarterbacks for throwing "hospital balls in the middle of coverage". Defenders aren't likely to pull back once they see a flashing receiver and the Quarterback throwing the ball in the middle of the field. This way you create alligator arms for the receivers and they're less likely to want to catch any ball in the middle of the field.

Fans have followed the tradition of the old school NFL. They've come a long way and have more viewers watching then ever before. But if a work stoppage prevents fans from watching the NFL next season and the players and owners don't come up with some type of agreement then next season you'll see a decline of many moving away from the NFL. When the league and players decide to start the season and now it's an 18 game schedule so be it. But as soon as you make the game less aggressive and limit defenders and change the game to give receivers and quarterbacks and the offense an advantage or as you say for protection. Then the fans you might lose to a work stoppage will be minimal compared to when you've altered the game beyond recognition.

When you've done this I'll know and so will every football fan in the USA. My hope is that if they (Roger Goodell) do take the contact out of the league that another one is formed. Let the Contact remain NFL or you could lose all of the players who want to play contact football and all the fans who want to watch it to some watered down version of the game.

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On the NFL website visit the Indianapolis Colts page. According to the info the Official Site Links for the Colts is the Cardinals website.

This is how it reads:

Keeping up with the Colts, Sep 15, 2010

Follow the Indianapolis Colts from opening kickoff to the final snap by visiting the Cardinals' official Web site.
Someone surely wasn't paying attention to what they're doing.

Same for the Houston Texans website:

Keeping up with the Texans, Sep 15, 2010

Follow the Houston Texans from opening kickoff to the final snap by visiting the Cardinals' official Web site.

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49ers Still Find A Way To Lose
Mike Singletary was interviewed by Bob Costas. He had great answers to all of his questions. He said his best trait was to hire people who could help him coach and let him know when he's trying to evaluate his team like they all are hall of famers. He does understand what he needs to do and what he shouldn't do.

Alex Smith almost got the hook in the last game. I think the players along with Smith asked him to let him remain in the game. Let's face it his back-up David Carr had his opportunity in Houston and he didn't pass the test. Smith is good at certain points of the game. He played well in spurts but the team is finding ways to lose close games and in the NFL that isn't going to get it done especially in San Francisco where a lot of fans who attend games now also attended games when Montana and Young led the 49ers into playoffs and Super Bowl wins.

Singletary has to ride Smith out. For better or worse only time he can put Carr in the game is if Smith goes down with an injury. Other then that he has to listen to his coaching staff and players who probably have many ideas and put together a game plan so that they can win games. It seems late now after losing 5 games. But if you've ever thought that winning 9 or even 8 games would allow you to make the playoffs and win the division it's in the NFC West which they're a part of. So they've got to start winning and not stop. It would be one of the greatest stories of the year if they did. They've got some talent on the team. But Gore fumbles and goes out of bounds and is the first to touch the football. Doesn't he know that you can't be the first one to touch the football after going out of bounds. I'd like to see the 49ers close in on the rest of the NFC West but they've got to start winning the close ones and not stop.

Favre catch Ineligible
If anyone is wondering why Favre was flagged for being ineligible after Moss completed a pass to him was because Favre started the play under center. A Quarterback in the NFL isn't eligible unless he starts the play in shotgun formation. Don't ask me why they have this rule? I don't know. But the big question is did the offensive coordinator and head coach know that Favre was ineligible after taking the snap from under center? Or did Favre and Moss make it up as the play developed. It would be strange if they practiced this play knowing the outcome no matter how good would result in a penalty.

Crazy Football Season
I've watched a lot of football. This season in the NFL is rather bizarre. I know anything can happen. This season a Quarterback who leads his team by throwing 4 interceptions and has a Quarterback rating of 6. Yeah 6! You would think that team lost. But the Bears led by Todd Collins won the game. Todd Collins is 38 years old. His stats for the game 6 completions, 16 attempts, 0tds and 4ints. He's played in 42 games, started in 21 in 16 years in the NFL. My question is how did he last so long in the NFL?

In the Cardinals versus Saints this is a no brainer Saints win easily right? Wrong! Cardinals end up winning the game and taking 1st in the NFC West. Here is a crazy stat. Silver and Black couldn't beat the Chargers in the last 13 meetings. That's about 7 years. Chargers lost to the Raiders. Raiders look like a different football team especially with Jason Campbell at Quarterback. Giants looked horrible against the Colts. Now for the past two games they look unbeatable. Crazy stuff is happening in the NFL. But for fans and a lot of teams this could be the season when the whole playoff picture isn't known until week 17. Colts look horrible last week, look great against the Giants, and this week look unstoppable after handing the only undefeated team left the Kansas City Chiefs their first loss. Yeah KC has 3 wins already last season the finished the season 4-12. Right now KC is on top of the AFC West with a record of 3-1. Think they can remain on top? Maybe....Maybe not.

NCAA Football
Every week all eyes are on the top rated teams. Everyone is waiting to see who is going to "choke". USC has lost two games in a row in the last second of the game. Kiffin is blaming referees, his recruiting class, all the excuses he can muster. Bottom line is you lost the last two games. But USC has games remaining to see if they can win them all.

UCLA started out not so hot. They caught fire in Texas with a solid powerful win. Then they barely scrape by Washington State. But they got pummeled by Cal. The same way they treated Texas they received the same whipping. The pistol only works when everyone is doing the job and you can't fall behind and continue to fall behind until you abandon the pistol and start wanting to throw the ball every play. A note to UCLA head coach and staff don't play teams that Nevada has already played. Cal had no clue how to stop Nevada and Cal lost 52-31. Nevada offense is the same offense UCLA runs.

Cal had two weeks to prepare for UCLA. Did you think Cal would run the same defense they ran against Nevada after the whipping the received? They also had the tape from the Kansas State and Stanford game in which UCLA lost. They already had the Nevada tape to see what they shouldn't do against UCLA. The Cal staff takes the Kansas St and Stanford tape to see what defense and formation UCLA had trouble with. They also could watch all of the tape even against teams that lost against UCLA and watch the scoring drives of all the teams UCLA faced this season. Two weeks is a long time to prepare for an opponent. UCLA comes into Cal thinking they've turned the corner and now they get punched in the gut. Cal had a 28-0 lead at halftime. Cal took the foot off of UCLA's neck the second half and only scored once giving them a 35-7 victory. UCLA coaching staff probably used the Arizona versus Cal tape to find out what the Arizona defense did to Cal to stop the offense. They also probably watched the Nevada win against Cal to see what Cal had trouble doing. But if they expected Cal to play the same defense they did against Nevada they certainly didn't look confused against UCLA. In fact they looked like they knew exactly how to stop the offense. Remember there is a difference in how Nevada runs the "Pistol" and how UCLA runs the "Pistol". Just because you run the same offense the results are not the same and the players in each position are not the same. Bottom line if UCLA had played Cal prior to Nevada maybe they would have the element of surprise. But facing them after Nevada it's not likely the defensive coordinator and his players would make the same mistakes again.

Another factor is Prince didn't run the ball as much as he did against Texas. He had 8 attempts and gained 9 yards while losing 41 yards. The commitment to running the pistol has to be throughout the entire game. UCLA can't all of sudden decide now Prince is going to play the game in shotgun formation and have success. Maybe UCLA coaches have to design another part of the playbook just in case they get behind by 28-0 at halftime so they can score quicker. But for all the option teams that basically run the football and pass every once in a while that's what you live and die with. Most teams that feature a run type offense have the same goal at the start of the game they can't get behind by too many points because they'll never be able to come from behind.

The option for UCLA is to have another set of plays just in case they trail by 3 scores. The medicine to fix it is rather simple. Play some defense and not turn the football over especially inside your end of the field. UCLA defense looked like they had no clue on what Cal was running offensively. Great preparation by Cal's coaching staff. What happened to the preparation from UCLA's defensive unit? It wasn't hard to see that Cal was running the ball down the UCLA defensive throat. The question remains why didn't UCLA coaches prepare the offense against Cal's defense knowing that they would make changes. That way the offense could adjust and find holes in the defense. I guess by the time UCLA coaches found out that they needed to attack Cal's defense differently the score was already too much for the Pistol. Then they tried to make Prince a passer and we all know how UCLA looks when Prince or any Quarterback tries to throw the ball every down. It doesn't work.

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Raye Exits San Fran
Singletary points his finger after last week loss at his players. This weekends' loss the blame is cast on the Offensive Recorder. Notice I said recorder not coordinator. According to Raye he ran the offense that he was told to run. Seems like Mike doesn't only have responsibility for the defense, but he controls the offense too. He's the little general in charge of everything no wonder the 49ers are not having any success. As he puts out his cue cards and micro manages this football team he's going to find himself having to answer to the ownership because the fans aren't the only ones wondering how is Singletary not to blame for what's going on. He's the head coach. The x-offensive coordinator said it's not his offense it's the one the head coach told him to run. Singletary hides behind his playing days and hall of fame status as a player.  He's credited with being a great teacher and motivator. But that was being said about him when he was coaching Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens linebackers.  And maybe Ray and company got a lot of information that they used to help the Ravens linebacking corp play solid.  But being a Head Coach is a whole different job.

Mike Nolan was the reason he got hired in San Francisco. His name got him an extended invitation to continue on coaching after Nolan was fired. What he's done when he was an assistant is wiped under the "you did so what!" You're a head coach now Mr. Singletary now you've done what since becoming head coach?

Singletary record 2008 was 5-4 after Nolan started the season 2-5. In 2009 he was 8-8. This season the team starts 0-3. Maybe Mike has a plan or maybe he's just pointing at everyone else and saying you need to get it together. But all the while he's the one telling all his staff and players what to do, when to do it, how to do it. The Samurai warrior is going to keep huffing and puffing and placing blame on everyone else except where it belongs on his own ass.

Singletary needs to call Mike up and ask him to evaluate him.  Oh yeah that's right Mike Ditka did a lot of yelling and screaming and maybe it's the same coaching habits that Singletary has picked up.  Well he's got to do something.  His next victim or scapegoat is going to be the defensive coordinator and maybe some players all of a sudden get benched.  But what Mike really needs is for someone to come in talk to his staff and the players.  Most players are truthful some might not want to talk but it's a collective information gathering so that he can fix what is broken and replace what he needs to so the team can start winning.  The forty niner ownership needs to get someone to do this or Mike Singletary is going to be given an ultimatum soon.  He's going to huff and puff and storm the hell out.  But if Singletary wants to keep coaching and wants to maybe turn things around he should stop reacting like a player and start analyzing himself and his team like a coach.

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Too Much, Urggh
The San Francisco 49ers can't win the close games. But at last don't fret you 49er faithful. There are a few things I can see that a lot of the experts don't. Once upon a time a team was 8-8 the next year Super Bowl Champions. Once upon a time a team was 4-12 and made it to the super bowl the next year. So the 49ers have to start somewhere. They've started 0-2.

Alex Smith was once thought of as a bust. But after his performance against the Saints I would say that he made all the right reads and made plays along with his teammates. But the defense gave up 3 pass plays and the Saints found a way to win the game 25-22.

Singletary might think that huffing and puffing might scare his team into the playoffs but he's sorely mistaken. As a player he can hyperventilate and huff and puff. But I watched his interview and he was critical about his players. But he needs to look in the mirror at himself first before he starts blasting his players. He made critical time management errors. He's the one that sets the example and grit and guts can only go so far.

The niners need to pay attention to the details. They as a group have been badgered, yelled at and have to listen to the impatient perfectionist criticize them over and over again. But let's face it Singletary you've got to move on. That's what coaches without experience do rah, rah but now it's time to dot the eyes and cross the t's. Maybe you can lead your team into the level of play that isn't expecting perfection but knowing how to rally from a deficit, maintain a lead, come from behind and win. It's a fun game. It's a job for your team and yourself. But after your latest tirade it isn't going to fix the things you need to address. Stop huffing and puffing your not a middle linebacker anymore. You're a professional football coach with a lot of experience stop trying to prove to your players and everyone else that you're tough. We all know that. You've got to embrace all that you've learned from everyone you've listened to over the years and use it to get the best out of your players. But one thing that doesn't work is repetitive yelling and screaming and constant nagging and negative input everyday. You'll see the negative results.  I expect to see you step up your coaching to the next level.  Once you do that your players and coaching staff will follow.

Reid Picks Vick
After Kolb was said to be the Quarterback and Vick the back-up after the injury and ineffective play in game one Kolb is again ready to take the field. However, Vick played solid for a win in week 2. Reid said Kolb would start but changed his mind and now Vick will start against the Jaguars this Sunday.

Vick has nothing to lose and everything to gain. The more he plays the more he will gain his rhythm of how the game speed he once lost can now be found. Last week he looked like the Vick of old. A lot of people want him to fail. But Philadelphia needs to take advantage this season with the Cowboys sleep walking. Wouldn't it be funny if the Eagles met the Redskins in the playoffs? Wow. But the reason behind my thinking that Vick has nothing to lose is because he can't learn more sitting on the bench. He's got to be on the move and make plays. He can't be a decoy. He's got to be part of the focus of an offense. Little do people know if Vick struggles and is replaced by Kolb how long do you think it will take him to get comfortable and lead the Eagles? It still could happen. But I think Vick is at a different level then last season. He's got too much athletic ability to waste it as a 3 to 4 play decoy. Don't be surprised if other teams take an interest in Vick. Should Philadelphia relegate him to duty like last season it would be a shock to me. Cause this season unlike last, there is no Donovan McNabb.

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The first full weekend of NFL football was played today. Some of the same old stuff occurred today - Moose Johnston still using words like could of, should of and all that means is that he is making up a game that isn't being played on the field. Aikman still monotone less likely to inject the make believe like his former teammate but he will say that he doesn't like the way certain defenders tackle. Chris Collinsworth better then both of them but in every case of me not wanting to listen to them is when they start turning what happened into what if. Making statements like they should of did this or that or shouldn't do this or that. They are announcers. But I guess they can become directors, coaches, and anything else they want to say they are.

The big talk of the entire weekend was a Detroit Lions play at the end of the game against Chicago that used replay and overturned the play. While the call is right according to many of the announcers the call is wrong. But for me I say him spear the ball in his right hand and as he landed the ball hit the ground while he fell. Once he hit the ground the ball came out. To me he didn't catch the ball. Even with replay no perfect game is going to happen. So instead of making that play everything what about all the plays Detroit could of completed so it didn't come down to analyzing the game into one play.

Dungy said at the start of the game between the Redskins and Cowboys that the Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl. He said that the Cowboys are going to beat the Redskins in the game. Dallas lost by making too many mistakes and not scoring enough points to win. But everyone on TV made the two plays that stuck out in the game like they were the only plays that mattered. For those two plays to stick out as far as they did Washington held Dallas down but couldn't score an offensive touchdown the entire game. But they created the breaks they got. Dungy wasn't asked what happened to his prediction at the start of the game. No one challenged him. Everyone treats Dungy like he's a guru. He's another mouthpiece just like all the rest. Now don't get me wrong he's a very knowledgeable mouthpiece.

There is not going to be perfection for those who think the NFL is about that. The game is going to be played by the players of each team and it will be played one play at a time. Why do I watch, to see players making plays. While all of the people comment on the game the players have to make the proper reaction in a split second and if you're late you lose. Dan Fouts I've always liked as a commentator. Some might not say the same thing. Others might like Aikman and Johnston. But no matter what it's the game that I enjoy to watch and we have 16 weeks left to see who is going to Dallas.

Campbell in Oakland had the Raiders looking a lot better but the result was the same as they couldn't stop the Titans. He's a lot more polished then JaMarcus Russell. Maybe the Raiders can give him a lot more time to throw the ball and the defense can stop the run. But the same old Raiders appeared to have come from last season and started this season.

Houston looks like they might make the playoffs this season after beating the Colts for the first time ever. Colts won't have to worry about going undefeated this season. McNabb in Washington gives them a lot different approach and with head coach Mike Shanahan it wouldn't surprise me if the Redskins finally make the playoffs this season.

Whoever thought that Kolb was ready and could replace McNabb might have to change their mind after today against the Packers. Rodgers looks ready and the Green Bay defense looks well. Vick came in the game after the concussion to Kolb and at least made it interesting. Kolb is going to start the next game if he's healthy. We'll see how long that lasts. They keep losing and his time as Quarterback could be shorter as the losses pile up.

A new sheriff in Seattle named Pete Carroll and Seattle opens with a win. Maybe they'll be the new division leaders this season in the weak NFC west. The Rams look better had an opportunity to beat the Cardinals but lost.

New England looks like they can compete for the division again. But the question mark isn't on offense it's on defense. Cincinnati starts out against the Pats with a loss. Just how much trouble will the two talented distractions going to be for other teams has another 15 games to go.

4 more teams left to open the season tomorrow Baltimore will take on the New York Jets. San Diego will face the Chiefs. Doubleheader Monday night football and I won't be able to see either game because of work. The Ravens will try and get the mouth of the east Ryan to shut up. But he runs a very good defense. This game will be a hard hitting game from start to finish. Everyone would think the blowout game will be the Chargers vs the Chiefs. Croyle and Cassel are the Quarterbacks for the Chiefs.

I'm looking forward to next weeks games. Oh by the way Virginia Tech barely lost to Boise last week. But Virginia Tech lost to James Madison this week. So how good is Boise since Virginia Tech lost to a underdog. It's hard to compare all the teams and rate them. Playoffs in College Football is coming I hope. UCLA is still terrible. USC 2-0 so far, maybe the Kiffin era will be longer then I thought.

The writers made this International Championship in Basketball a big deal. Talking about Team USA as if they had to win the championship. Why is it a big deal?   Team USA hasn't won the championship since 1994.  While they did win the championship this year, where does that leave the writers but to look for the holes in the team. They won't be satisfied or happy or cordial but instead rip every last player, coach and team official they can find.

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Can Someone please get rid of Bob Davie from the College Football Telecasts so I can stop using the mute button when he is working a game.  Man he sucks.  I'm sure glad they invented the mute button.  Soon someone will invent a way to choose which announcer people want to listen to.    Until then Mute button do your duty. 

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Dallas has the most playoff appearances in the league with 30.  But I didn't realize how long Dallas has been absent from the NFC Championship game.  Barry Switzer was the last coach back in 1995 to appear and win the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl.  Dallas is going to host the Super Bowl this year and will they be able to make this game?  Minnesota has been to a few NFC Championship games in recent history but they hold a 5 game losing streak including last season.  The last season Brett Favre is suppose to play.  It's a long road to the playoffs and then to the Super Bowl we'll see if these two teams can be among the teams.

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The Circus comes to an end.

Brett Favre has played on the emotions of many football fans.  He's waited long and told everyone I'm retiring, I'm not retiring, I'm in, I'm out, oh I'm just kidding.  But he can fool everyone as long as no one checks him.  Well this time his teammates have checked him.  The defense representative was Jared Allen.  The offense was Steve Hutchinson and kicker Ryan Longwell.  Longwell of course is the long time kicker in Green Bay along with Favre.  The three went to Favre and asked him are you in or out?  Favre arrives at practice.  See that's not so hard.  Go to the source and be someone who is respected and you get a quick and definitive answer.  No um, no ah, no let me take another few preseason practices and when the season starts a few minutes before the first game I'll show up and be ready like most veterans who might fake an injury until the start of the regular season.

Favre has no more time to b.s. with his teammates.  Let's see if Minnesota can finish in Dallas with a Super Bowl win.  Everyone who worries about Favre throwing interceptions better be aware the best running back in the league, who often fumbles.  Adrian Peterson scored 17 tds but fumbled during the drive that would have put the Vikings ahead. 

I don't care if he does this every season as long as he's capable of playing like he did last year.  Sure he threw a interception but Adrian Peterson fumbled what was it 2 or 3 times.  This is the game to get you to the Super Bowl.  Peterson fumbled basically on the goal line.  But everyone blames Favre interception.  A lot of other plays and players are responsible for the loss as well.

But don't think the three pressured Favre or disrespected him.  They travelled all the way to visit him to let him know what he meant to them and to the team.  But they wanted to know should they prepare to move on and wish him well or are you coming with us and fight another season along side us.  Favre never mentioned his ankle while coming to his decision of playing or not.

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Tiger like Tyson

After a round of golf like Tiger had in his last tournament what kind of spin is he going to put on this one?  The worst performance ever isn't something he can quickly say he hit some good shots.  If you listen Tiger I will tell you a story about a heavyweight champion who you seem to be following.

A young lion was trained from an early age using a numbering system where he didn't have to do anything but react to the numbers that the corner called.  The young lion had tons of success.  He quickly caught the world by storm.  He was on top of the world.  But something happened that destroyed his dream.  He got in the way and started to think he could go it alone.  He didn't need his corner the people who got him to where he was.  He floundered around and picked other corner-men but they didn't understand that he trained by the numbers.  He couldn't get out of his own way and after failure compounded with another failure fell out of contention.  He never could climb back in and the press just ran stories of other stumbles.

Yes Tiger Woods.  You and Iron Mike Tyson are alike.  You Tiger trained from an early age by your father, instructed by Butch Harmon the swing coach that helped you win all the tournaments.  The time of great success was not yours alone.  But your father left your side and you decided Harmon was no longer any use to you.  So you hired another.  But you got in the way and started to pursue other interests.  Nothing wrong with that but the game that got you all the fame has now seemingly disappeared.  Like Mike Tyson you decided to throw everyone that got you to the top and kicked them off the bus.  Tyson helped to seal his fate by going to jail, losing to Buster Douglas and the most telling sign of his demise is to fire the people who actually got him to where he was.

Tyson never hired Kevin Rooney again and never was the same fighter how could he be?  Tyson never truly boxed for himself.  The numbers that D'Amato and Rooney called from the corner was something that he didn't have to think about he just reacted.  The outcome was usually K.O.  But Tyson became bigger then his team.  He didn't need anyone to help him and he fell.  He fell so far he never got back.

Tiger you've got to do something now to rebound and regain the championship form you once had.  You better drop the pride and the b.s. that you keep feeding the press and yourself.  You don't need to look too far for advice.  Get a swing coach you know Butch Harmon.  Step back and listen to what your dad is saying to you right now, you can hear him telling you exactly what to do.  If you don't listen and make the necessary adjustments your looking at being a has been.  But Tyson has no career left, and you still have some ways to go.  So how will you attack the next tournament?  Hopefully you know by now you better get some help.  Dial 911, you have an emergency.  Better start CPR before it's too late.

Note:  Butch Harmon was asked by Tiger to coach him but Butch said no.  After throwing his last swing coach from the bus he doesn't seem to be a player that swing coaches want to be around.  But someone will get with Tiger.  He needs some help.  Or he just merely too proud to do what he already knows he must.  I know he can hear his father the bad thing is he might not be listening.  But living a double life for so long has taken a toll on him and now that it's all out in the open you'd think that he would be able to get back into the swing of things.  But so far he's getting worse every tournament.

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The  pre-season starts today with the hall of fame game. This means the regular season is around the corner.  This game features two of the most talked about tandems in football Ochocinco and T.O. with Carson Palmer against the Cowboys.  Too bad we're not going to get to see the future of Cincinnati play the entire game.  They could get a few series and then they'll be playing on the sidelines.   These two teams should be contenders this season in the Super Bowl shuffle.

Congrats to the class of 2010 football hall of fame inductees.  Rice speech was a reflection of who he is.  A person pushed by fear of failure the sad truth is Rice never got to enjoy himself during his playing days.  He didn't look like he enjoyed being inducted just relieved he made it.  Grimm purely enjoyed himself and so did Rickey Jackson.  Floyd Little has grown into a person who didn't have to be inducted but surely was delighted he was.  LeBeau is a football player and coach.  He is all football.  Smith truly enjoyed himself along with his teammates. 

As time goes on players and coaches come into the NFL some make it others fail to stay in.  Some players win the Super Bowl and others just keep on trying.  Players make the pro bowl and others are content with making the roster every year.  But every season fans look forward to watching the teams compete toward the Super Bowl.  But for me it's the game.  The offense, defense and special teams executing play after play.  Of course during this season the orchestrated focus is going to be on the high draft picks, the players acquired new from last season and Terrell Owens and Ochocinco will get too much press time.  In the end all that will matter is the last two teams standing when it's all said and done.  But for sure we'll remember certain plays and players who made them or didn't make them.  It's a great game America's number one sport and it's almost time for some football.  I watch pro, college and high school.  I can never get enough football.  Well that is unless I'm coaching.  You eat, sleep and think it almost every day and practice after practice the season might not seem long for many but coaching doesn't start week one.  It's year around and it can be grind.  But if it was easy everyone would do it.  So get ready, get ready, strap um up and get in.

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Keeping With Tradition (I'm to Good for that)

Dez Bryant act has come full circle.  He said he didn't think it was a big deal to not have to carry veteran player's pads.  Of course all rookies have gone through this ritual since I can remember.  Even in "Brian Song" a movie about Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo they had to do it.  But of all the players who've been drafted only now Dez Bryant is the singled out player who is so special and gets to wear Michael Irvin number 88 (I can't see why anyone would let a rookie who hasn't done squat wear a number of a hall of famer). 

Funny how things work out Bryant is out 4 to 6 weeks with an ankle sprain.  This could be the end of it.  Or maybe it's the start of a selfish, egotistical, arrogant sob thinking he's above everyone else and is bigger then the game.  Dez you better get a clue.  Listen to the advice that everyone is giving to you now before it's too late.  If all you have to pay is with a month on the mend to think about what you've done so far in the league and to check yourself it's a small price.  But if you can't learn early believe me you'll pay later.  It doesn't have to do with any type of curse or voodoo.  But karma is something to behold.  Better pay attention to the signs.

GYFAIS (Get Your F A In Shape)

Albert Haynesworth signed a 100 million dollar contract with the Redskins only problem is he can't pass the physical conditioning test.  He's failed two already.  What's the deal?  You mean you pay first and then find out if he's fit to play?  Haynesworth is a leftover from the easy coach Jim Zorn.  Now he runs into Michael "Scary" Shanahan.  Problem for A.H. is that everyone else on the team attended the program and passed the easy short shuttle drill that is run twice with a 3 and half minute break in between.  Haynesworth will eventually pass the test.  But Haynesworth for making as much money as he is going to make takes way too many plays and games off.  The short straight answer; to Albert Haynesworth get your butt into shape and stay in shape.  He's the version of a person who has made it and signed for a lot of money but really just wants to get by.   For him he'll be able to compete longer and remain ready the entire 4 quarters instead of play a few plays take a break, play a few more halftime, play a few more take a break, play a couple of hard downs and the game is over.  Haynesworth shows up for work, just gets by and cashes in.  Shanahan isn't going to let him get away with it ever.  Haynesworth dream of playing for the easy I'll let you do whatever you want type coach has turned into a nightmare because Shanahan is the exact opposite.

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The State of Sports

To error is human.  But to leave a team owners are lashing out.  Funny thing is when those same owners cut players, trade players and use them any way to benefit the organization that is okay.  Well turnabout is fair play.  Now that some players have turned and run away from franchises that many think they should be loyal talk has now turned on these free agents.

I know the loyal players of long ago.  So long ago in fact, that some professional athletes had to keep a job in the off-season to afford to make ends meet.  But now in the era of multi-year more money a second job isn't required.  But that doesn't mean your going to be able to play for the team that drafted you.  Heck you might even get cut.  There isn't any guarantee unless you sign one.

You can go from an all-star, pro bowl and cut.  You can become the league photo to not being in the league any longer.  It happens in every sport.  Wade, James and Bosh are a new breed because I can't recall any players getting together and decide to play for one team in the past.  We will see if all the fuss made over this turns out to bring a championship to Miami.  If Miami can't win the NBA championship this year maybe fans wait until next year.  But those all-stars can't keep Miami fans waiting too long.


While Terrell Owens is bashed for having displayed a bad attitude or seen as a player with baggage I don't see that at all.  Owens is media made.  He's a southern boy raised by a grandmother.  Ask his family how he is toward her or anyone in the family and they'll tell you a whole different side of Terrell.  But the media and marketing people have built up this bad boy image for him and he is prone to get a little carried away talking about former players and teams.  But so what?  Who doesn't talk a bunch of stuff.  Only thing is I know is he will catch double digit touchdowns this season or at least be in a competition with Ochocinco to see who can catch the most in the season.  They're competitive athletes that know that they'll have to retire from football sooner then later.  And as each year goes by that retirement will be closer for both of them.  Owens has to get that super bowl ring.  He missed it his entire career.  Ask Dan Marino about that.  Owens was not going to sign with the Rams.  Would you want to play for a team that only won one game last season?  All the stuff that surrounds athletes the hype and b.s. that is guessed, made up, half-truths and all the rest doesn't mean squat.  The true test of everything is what your teammates say about you.  What your opponents say.  And finally the true test, do you contribute totally to helping your team win games.

Retirement for one of the most beautiful athletes

Jennie Finch.  The name doesn't need any more added.  She put softball on the map because of her model looks.  But that was only part of Jennie Finch. 

Anna Kournikova is always talked about as being beautiful.  But I can't remember her ever winning a tennis tournament of any kind.  But Finch pitched to major league hitters including Barry Bonds and they didn't have a chance.  She can't be missed or ignored because at 6-2 and the fierce competitor when she was pitching and hitting.  She could of used her looks and became stuck up or aloof.  But she always put the team first.  She always put the game of softball and the love she had for it and her teammates before her own interests.  I'll miss watching her with team USA but from the reaction of her teammates they'll miss Jennie beyond the softball pitcher and the model looks.  They'll miss there sister.  Jennie might hang up the spikes and pursue other interests and spend more time with her family.  But I know for her sisters on USA softball she is only one phone call away.  Team USA has a pool of great softball players to draw from in softball programs in college. 

Good luck Jennie.  Your teammates will always love and care for you.  And a lot of softball fans will always remember you.  When I think of softball two names quickly come to mind-Lisa Fernandez and Jennie Finch.  Two softball programs come to mind-UCLA and Arizona.  And one more name Crystal Bustos.  She hit some monster home runs.

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The Talk is Easy But We'll Wait for the Walk

Cleveland owner goes off on LeBron throwing a curse on him and delivering a tirade because LeBron left Cleveland.  So what does a Free Agent get to do? They decide where they want to go to work. He owes Gilbert nothing.  Gilbert didn't have LeBron under contract and because he didn't get his way now comes the tirade.  LeBron hasn't brought a title to Cleveland.  Gilbert shouldn't blame LeBron alone for the title-less seasons.  He needs to take part of the responsibility along with the rest of the administration and coaching staff and players. 

So LeBron, Dewayne and Chris in Miami will not get a title before Cleveland does huh.  Okay we'll see how powerful his curse is on LeBron.  Gilbert has a lot of cap space to bring in some big time players but who is left.  No one else wanted to come to Cleveland to aid LeBron.  And LeBron couldn't convince Wade or Bosh to come to Cleveland.  Gilbert couldn't convince them either.

LeBron, Dewayne and Chris have to now prove that they are going to win the finals.  If they miss the playoffs this year and fail to make the finals some will say it's a bad year.  Miami fans are happy.  They'll wait and see who also plays along with the 3 all-stars.  No one gives Cleveland a chance to make the playoffs and it might be a season or more until they get the right chemistry to compete for a championship.  Gilbert right now is lashing out in anger.  But he better back up his words with a team.  If Cleveland doesn't make the playoffs this year and the roster doesn't feature some quality players that don't have to be superstars they just have to win.  If they can make the playoffs without LeBron I'd be surprised.

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From 1st round pick to jail, JaMarcus Russell was the 2007 NFL draft winner.  The future was bright for him because of his size, height and arm strength.  But Russell never could get comfortable in Oakland.  Maybe it was because the Raiders change coaching staff every other year.  He came in under Lane Kiffin.  He played for co-head coaches Cable and Kiffin and last year it was just Cable.  A lot of solid offensive continuity every year right?  Wrong.  He didn't have a chance.  Now he might have put himself with even less of chance that other teams might consider taking him as a free agent since he's had trouble with the law.  Will any team decide to give him another look at least as a back-up.

3 years isn't a long time.  He barely completed over 50 percent of his passes in his 3 years with the Raiders.  But one thing a Quarterback has to have is time to throw and a passing tree that make sense to him and the receivers.  Throwing the football is about rhythm and timing.  You just can't toss someone out into the game and have him excel.

Let's look at his targets

2007 Ronald Curry 55rec was the favorite Raider receiver along with Jerry Porter, Zach Miller 44rec, LaMont Jordan, Justin Griffith and Justin Fargas.  JaMarcus played in 4 games in 2007.  So you might say he got his feet wet.

2008  JaMarcus played in 15 games 53.8 percent passing 13td and 8 int sacked 31 times.

Zach Miller 56 rec, McFadden 29, JL Higgins 22, Ronald Curry 19, Michael Bush, Javon Walker, Chaz Schilens.  So he makes progress.  Zach Miller is his primary target along with McFadden the running back.  But Kiffin leaves the team and now he's got to learn a new system.

2009  JaMarcus plays in 12 games 48.8 percent passing 3td and 11 int sacked 33times.

Zach Miller 66rec, Louis Murphy 34, Chaz Schilens 29, McFadden, JL Higgins 19, Heyward Bey.  JaMarcus suffered when Kiffin left.  Confusion comes from instability that was brought on by the changing of the coaching staff.  Louis Murphy and Heyward Bey come to the team.  Russell favorite target is TE Zach Miller.  McFadden becomes the 4th target for Russell instead of the 2nd. 

Still the Raiders receivers only scored 10 touchdowns the entire season.  2008  11 touchdowns by receivers.  2007  17 touchdowns Porter had 6 of the 17.  Take him out as a threat and the average drops from 17 to 11. 

So in comes the Raiders new and improved Quarterback Kyle Boller right?  Well let's look at his numbers.  4 out of his 6 total season in the league he threw more interceptions then touchdowns only 2 years did he throw more td's then int's in 2006 played 5 games 5td and 2interceptions.  2004 13td and 11 int.  Does that seem like he'll be better suited to run the Raiders offense?  He does have more experience 60 games of experience Russell only has 31 games of experience.  A note on Boller he's not thrown more then 13 tds in one season.

The problem for many Quarterbacks is that they grow up playing football in High School and know they can run the system they came from.  They get into college and find out they have to learn a few things and red shirt and probably get about maybe 2 or 3 full seasons learning a system from coaches that usually have been at the college for ages.  Then they get drafted and have to go back to red shirt draft season and learning a system.  By the time they learn the system.  The coach is being fired or they change offensive coordinators.  The Quarterback can't do anything but go back to the class room and learn a brand new system and all the things he finally started doing right is now all wrong.  Well JaMarcus Russell couldn't have been in a worse situation.  Maybe if you're the top draft choice you should wait until later in the draft and pray that your name isn't called early.  Why?  Because you can learn on a team that has a solid base and learn with veterans surrounding you.  Now the NFL draft is a high time show that features every pick and movement of players from start to finish.  The problem is each player isn't going to a solid group of coaches and team.  The highest draft choices are going to play for the worst team in the league.

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Most free agents want two things:  a raise and the security of a long-term deal, to go to a team that can compete immediately for a championship.  Most superstar players will continue to play the way they've been playing no matter what team they're on.  But the superstar player isn't the problem on most teams.  It's the other players.  Is the coaching staff using them in the most efficient way to win games?  Do the players put themselves in a position to be used in the most efficient way?

Losing teams lose fans.  A lot of people don't want to follow losers.  So the change to bring someone who will change the culture of the team while filling up seats is a sound argument to get a superstar.  But the hard part is to put the right players that fit well together to achieve the best results.

For example take the Los Angeles Clippers.  They've been cellar dwellers for a long time.  They've gone through rebuilding, reconstruction and demolition.  They endure another draft, free agency and come to find out they're 3 games above the cellar.  The only positive in the last 30 years was 2005 and 2006 when they made the playoffs.  So no matter what the building of a champion takes more then a few superstars.  It takes a commitment from everyone in the organization to strive toward the same goal of winning.  You can't just believe it or want it more then the next team.  You've got to bring your lunch box and sleeping bag and work until everyone knows by memory what they need to do in order to have success.

The Lakers on the other hand made only one significant change to the roster between losing the championship 2008 and winning it this past season.  They acquired Ron Artest.  What did that do?  It was a huge success.  The reason it made Kobe Bryant not responsible to have the defensive responsibility of guarding Paul Pierce.  Now he would get another assignment.  The scrappy nature in which Artest went about doing his job caught on and in the deciding game of the series he was the one who carried the Lakers for parts of the game. 

Superstars get huge pay days.  They fill the arena at home and away.  But it's the rest of the team.  That's what counts.  They make the difference.  The coaching staff has to use a system that can get the best out of the players they have or acquire players that best fit the system. 

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World Cup

The difference between Germany and the rest of the teams in the World Cup is passing the ball quickly, advancing together, playing solid defense, and scoring goals.  Argentina has Messi who is an excellent passer but didn't score one goal.  Argentina played with guts but like Maradonna maybe they're more based on heart and guts then technique and playing a team scheme.  Netherlands also play team soccer.  They could meet Germany in the finals.  But Spain who was picked at the beginning just happened to squeak by Paraguay to have a chance to take on Germany in the semifinals. 

The rest of the soccer world wants to win the world cup just as bad as the best teams in the world.  The only thing that separates them is the concept of playing together as a team.  Single individual scoring chances usually fail.  Kicking the ball for a header is at best for most teams luck.  But possession of the ball, defending as a team, moving the ball into scoring chances quickly and having numbers that puts pressure on the defense is not going to happen by chance.  It's coached and trained. 

Remember Spain lost to Switzerland and Netherlands beat Japan and Cameroon by only one.  Germany even lost to Serbia.  Any of the teams in the semifinals can lose.   Germany looks the sharpest after destroying Argentina.  Uruguay looks to be the least favorite out of the four.  Many still think Spain could get past Germany.  But whatever happens it will be like the rest of the matches - A lot of flopping on the field, a lot of players throwing there hands up as if they're the referee to get a call.  Referees will miss some calls and make some calls.  But the bottom line is they've got to win the game no matter the circumstance.

NBA Free Agent Sweepstakes

On the line is LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and Dirk Nowitzki.  But these are some players that manage to draw fans of home teams out to see the visiting team play.  But with other free agents is the money they get worth the service they provide?  The answer for most is of course not.  But I'm not putting the money up.  So as the sweepstakes conclude and these players change the dreams of the teams they'll join.  Many teams like the Celtics who sign Pierce, return Doc Rivers and might get Rasheed Wallace to retire later.  While the defending champions part ways with Farmer are excited that Phil Jackson will coach his last season going for 3 in a row.  But just because teams get better players or the best player doesn't mean they'll win in the finals.  It doesn't even guarantee a trip to the playoffs.  It sure is a gamble to make spending so much money on a whim or hope.  Just look at the finals last season the Celtics have the best 4 players on the court all-stars. (Allen, Pierce, Rondo, Garnett).  Yet the Lakers without Kobe at full strength beat them in the 7th game of the NBA finals.   Lakers and Celtics could meet again in the finals.  But it's a long season until the playoffs begin.


Vick had a birthday party.  There was a shooting at the party.  Was Vick involved or not?  This guy doesn't seem to get it.  He just got out of prison for making bad choices.  I think the Eagles are going to release him.  To me to have him around is a distraction.  But if he isn't going to be used to run a wildcat type offense why have him on the team?  Vick better wake up or he'll find himself arrested.  Or worse he'll be released without any team wanting him.  I think the Eagles release him and another team picks him up.  Advice to Michael Vick........HEY MAN....hanging out in the party atmosphere for you equals jail.....get it....I guess he doesn't. 


Serena Williams wins her 13 major championship tying Billie Jean King.  She has a way to go to hit 24 Margaret Court.  Steffi Graff won 22 major championships in her career.  For most tennis players if you can't return her serve then you can't win.  Anyone who can return her serve could have a chance.  "Big props" go to the girl from Compton. 


Tiger Woods take a look in a mirror.  What he sees isn't the reflection that is looking back at him.  Who he sees is the guy that dominated golf for a while.  He seems to be fooling himself with pep talks that should be reserved for someone else.  But for him he better start getting a clue.  As each tournament passes more and more people are going to realize that Tiger Woods best golf has already been played.  Currently he's in 47th place at Aronimink - AT&T National, not exactly familiar territory for Tiger.  His use of clichés of being okay and all right is not good enough.  You use to be the number one golfer in the world, better start requiring yourself to standards that got you there.

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Skill with technique beats I want it more every time. When skill and technique is equal, want to, isn't the difference. What is the difference is making a play during the most crucial time of the game. 

USA Soccer
First the skill level of the mid-fielders was challenged by Ghana. The trait for the USA of giving up goals early in games has to be resolved. It can't happen anymore, especially in the World Cup. The best players the USA has must be put on the field. Bob Bradley has done a great job getting the USA past the initial round. But in order to go beyond they've got to get better. It doesn't have anything with want to. What it has to do with is putting players who have the skill to compete at the highest level. The question is do we have 11 players to put on the field that fit that billet? Is there enough players that can play at the World Cup level?

USA best player Landon Donovan didn't dominate the action. Other players on better teams that are called the best look like it because the dominate play. USA team has to get better in order to move on. But make no mistake they tried to advance. But the same giving up the goal when the overtime started early happens again. That goal made by Ghana on a great play.

No doubt that it is sad for American fans. But realistically soccer for the most part is a past time taken up by American youth. The sport is not a passion. Passion gets players to play on every weekend. You see most schools and parks filled with people who play soccer on the time off from work. Americans are not that passionate about soccer, yet. It could be but with so many other sports and pastimes to choose from most Americans are not going to choose soccer.

Note: The officiating in the World Cup has to be the poorest of any major sport. It's just horrible. To compound the problem there is too much pushing and falling down in the sport of Soccer to know which one is real and not. It's built into the game of Soccer.

Mexico Soccer
A brilliant group of new young talent has arrived on Mexico. An early goal by Argentina while offside took Mexico players out of the match. Argentina adds another goal after a mistake by a Mexican defender. Mexico has another half to get back into the match. They've had a couple of good balls at the goal prior to the first goal by Argentina. Tevez puts a spectacular ball into the top right corner of the net and now the game is 3-0 Argentina. Mexico has a bright future.

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US Open
Dustin Johnson is the favorite right now to win. He has a 3 shot lead over the next golfer Graeme McDowell -3. Tiger Woods sits in 3rd place at -1. But Tiger hasn't ever come from behind to win a major championship. The way Johnson is playing I don't see him making any steps back. But anything can happen in sports. A mistake anywhere and someone else could find themselves hoisting the US Open championship. Can Tiger Woods make up the 5 shot difference that now exists between him and Johnson? History says no.

Ernie Els is at Even for the tournament and Phil Mickelson at +1. The three veterans who received most of the talk before this tournament are within striking distance prior to the last round.

Dustin Johnson and Graeme McDowell will play last. Johnson has the power to win or lose this tournament. McDowell can make it interesting or not. The group prior Tiger Woods and Gregory Havret who played well enough to end the last round at even. Havret had some good putts and could be a factor. Els and Mickelson will tee it up just before Tiger and the two pros could make this tournament interesting.

For this tournament to be interesting Johnson has to make a few mistakes and give back some shots. If he is steady and pars the course he'll win the tournament going away. Any of the other golfers have to make pars and not give anything back to stay in contention. But any birdies or eagles they receive along the way could mix up the leader board before this tournament is over.

All eyes will be on Johnson. But those playing in front would like to put up scores that have him thinking about his next shot.

It's a great ending to the US Open.  Graeme McDowell has a 1 shot lead over Havret.  Els lurking at Even.  Tiger is at plus 3.  Johnson fell to +3.  This course has been a great equalizer.  We'll see who can win this tournament.

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World Cup Soccer
For Italy all isn't lost yet. They've got to beat Slovakia. New Zealand will face the group leader Paraguay. Should the Kiwi's lose and Italy tied or beat Slovakia then Italy will advance to the next round. Everything rides on the next match.

A huge game in pool H when Chile with take on Switzerland. Both teams with 3 points in pool play. Spain is still alive and who knows what the next days will bring. Spain will have to take care of Honduras to give them a chance to advance. Chile and Switzerland winner would have a huge advantage. Spain would love to see a tie. But what is expected from two teams hasn't gone to format. So we'll wait and see the outcome.

Brazil and Argentina have looked good. Brazil only beat North Korea 2-1. You'd think that the Ivory Coast would fall to the Brazilians. North Korea will take on Portugal tomorrow and Spain will see if they can get back on track against Chile.

Then next matches coming up will decide who'll stay, and who'll go home.

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World Cup Soccer
The drama and excitement isn't as thrilling as watching the Lakers defeat the Celtics in basketball. But this tournament isn't going as planned. A lot of the favorites are experiencing setbacks. The most recent the Italians couldn't get past the Kiwi's. That's right the nation that is known more for Rugby and without a professional league in soccer tied Italy 1-1 today. Germany also felt the letdown. Add Spain and England. The list continues as teams find out there is no easy match now in the World Cup.

The parade is scheduled for Monday for the Lakers. While the rest of the NBA gets ready to start dealing players and make preparation for next season. That gives about a month until the best sport in the US begins.

Football is almost here. The NCAA prepares for the impact that is being generated by conferences who are building up to create a more playoff friendly system. What I mean is the more quality teams in your conference the easier it will be to have a conference championship. Only a few teams from each conference could be invited to play in a playoff to decide the National Champion. Only time will tell what happens to the BCS? I hope it's done away with. The Pac-10 recently acquired Utah. A team that has fared well in recent history against Pac-10 teams in football. Colorado also invited to the Pac-10. Apparently the Pac-10 isn't going to be able to lure Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Oklahoma St. So the Big-12 is going to be okay, for now. If one of the teams decides to flee the Big-12 it could cause a domino effect. But Texas and Oklahoma are the two big teams in the Big-12. The rest of the Big-12 left is lucky that the Big-12 made an offer to the teams that were going to leave originally for the Pac-10. But the Pac-10 isn't going to stop at Colorado and Utah.

The NFL is gearing up for another exciting season. The only problem is that the pre-season features only a few starters. Of course that time isn't for evaluating players who are at the top of depth charts. This time is to find out who'll you keep out of the free agents, walk-ons, invitees and drafted players. The season starts and you've only got 17 weeks until the end of the season. We'll hear about holdouts, cut veterans and the same old players who are in trouble for off the field incidents coupled with some for substance abuse. But it's almost time to get ready for some football. New Orleans are the defending champions and while we talk about 3 peat in basketball it's not often you find football teams that can repeat as champions.
What it all means is that it's hard to win a Super Bowl it's tough to win it twice (5 teams have done it) .
Only two teams that lost Super Bowls were able to win it the next year Dallas and Miami. Only 2 teams have made it to the Super Bowl 3 consecutive times Miami and Buffalo who went to 4 straight super bowls but lost all of them.
Only Denver and Minnesota were able to repeat trips to the Super Bowl only to lose both games.

Just to say losers of Super Bowls are disbanded and in the era of free agency and player movement it's hardly likely that they would get back to the Super Bowl. It's more likely the winner could possibly repeat as in the case of New Orleans. But for Indianapolis to win the Super Bowl next season they would join only Dallas lost super bowl 5 and won 6. Miami lost super bowl 6 and won 7 & 8, the only team that had success after losing. We are at Super Bowl 45 as you can see the losers of the previous Super Bowls don't have the greatest success the next season. Maybe Peyton can help the Colts get back again.

Dallas lost 5 & won 6, won 12 & lost 13, won 27 & 28

Pittsburgh won 9 & 10, won 13 & 14
San Francisco won 23 & 24
New England won 38 & 39
Green Bay won 1 & 2, won 31 & lost 32

Denver lost 21 & 22, won 32 & 33
Miami lost 6 won 7 & 8

Washington won 17 & lost 18

Buffalo lost 25, 26, 27, 28
Minnesota lost 8 & lost 9

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The Lakers and Celtics add another classic to an already crowded history. Mostly dominated by the Boston Celtics, but the Lakers have now added the most recent victory. The series was grueling for both teams. At the end Kobe didn't have much left in scoring but added in other areas. The Lakers after half looked like a team that would give the last game at home away by going down by 13 points. But somehow the Lakers found defense, rebounds and timely buckets that allowed them to climb back close. It didn't take long for them to get close. Ron Artest acquisition to help Kobe paid off against Paul Pierce. Kobe drained for Game 7 would have been the same earlier in the series if he had to guard Pierce instead of Artest. Everyone made shots. Vujacic came in and hit 2 free throws that gave the Lakers a 4 point lead. When time ran out even I felt a little sorry for the Celtics. They controlled most of the series. But the Lakers controlled the glass and the ending to an amazing season. The Celtics who weren't mentioned as one of the teams to beat at the start or going into the playoffs looked like the same team that won in 2008. But this might be the last time the Celtics will have Garnett, Pierce and Allen together. Even Doc Rivers could step down to enjoy time off watching his kids grow up and play sports.

The Lakers having back to back accomplished, now look ahead to the off-season and rest. The media clamors for answers about next season already. But it's time for Phil Jackson to make his decision when he's ready. It's time for other teams to make decisions about player changes. But still Laker fans will soak this in and until next season anticipate a 3 peat. If Phil Jackson decides not to return that goal might be a much harder to come by. Can anyone replace him and get the same results from the current team. Derek Fisher could stay or might not be a part of the Lakers next season. I think it would be ashamed if he wasn't a part of at least next season when the Lakers go for another 3 peat.

USA Soccer
How much impact does officiating have on the outcome of a sporting event? Just ask anyone who watched the foul called on the USA when they apparently became the first team to ever come back down 2-0 and win the game 3-2. The referee calls the USA for a foul and no goal. This blatant error was obvious not only to the USA but everyone that is a fan of soccer. So my question is, does FIFA allow anyone to referee the most important tournament in the sport? What is next for the USA? They need to beat Algeria. They need to score early. What happens to the USA is they give up a goal so early and always seem to play from behind. This team better start to play from the lead, instead of coming from behind, all the time. There are teams that can be beat at this world cup. You can't beat those teams if you don't make it to the next round.

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You've heard many experts talk about balanced scoring. They make so much about points in the paint. They harp about so many different factors related to a basketball game. But the one key element that only the players control is "want to". That trait that propels every player to do whatever they have to in order to contribute to the team. The Lakers and Celtics are at the door that will open to the NBA championship or to a disappointing off season.

The Lakers put themselves in control in Game 6 and never looked back. They usually are a team that ends up squandering huge leads and by the end of the game survive but not last night. Kobe found out he had support. He had a whole team of support on the way to tying the series at 3 games a piece.

Now for the finale, Lakers vs Celtics for the NBA title at Staples Center. The Lakers come in brimming with confidence and the Celtics know if they can hang with the Lakers until the end of the game they'll have a chance. Boston would love to get a lead and keep in front during the entire game. But Boston has no Kendrick Perkins to clog the middle. Garnett is too busy guarding Gasol. So that gave Lakers a free lane to the basket. They need to take it. The closer the shot to the basket, the better chance the Lakers have to win the game. The Celtics would love to make shots. Will it be a tight, hard fought battle until the end of the game? Or will one team blow the other out? Only the players have a say in this one. Oh yeah and the referees. Looking forward to Thursday Lakers Celtics final.

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Lakers vs Celtics
Who will show up and play for both teams? The Lakers have one player you know is going to do everything he can to win game 6. Kobe Bryant can't win game 6 by himself. His teammates shouldn't allow him to. If they start passing Kobe the ball and then stand around like game 5 then the Lakers are going to watch Boston celebrate in LA. Boston is the same team that won the championship in 2008. Except Rajon Rondo is playing like an all-star. If you look at the 2 teams and compare player by player Boston should win this series because of the 4 all-stars and the grit.

I've read somewhere that Andrew Bynum claiming he is ready, ready for what? It's way past ready it's time to go to work and show Boston why you should hoist the championship. Talking all kinds of stuff isn't going to win the title. This is coming from a mouth of a kid who told Kareem that he didn't need him to coach him one on one anymore. Bynum hurt showing heart. But that's just not enough. You need to produce. You need to come through down the stretch. You need a stop and a score. Kareem already did it over and over again. Yet the baby tells the Captain that he's outgrown him. Hey Andrew you've got two games that mean everything prove it.

Another player the Spaniard Pau Gasol steps up from Memphis and joins the Lakers. Only he's too soft to compete against Boston the first time around. The second time he's already wolfing stuff about Garnett and Boston. Spoke to soon. Pau you've got one more game to get to another or it's over. Gasol better play rough and tough without fouling. He better knock down shots. Most of all he better step up and help Kobe because if he doesn't maybe no one else will.

The Lakers as a total team if you really evaluate them from Kobe to the last man on the bench really over achieve. But the triangle rewards players who are able to make open shots. Basketball is about making your own opportunities. A lot of loose balls and rebounds up for grabs tonight. So tell me who grabs the opportunity? Who turns the opportunity into conquest? For the Lakers they've squandered the lead and lost 2 in a row to Boston. Can you say blowout at Staples Center for the last game? Tell me that's not going to happen. Lakers need to prove it. They might fold up and melt like hot butter in the desert. If you go back 2008 game 6 series 3 games to 2 Boston. Lakers lose game 6 131-92. A 39 point beat down. Lakers can repeat this again tonight except this time at Staples Center. If they do they'll never forget this defeat.

Funny thing this rivalry seems so far away. But Lakers fans can remember just how many times the Lakers lost to Boston. Just ask the NBA logo. Now will history repeat itself only this time its Kobe Bryant the victim.

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The fumbler: a term that describes someone who can't hold on to the football. Best running back in the league: describes someone who can score on any play. Funny thing is these two terms describe Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. He fumbles so much I can't remember someone as good as he is ever fumbling as much as he did last season. He fumbled the ball at a crucial time in the playoffs. I don't know what he can do to fix the problem but I'm sure he's tried everything. But every defense will be trying to strip the ball. It seems his fumbles the defense doesn't even have to make a great attempt at it. How much can Minnesota trust him? Will they get rid of him because of all the fumbles? At what point will the Vikings say that's enough he's great more.

College Realignment
I'm waiting on Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State to accept the invitation of the Pac-10. I'd guess Missouri will also try and get to where Nebraska is in the Big 10. A name change will be coming for a lot of the conferences.

Now the Big 10 is gaining teams. The Pac-10 is gaining more teams. What about the SEC? A powerful conference but will they go after some marquee teams or not.

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Conference Realignment
Nebraska as expected is leaving the Big-12 for the Big-10. Also Boise State is moving from the WAC to the Mountain West Conference. Anyone care to take a guess why they're leaving the old for the new. It's about money. It's also has to do with football the primary money maker of most college sports programs. Kind of funny, Universities are allowed to leave a conference for the money. But student athletes can't make any money. Something is wrong with that picture.

Looking forward to England vs USA not that I'm a huge soccer fan. But I'm USA fan. So go Landon Donovan and USA soccer.

Lakers looked like they all stopped playing 5 or 6 minutes to go in game 4. Big Baby and Nate Robinson displayed themselves to be ghetto and unprofessional. Big Baby dancing before shooting free throws after he spit all over himself. Nate Robinson acting gangster in the game but after the game they both thank God. C'mon Man. Are you kidding me? I hope they get a chance to view themselves again it was pretty tasteless. But they did step up in game 4 and are the 2 reasons why Boston evened the series. Derek Fisher a game prior was an unlikely hero. Fisher might make a few plays on defense and offense but he actually carried the Lakers in the 4th quarter.

What will game 5 bring? Kobe better find out how to play basketball again. He's prone to turning the ball over on a consistent basis. A lot of turnovers happen at the most crucial times in the game. That's the old Kobe. Force the ball up no matter how many people are guarding you. The other teammates better become options, instead of spectators watching him play. Look for this series to have another twist the next game. There hasn't been a consistent flow by either team. But each team makes the other look bad at times because of the defense. Which offense is going to take the lead and keep it late? Lakers need the next game. Can you really believe that the Lakers have a great chance to win 2 games back to back at home against the Celtics? If Davis has another drooling game the Lakers better stand by.

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NCAA Realignment Starting
Colorado Buffaloes have said yes to the Pac-10. What this means is Nebraska is rumored to make the same decision only they will be joining the Big 10. Who knows how many teams are leaving and where they'll end up?

The question I have is since Colorado says there gone to the Pac-10 how long do they have until the athletic teams schedule will reflect that change. Will they continue to play in the Big 12? How long will it take the Pac-10 to put them on the athletic schedule? This also means that every team in the conference will have to adjust to playing other opponents they're not used to traveling to.

How will realignment shape the schedule for all sports? But let's face it.  This has to do with football.  It's about the money and huge payoffs from television packages at the end of the year. The idea is to have an exciting mix of new and old in a conference and then decide whose the conference champion. But also it will cut down the number of teams that are considered Conference Champs. Those teams might be invited to participate in a playoff or bowl series. It makes a lot of cents/sense. What direction the NCAA, boosters, alumni and the dollars and sense people for the Universities and those who control the bowls, could all be working this out along the way. Notice how no one is talking about academics or the student athlete. What this represents is takeover and move if you have clout. Like the big fish conferences will gobble up all the other big fish so that they can have the best prize at the end of the season.

The Pac-16 will look like this:
Oregon St
Washington St
Arizona St
Texas A&M
Texas Tech
Oklahoma St

The Big-12 might be reduced to the Little-6
Kansas St
Iowa St

When this happens what then for these schools?

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World Cup
Soccer is the biggest most loved and watched sport in the world. But in the US it is probably rated in the top 10, probably barely making it in the 10th position. The reason the US isn't a top rated team. But they could change that this campaign if they could only win. The highest ratings your going to get in the United States is from people who immigrated to the States from soccer loving countries. Most US citizens watch football with the funny brown ball, basketball, baseball, auto racing, tennis, golf, hockey and then maybe soccer. Many parents watch the world cup because they have no choice. There kids are playing AYSO soccer and want to watch the game on television. But in the USA if they can start to finish higher in the brackets you will see a definite spike in people who follow soccer. Winning will bring on more viewers. It's simple formula of success. There is no fun in watching a team that consistently disappoints. It is fun to watch a team that might not always win but plays exciting matches. But for right now the USA fan will follow a team that wins and plays for championships.

The USA can't settle for just making it to the next round. They can't just settle in a play for a draw. They have to win. That's the bottom line. Win not only for the sake of the team but the sake of viewership in the United States. Even AYSO kids aren't going to follow a team that continues to lose and exits tournaments early. There is so many other choices to use your time then watch a team lose.

So Landon Donovan and the USA better get going and start off pool play with a win on Saturday against England and keep right on winning through Algeria and Slovenia. If they could win all the matches they will gain an audience as they continue to the next round. Should they stumble and barely make it you'll see the ratings slip. It's what they do against Italy, Spain, Mexico and later in the tournament that will help them gain more viewers.

I'll be watching them against England and throughout the tournament. But if they look horrible and start faltering I can easily switch the channel to something else.

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College World Series
It's over. UCLA has won. Arizona was never really in the game. Kenzie Fowler came in to start but Megan Lagenfeld hit a 2 run homer to give UCLA the lead. After that Fowler was never the same. She struggled with her control. After hitting BB Bates in the head with a pitch Fowler was visibly shaken. The entire game she sat teary eyed in the dugout. She shouldn't blame herself for the losses. It was errors by the defense. Sarah Akamine didn't have any better chase against the UCLA home run crew. She gave up a grand slam home run to Andrea Harrison to make it 6-0. Add a run for Arizona on the Stacie Chambers home run. Akamine kept on giving UCLA good pitches to hit. But Arizona did have a chance when Lini Koria hit a 3 run homer to bring Arizona within 3 7-4. The next time UCLA came to bat with 2 outs Arreola failed to handle a ground ball that went threw her legs. The inning would have been over. Akamine fell apart after. UCLA went on to win 15-9. Arizona had too many costly mistakes at crucial times in the game to win. But the rivalry has just been renewed. UCLA put the target on their back again. Arizona will be looking for pay back next season. The SEC still without a championship can only look forward to next season. Tennessee has a great pitcher in Ivy Renfroe she'll need to add some pitches and learn how to adjust her speeds. Alabama ranked number one failed to make it past Hawaii. Hawaii is another team that could return again to the CWS. They'll need to mix in some timely hitting to get runners on base and not only look to swing for the fences. But that is what Hawaii is a home run hitting team. Georgia is always close to winning it. Yet they are so far away. Washington run might be over since Danielle Lawrie is leaving. Pac-10 still the dominate conference in softball.

Remember if the conferences realign to mega conferences in the upcoming years think what it will do for the landscape of all sports. Football will have an easier time to create a playoff. BCS might be over.

NBA Final
Derek Fisher came up with 11 points in the 4th quarter to help lead the Lakers past the Celtics in game 3. Series is now 2 games to 1 Lakers. Game 4 set for tonight will be another test of wills. Will the referees call everything they see and think they see? Will the Lakers do a good job on Ray O'fer Allen and Rajon Rondo. The Key for the Lakers is to make Ray Allen shoot tough shots and keep Rondo from rebounds and easy shot opportunities. Kobe should warm up at some point. He's not shooting the ball that well. But maybe this is good for the Lakers. That way he can pass the ball and other players can contribute to a win.

NHL Hockey
Chicago has won the Stanley Cup.  They put away the Philadelphia Flyers.

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College Softball
When Arizona and UCLA got together last evening they didn't disappoint. The game was a see-saw match-up. And I can't say enough good things about the way Kenzie Fowler pitched. She has been under intense pressure throughout add the illegal pitch calls looming every time she throws a pitch. But she hasn't flinched except for the first game against Tennessee. Since then she's been a warrior and she is only a freshmen. But she would like the pitch back that Megan Langenfeld hit over the fence to give UCLA a 6-5 victory in 8 innings.

Tonight I would be surprised if Megan Langenfeld is the starting pitcher. Arizona broke the game open after figuring out how to attack her pitches. Back to back home runs by Arredondo and Chambers had Arizona believing they would end up winning the game. But UCLA came back in the bottom of the 7th to tie the game. Yudin hit a fly ball to left field but the outfielders almost ran into each other and neither had the ball. The next pitch sequence Shul came up and the ball looked like it would be the third and final out. But the ball sailed over Buchanan and UCLA was able to tie the game 5-5. The top of the 8th inning Arizona was unable to score. That's when Langenfeld came up. The pitch that Kenzie Fowler threw was the same one Langenfeld struck out on the last time up. But this time she took it deep.

Arizona is not out of this championship yet. But I don't know if you could afford to rest Kenzie Fowler. Langenfeld was ruffed up late and Arizona is probably looking forward to seeing her again. I think Lisa Fernandez and head coach Kelly Inouye-Perez go with Macon. She has velocity. She had Chambers looking fooled when she struck her out in the 8th. Macon must hit her spots and keep the hitters off balance. She is the same type of pitcher as Ivy Renfroe. Renfroe was unhittable for much of the College World Series until Arizona figured a way to beat her.

I suspect this game will be another see-saw battle. UCLA can wrap up this season with a win. But Arizona will do everything they can to extend the Series one more game.

UCLA will probably put a different pitcher in the circle. Sammy Camuso the all powerful hitter was silenced by Kenzie Fowler. Don't be surprised if Coach Candrea goes with her from start to finish. It was the errors in the field that cost Arizona game one. Brittany Lastrapes was responsible for not looking at the shortstop who called the Shutzler the Centerfielder in to make the play. But I think mono has Lastrapes playing in a fog. But without her Arizona would never made it past Tennessee.

NBA Final
Kobe looked like his old hog the ball at the end of the game self. Instead he should have passed the ball into the big men who had the advantage all night. The two problems the Lakers face are on defense. Who is going to guard Ray Allen and keep him from breaking the 3 point shooting record again. And whose going to put a body on Rajon Rondo and keep him from getting the offensive rebound over and over again.

The instant replay that the refs viewed must have been another shot. Because what I saw was clearly Garnett touching the ball last. That call was crucial 93-90. Ball outbounds to the Celtics and Rajon Rondo hits a 2 point basket. Celtics up 95-90. Kobe went under the screen a lot. He's a defensive star right? Come on man. Lakers need to figure out what they are going to do against these two players on defense. Artest is doing a fine job on Pierce. We'll see if Kobe hogs all the shots or defers all the shots to the big men tonight. No time for tantrums from Kobe. He can't put himself in foul trouble again. He's a lot smarter then that. Lakers are in the same place 2 years ago. They have to win one game in Boston or Paul Pierce prediction will come true,"I'm not going back to Los Angeles".

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Arizona came through when it all counts. Tennessee only needed to win the first game today but failed to. Tennessee gave Arizona there first loss by run rule 9-0. Arizona returned the favor in the first game 8-0. The second game was a battle of the freshmen pitchers and both teams offense trying to find a way to win the game. In the end it was Arizona hitters finding a way to score. Tennessee only managed to put up 2 runs to Arizona 5.

A great performance by Ivy Renfroe but the eventual winner Kenzie Fowler had to overcome illegal pitch problems from the first meeting. Fowler just pitched the best she could. She stayed focused and her team was carried by great defense by Brittany Lastrapes and timely hitting. Stacey Chambers finally hit a pitch out to give Arizona a 3-2 lead. After that Arizona didn't allow Tennessee to score. Arizona finished with a Arredondo home run, to take the lead to 5-2.

Arizona will face pac-10 rival UCLA Monday in the championship final. To claim the championship title you've got to win the best 2 out of 3. Kenzie Fowler has pitched a lot of innings but she figured out how to manage to work through the illegal pitch calls. Arizona hitters who seem to have no clue at the plate found some confidence in the two games against Tennessee. Now it's a Pac-10 final featuring two of the most winning programs in softball. There are no tricks here. These programs know each other. There is no time to think it's time to execute. Megan Lagenfeld will bring her screwball to the field along with some hot teammates at the plate. UCLA has looked in control of all the games in the College World Series. But Kenzie Fowler has much experience in the CWS and knows exactly what she has to do against rival UCLA. As a freshmen pitcher Fowler will toe the rubber for the Wildcats. Will her offense be able to back her up and offer some support. An intriguing final to the College Softball World Series is set for Monday.

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John Wooden Pyramid of Success and 12 Lessons in Leadership
1. Good Values Attract Good People.
2. Love is the most powerful 4-letter word.
3. Call yourself a teacher.
4. Emotion is your enemy.
5. It takes 10 hands to make a basket.
6. Little things make big things happen.
7. Make each day your masterpiece.
8. The carrot is mightier than a stick.
9. Make Greatness attainable by all.
10. Seek significant change.
11. Don't look at the scoreboard.
12. Adversity is your asset.

The Pyramid of Success by John Wooden
Competitive Greatness - "Perform at your best when your best is required. Your best is required each day." Sounds simple but it's hard to be at your best all the time no matter what's happening around you. (Sports, work)

Poise - "Be yourself. Don't be thrown off by events whether good or bad" This trait is one that kicks in when circumstance don't seem to be to your best advantage.
Confidence - "The strongest steel is well-founded self-belief. It is earned, not given."

Condition - "Ability may get you to the top, but character keeps you there - mental, moral, and physical." How many players have made it to the top of the class only to have mental, moral issues take them down into ruining themselves. Physical conditioning is important.
Skill - "What a leader learns after you've learned it all counts most of all." Individuals once they learn and apply it can only work when everyone can be counted on.
Team Spirit - "The star of the team is the team. We supercedes me." Always the total outweighs the need of the one. It's for us not I.

Self-Control - "Control of your organization begins with control of yourself. Be disciplined." Again I can't take precedence over team. The discipline to set an example helps to lead to a structure that everyone understands since the lead person is following the same course.
Alertness - "Constantly be aware and observing. Always seek to improve yourself and the team." Know what is going on and what you can improve.
Initiative - "Make a decision! Failure to act is often the biggest failure of all." Indecisiveness is failure. You've got to move and react. Doing nothing leads to nothing.
Intensity - "Stay the course. When thwarted try again, harder, smarter. Persevere relentlessly." Never give up. But you've got to work harder or be smarter without stopping.

Industriousness - "Success travels in the company of very hard work. There is no trick, no easy way." Hard work, not tricks, no easy way is the wheels of success.
Friendship - "Strive to build a team filled with camaraderie and respect: comrades-in-arms." How to continue to progress is with the understanding that all of us are in this together.
Loyalty - "Be true to yourself. Be true to those you lead."
Cooperation - "Have utmost concern for what's right rather than who's right." Doing what is right no matter who gets credit.
Enthusiasm - "Your energy, enjoyment, drive and dedication will stimulate and greatly inspire others". The fuel is enjoyment that is driven through dedication.

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College Softball
Arizona defeats Washington 4-3 and remain alive. Kenzie Fowler had 8 illegal pitches in the loss against Tennessee. She had 5 against Washington. But Washington made too many errors and couldn't score enough runs. The last out was recorded with Danielle Lawrie on deck. Arizona will face Hawaii in 3 hours. Danielle Lawrie career comes to an end. She is a brilliant pitcher and hitter, won a Championship and will exit the College sport of softball basically at the top of her position. It was great to watch her compete. The most amazing feat I saw from her last year in the College World Series she walked in the winning run against Georgia to lose the game 9-8 and came back to pitch Washington to a 9-3 victory over Georgia. She went into the championship game against Florida and Washington won 8-0. Then in a pitching dual with Stacie Nelson her offense helped her win 3-2. Consider this the Pac-10 has won 22 titles mostly UCLA and Arizona, Washington won it's first with Danielle Lawrie as the pitcher.

Hawaii will play Arizona the loser goes home but the winner will play Tennessee on Sunday. Tennessee would only need to win the first game to advance to the Championship Final.

Georgia will play Florida the loser goes home. The winner will play UCLA on Sunday. UCLA will on need to win the first game to advance to the Championship Final.

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Ron Artest has put away all the nonsense and given way to only one thought, "Winning a NBA Championship". The warrior who lives within all of us can be like a Samurai (Warrior). There isn't any thing else on there mind when it comes to completing a mission. And once they get on a mission it is said they have a single purpose focus with no distractions in the way.

Ron Artest isn't what people think of having single minded focus. Putting himself first seems to be what people thought of him. He didn't put anything first except what he wanted to do. No one that has single purpose focus thinks much about having fun. The only fun will come is after they achieve the goal. Artest needed to go to the Zen Master and a team that would require him to put on his responsibility and wear it every game. Artest didn't seem to be up to the task. The triangle and Coach Jackson have left many players who've had success in other places cringe at the mention of the triangle. Just ask Karl Malone or Gary Payton. Now that the critical part of the season has come Artest is almost to the teams goal of winning another NBA Championship.

Just like all of us doing what we have to do. We do a lot of things in life and it has nothing to do with fun.  We like Ron Artest will have time to soak in the fruits of our labor.  Sometimes it turns out we learn more in the journey then holding the trophy.  But don't get me wrong holding the trophy or wearing the ring is nice.

The Humble Soul
John Wooden has left this earth physically. But for one man from a small town in Indiana he has touched so many lives. It's in the way he lived and how he taught all of his students the principles toward successful living. He was a man full of wisdom, full of quotations that weren't just for saying of them. He meant those principles to be applied to life. Although his stage was at the campus of UCLA he was destined to expand his wisdom beyond his players, beyond the walls of academia. Wooden left his pyramid of success. It's a realistic look at principles that when applied can lead to success. If his teams never achieved the level of proficiency then he wouldn't have had so many people listening intently to ever word he said. Even though he's gone after living for 99 years his spirit of who he is will live within all those that had the opportunity to listen to him speak. Those that didn't get an opportunity to hear him speak should find his books and feed on his words. To read his words is a simple task. To live his words another. His quiet, humble, mild-mannered approach to life was a mirror of all that he taught. It is rare to find a Man that with such a quiet disposition could gain so much attention. Like a Master of Martial Arts John Wooden was a Master of Coaching Basketball but he was a Master at Communicating Principles of Successful Living. Thanks John Wooden for your contribution to mankind.

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College Softball
UCLA after defeating Hawaii 5-2 waits to see who they'll face Sunday. Missouri will take on Florida on Saturday. The Loser goes home. The winner will play Georgia. The winner will face UCLA on Sunday. UCLA needs only one more win to advance to the Championship Final.

Tennessee beat Georgia 7-5. Ivy Renfroe the freshmen pitcher who seemed to be unhittable gave up some runs against SEC rival Georgia but managed to survive. She was aided by the 7 runs her teammates put on the scoreboard. Tennessee also only needs one win on Sunday to advance to the Championship Final. Arizona will face Washington in a PAC-10 showdown on Saturday. Hawaii will play the winner loser goes home winner will advance and take on Tennessee on Sunday.

Chicago once looked like a shoe in as the next Stanley Cup Champions and still could be. But Philadelphia has built a reputation of coming back. They will always be remembered for what they've done this season no matter if they don't win it all. But the ending to this story is far from over after tying the series 2 games apiece. Now Chicago will have to answer back. The series moves from Philadelphia back to Chicago.

The Lakers once soft image has disappeared. Boston looked old and unable to match the Lakers in any phase of the game. The Lakers won game one 102-89. The Lakers face the Celtics at Staples Center on Sunday. The question Boston will have to ask itself is Rondo the guard that will be able to find holes in the Lakers defense or should they use Nate Robinson more? Can Paul Pierce ever find a way to separate from Ron Artest? But the Lakers aren't champions yet. The Lakers took a 2-0 lead against the Suns and it didn't look good for them after the Suns figured out what they could do against them. Maybe Boston starts to play a little zone defense and the Lakers revert back to launching 3 point shots. Doc Rivers and the Celtics aren't going to lie down. But the energy from them in game one as a team didn't seem to be much. This rivalry is too big to end in a sweep but Laker fans will love to see it. The series starts for the Lakers when Boston returns home for 3 games. Should the Lakers win on Sunday they'll have a 2-0 lead. They'll need at least one win in Boston. Maybe they can get two. First thing will be to play the same aggressive basketball the entire game on Sunday and get a win.

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College Softball
The playoffs happen once a year. If your team qualifies you who knows maybe you'll be able to reach the College Softball World Series held in Oklahoma City. The format in the 1st round of the playoffs is double elimination. Each team has an opportunity to stay alive after a loss. The winners advance along until the finals. Losers must win because another loss will send you home. The 2nd round is the best of 3. First team to win 2 games advances to the College World Series. The CWS format is double elimination like the first round. This way it gives teams a chance to make it to the finals even if you've lost one game. The College Softball Championship consists of the winner of one bracket with Hawaii-Missouri, UCLA-Florida against the winner of the other bracket Arizona-Tennessee, Georgia-Washington. The winners of each bracket will meet Monday and Tuesday and if necessary Wednesday to decide the who will be crowned Champion.

Hawaii is Cinderella. They've come into the tournament and made it through number 1 Alabama using the long ball (Home Run). Cinderella got past Alabama turning into big time run producers when the game is on the line. Today again Hawaii needed a run to tie the game in the top of the 7th inning. The leading home run hitter on the team on deck Traci Yoshikawa decided to put Hawaii in the lead with a runner on she hit a home run which gave Hawaii a 3-2 lead. Missouri didn't score in the bottom of the 7th. Just like in the Alabama game Hawaii losing 4-3 going into the bottom of the 7th needing 2 runs to win. Hawaii delivered. Seems like luck or skill or maybe both is riding on the side of the Rainbow Wahines.

Hawaii will face UCLA who met the tough Florida Gators. Only thing is UCLA scored so many runs on Florida the game was called in 6 innings. Brombacher was suppose to be a tough pitcher but only lasted 2.1 innings giving up 5 runs. UCLA scored 3 runs in the third after Florida answered with 3 runs in the 2nd putting UCLA up 6-3. UCLA added another run in the 4th 7-3. UCLA ended the game after scoring 9 runs in the 6th. The result was a lopsided 16-3 victory over the once thought of furious Florida Gators from the SEC.

UCLA will face Hawaii and the winner will have the best chance to make it to the Finals. But the loser will have an opportunity to win and setup a re-match. Hawaii has power to take this game. But if the UCLA pitchers can limit the number of base runners and keep the ball inside the park UCLA wins this game. It will be interesting to watch both teams have powerful hitters from 1-9. UCLA has a lot of pitchers and Lisa Fernandez coaching from the dugout. I know that the UCLA coaching staff are watching everything they can on Hawaii. They're going to be prepared to face Cinderella. Hawaii has got to do the same for UCLA who have hit some home runs when they've need them. These are two powerful teams that can change the course of the season with one swing of the bat. Pitchers proceed with knowledge and one mistake could cost you the win.

Illegal Pitches
This trend has been a point of emphasis for the umpires and has made it's debut to the College World Series. Florida couldn't over come the effect. Arizona couldn't over come the effect. Who else will be bitten by the Illegal Pitch call? This takes away so much from the game. Whoever is responsible for putting it in 3 months prior to the playoffs instead of 6 months when the season started is crazy. The rules haven't changed but the umpires are looking and finding it during the College World Series.

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The Lakers barely got by the Phoenix Suns. Sasha Vujacic jumped started the Suns 2nd unit and they shriveled the lead down into single digits. But Kobe wasn't going to be denied an opportunity to close out the Suns. He put the Lakers on his back and carried them into the Finals. Waiting for them is a long time rival Boston Celtics team. They bullied the Magic at times. This is the same team that 2 years ago crushed the Lakers in 6 games to win the NBA title.

So the real question, are the Lakers ready for the Celtics? Andrew Bynum is healthy and will be called on more then he was in the Suns series. Pau Gasol disappeared at times against the Suns he can't afford to do that against Garnett and the Celtics. But the key factors are Ron Artest will be facing Paul Pierce instead of Kobe. And Rajon Rondo is much improved since the championship run.

This is a series that could be one for the ages. I'm waiting to see if the Lakers can continue to win at home. Which team will steal a game on the road? Which player other then the stars is going to step up during crucial times in the game to sway the win toward their team?

College Softball
This weekend was a great time to watch softball. The only problem was when I opened today's paper there wasn't one story about the event. Not even any box scores. Guess they don't think its news worthy.

8 teams advance to the College World Series. One of them has been away from home for a long time. Hawaii wasn't suppose to beat the number one seed Alabama at home. But the Tide forgot that the Rainbow Wahines can surf. They have rode the wave of home runs that has propelled them this far. And it was no different in the 3rd game down 4-3 with a runner on base and 2 outs in the last inning. Jenna Rodriguez stepped up for the Wahines. She took Kelsi Dunne deep. Rodriguez waited to see if the ball was fair. The umpire signaled that it was indeed a home run. Hawaii's small fan base in the midst of a sea of red Alabama fans jumped for joy. Hawaii takes down the number one team 5-4. They'll take on Missouri in the College World Series.

Hawaii has no holes in the offense. Any lead isn't safe against Hawaii. But Hawaii pitching has been known to give up some runs. Will Parnaby and Ricketts be good enough to not allow as many runs as the Hawaii offense can put up. Should the pitching staff do well and the bats continue to hit home runs with runners on. Hawaii isn't a team that anyone wants to face in the tournament. Missouri will face the Wahines in the first round. It comes down to Kristin Nottelmann the sophomore who shut down the Oregon Ducks. But Nottelmann hasn't seen a line-up like Hawaii. The difference in Hawaii to every other team is that Hawaii 1-9 can hit the ball out. A mistake with runners on and you'll pay. The only way Hawaii can lose is what they did against Alabama in game 2. Game 1 they got blown away. Hawaii no problem they're overrated. Game 2 build a 7 run lead and give it all back. Hawaii battles back to win game 2. They trail in game 3 against Alabama and then boom. But Hawaii needs to find a way to maintain leads and put the game away early. That's where Parnaby and Ricketts have to do the work and keep the ball down and inside the park.

Florida vs UCLA
Florida is hot because of the batting of 5-5 Kelsey Bruder from Corona California and the steady pitching of Stephanie Brombacher the 5-10 Junior out of Florida. Francesca Enea 5-8 Senior who has hit the most home runs for Florida in a career continues to struggle now 0-20. Aja Paculba 2b 5-3 Wildomar California is stellar on defense.
Can Florida still manage to hit well and shut down the UCLA attack?

UCLA is hot because of the hitting. But they didn't face great competition yet. Now they'll have an opportunity to prove how good the Pac-10 is. One of 3 games that matches a Pac-10 team vs SEC team. This one for UCLA has been because of Kelly Inouye-Perez. After losing to Missouri last year the Bruins coach decided to revamp the mentality of her team. It seems to be working. But against Florida the Bruins need to get quality innings from there pitchers. Should they do that maybe they can find a way to get some runs against Brombacher.

Arizona vs Tennessee
This is a pitchers dual. Tennessee came into the tournament ranked 16th. But Freshman Ivy Renfroe isn't playing like a freshman. She's pitched almost perfect. Should she continue Arizona will have a hard time to get past the Volunteers.

The same for Tennessee. Sarah Akamine took over after starter went out the last game and pitched flawlessly. She also got some back-up from her offense. She coasted to a win. But it's 5-11 Kenzie Fowler who will take the mound for the Wildcats.

This game is a pitchers dual. Renfroe vs Fowler. Freshman vs Freshman. Which offense will get enough runs to win the game? Stay tuned don't miss a pitch. One mistake could make the difference.

Washington vs Georgia
I haven't seen Georgia play this year. But if this years team is like last season then scoring isn't a problem for Georgia. But Georgia pitching is it good enough to stop the Washington Huskies offense? More important can the hitters score against Lawrie?

For Washington there is only one player that matters. Danielle Lawrie. She experienced a loss against Oklahoma in the first game only to come back in the next 2 games and shut down everyone. Not only can she pitch but she can hit. Lawrie will be the difference for Washington. Either Georgia beats her. Or like usual she shuts them down and Washington advances. Anything the offense can give Lawrie will help put the Huskies into the next round.

Winning a softball championship takes 2 components. The first component is pitching. The second component is scoring. Pitching is a requirement in winning a championship. Nelson (Florida) vs Lawrie (Washington) last year is a prime example. The difference was Lawrie got more offense then Nelson.

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I took a look at a few model agency sites just to see what they have. I found out there are a lot of models. Many of whom are cute (you know the women who look like girls), most of them have a few photos that I thought would make it in a publication. But I noticed while viewing the models who claim they're Pacific Islander some of them are not what they claim. Secondly, many of the models that you want to see in other poses just can't do that because they have tattoos. Nothing wrong with tattoos as long as your work doesn't involve your body as the canvas.

Another thing I noticed many of the models have overpowering features in the photo. For instance a model who is so fit you see every striation and vein who cares what they're wearing all you notice is that they're a bodybuilder in a swimsuit. Then of course some have an angry look. Nothing wrong with that but you can see it in every photo. That of course isn't what the photographer is trying to capture on film.

Now if modeling was just about physical features: face shots, body shots, a combination, tall, long legs, breasts, butts and all the different combinations photographers could find that easily. But it's not just about that not that I'm a photography expert by any means. But what a photographer tries to capture and why they take so long and take so many photos has to do with capturing a mood. It's based on background, but mainly the model or models involved have to grasp the essence of the reason why they're doing the photos.

I've taken on a little project. I'm researching all databases for women who are the hottest. Not the women who are the wealthiest, or the most famous. The criteria based on several different photos and video. Is the women hot or not? Or is the women cute, beautiful body, or does she have certain qualities that stand out. (Butt, face, breasts, legs, etc.)
What do I say when I see her picture? That will be my answer. But I'll need to see a few more photos before making a decision.

Megan Fox is the number one women, but why? After a review of Megan Fox, if she pulls her hair up and turns to the side she looks like an alien. After further looks I've come to the conclusion Megan Fox face is what makes her (hot). If you just look at her body without her face she isn't anything special. Overall Megan Fox is - Exotic. Megan is Hot and there is no disputing she could top any list. But for my list I'll just call her Exotic.

To really make a thorough judgment I would have to see all these women in person. That would even the playing field. But since I'm not going to see any of them in person I will have to use the next best thing and consult the photos.

Remember this is only my opinion. But it will give everyone a chance to see the names and decide for yourself who is hot and who is not.

Lake Show
A few games ago I had to listen to 2 announcers on TNT talk about the Oklahoma Thunder as if they've arrived in the NBA. They do have a couple of players who will impact this league for years to come. Of course the announcers alluded to the fact that Kobe isn't shooting, he's hurt and the Lakers are older and blah, blah. After the game they may have been justified after the Oklahoma Thunder tied the series at 2-2.

But in LA the Lakers flipped the switch and shut down the Thunder. After the game Kevin Durant didn't have much to talk about. But he has nothing to be ashamed of. Phil Jackson didn't just start get to the NBA. He is looking for his 11th championship ring.

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers won last season and only have added Ron Artest for this season. So the team didn't need much from Kobe in game 5. His adjustment on Westbrook for defense paid off. He got into the lane and distributed the basketball and the Lakers big men (Gasol and Bynum) took advantage.

Now that the Lakers have won the series I guess the Oklahoma Thunder talk about how great they are is going to have to take a recess until next season. Don't get me wrong the Thunder could be in the playoffs consistently for a long time. But the Lakers advance and will face the Utah Jazz. Utah? Denver was the team to beat last season. This season better then the Lakers to some. Only they can't make it to the finals. It's not that easy to consistently win during the regular season. But in the playoffs you have to win in order to make it to the NBA finals, and even if you do that your not guaranteed the title.

But the Lakers no matter how bad they've looked every season they've found a way to advance. Another series and another set of experts explain why the Lakers are not going to advance. And while they could fall this next series, Kobe and his teammates might have other ideas about how this series develops. You can bet Phil Jackson will have something to say to help the Lakers just like he always has been in the past 10 years of championships.

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The Hottest Woman on the Planet
I'm in search of the hottest woman on the planet. But seriously I don't think I could narrow it to only one. I couldn't rank them by number either.

I'll start by taking a look at Ask Men, FHM and Maxim.

I might sound chauvinistic but it's easy to rate a women. The instant you see a women the animalistic nature that we all have when it comes to what we find hot and what is not, is the same mechanism used in selecting a mate. That's why most online dating sites you'll find everyone responds when you have a picture. The problem with a picture is that it's only one view of a person. Sometimes you need more than one look. In real life you have the whole entire person in front of you and you can view the entire person from head to toe and back to front.

Perfection is in the eye of each beholder. So everyone will see a person differently. I remember one guy in college told me, "Hey I look at the ankles and feet". I said, "You what?" He said if women take care of their ankles and feet since that is the farthest body part away from her face that she for the most part would take care of the rest of herself.
I never looked at women like that. But what he said is true, I think.

My list is based on the initial impulse (what I call hot factor) that immediately strikes my brain causing me to almost lose my breath. Finding words to describe the person I'm looking at doesn't do much justice. All I'd say is "Oh she's hot." Now there are other words that I will use to express my initial reaction besides she's hot.

Porn Stars don't make these lists as much as they should. I guess because of the industry they work in. Some are hot. And some are hot based upon the demand for the business interest their fans have when it comes to sex. These performers are all different catering to the demand for each type of fetish.

I call my ranking Lava List.

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This weekend I decided to take another trip. This time I went to an event at the LA Convention Center. Traffic was bad going into Los Angeles. I figured they we're going to the same event. But it just happened that most of the cars in traffic were going to the Staple Center for the Kings game.

I wanted to see what the Adult Con billboard was all about. I passed it every morning going to work. So I was curious. One of my favorite happened to be on the list of performers confirmed to make an appearance. I missed Friday and didn't think I'd go at all

But Saturday came and I decided to register and pay.  So there was no turning back at that point. Lupe Fuentes was at the event and so were other performers from the adult industry. This was my first event and maybe my last. Another event is scheduled later this year. I might attend that one. I don't know. It wasn't what I expected. Most of the performers are short. But they know how to cater to the whims of there fans.  Most of them will allow you take photos and video.  I only had one performer Jessica Bangkok tell me I couldn't take her photo.  She told me it would be 5 dollars to take her picture.  I told her that I could get her picture on the internet.  Not only that type her name in the search box and you could take forever just trying to look at all the images and videos under her name.  But other then her everyone else was gracious.  They will talk to everyone that happens to want to talk to them.

It started out with a trickle of people and steadily grew. But the crowd never got too large. That's a good thing for me. Some of the customers who attended the event looked better than some of the adult performers. But it's a fact that they're pros when it comes to performing there job on camera
. No performers were allowed to be nude. Some ladies look nude but they have the pasties to cover themselves.

I spent 4-5 hours at the event. I got some photos with Lupe Fuentes. And more importantly spent some time away from the house. The past couple of weekend I've been taking road trips to various places. My camera hasn't seen much action so at least now I'll bring it along to other trips I take.  Some of that time was spent talking to various people at the event.  I met a couple people from Hawaii and we just talked.

They gave some stuff away and encouraged folks to make it to the club after the event. But that's just not for me. Most of the online and club stuff only leads to spending endless amounts of money. The ultimate goal would just benefit the business and not me.

The only sad fact in all of this you'd think they would provide some decent food at this event. But they didn't. They had a bunch of junk for sale at inflated prices. Maybe next time they could provide a food vendor so that everyone at the event would be able to eat some good food. Remember everyone has to eat at the event. There is the people working the event and those that attend. Security is also a part of the event too.

I don't have anything planned for next weekend but who knows what will pop up in my mind. Right now only trip I'll be making next weekend is to the gym.

Click on the available link if your interested in viewing the photos of the Adultcon 18 or my trip to MCRD.

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Hockey Playoffs are starting with the following match-ups:

NHL Western
San Jose Sharks vs Colorado Avalanche
Chicago Blackhawks vs Nashville Predators
Vancouver Canuks vs Los Angeles Kings
Phoenix Coyotes vs Detroit Red Wings

NHL Eastern
Washington Capitals vs Montreal Canadiens
New Jersey Devils vs Philadelphia Flyers
Buffalo Sabres vs Boston Bruins
Pittsburgh Penguins vs Ottawa Senators

Two games to go until the regulars season ends.  But that means the playoffs will start.  Currently the playoffs look like this:

NBA West
Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio
Dallas vs Portland
Denver vs Oklahoma City
Utah vs Phoenix

NBA East
Cleveland vs Chicago
Orlando vs Charlotte
Atlanta vs Miami
Boston vs Milwaukee

NBA west has Dallas at 53-27, Denver 52-28, Utah 52-28, Phoenix 51-28, Oklahoma City 49-30, Portland 49-31, San Antonio 49-31.

NBA east has Atlanta at 51-29, Boston 50-30, (Milwaukee, Miami) 45-35, Charlotte 43-37, Chicago 39-41, Toronto 38-42.

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Championships are up for grabs. Hockey and basketball every season have the same amount of games in the regular season. The playoffs are played out at the same time.

If you're an LA Kings fan finally a season of hope. A first round opponent that could be a first step toward making it to Lord's Stanley Cup. The Kings have a chance against the San Jose Sharks. At least this season King's fans won't have to wait after the last regular season game and hope for a better team next season. They've got a nucleus for the future, a group of young gritty players.

I think a championship caliber team starts with

Puck control.
Dumping the puck into the offensive zone is something that I use to think about. Hockey isn't really a North American sport especially on the sunny coast of California. Now football is a sport I know, basketball I could coach, baseball I know the game. But Hockey isn't a game that I ever played. It's a sport however I've watched for a long time. What most Stanley Cup Championship teams do is pass the puck and advance the puck through the neutral zone. Losing teams in hockey usually do a couple of things badly. They lose the puck in the neutral zone. They give up odd man rushes. They have defenders out of position.

They give up bad penalties. Most importantly they expose their goalie to too many chances.

Defensive fore check is a staple that turns sometimes into gaining puck possession in the offensive zone, the teams that do this well sometimes look like they're on the power play. There are a few games remaining in the regular season before the playoff match-ups are set. But I'll list the match-ups as of today and update it when the season is over.

NHL Western
Chicago Blackhawks vs Colorado Avalanche
San Jose Sharks vs Los Angeles Kings
Vancouver Canuks vs Nashville Predators
Phoenix Coyotes vs Detroit Red Wings

NHL Eastern
Washington Capitals vs Philadelphia Flyers
New Jersey Devils vs Montreal Canadiens
Buffalo Sabres vs Boston Bruins
Pittsburgh Penguins vs Ottawa Senators

Are you ready for the Lakers to win another championship? Does this Lakers team have what it takes to make it to another final? We'll see. Bynum and company, oh yeah no Bynum. The only real big roster change from last season is Ron Artest. Can he make a difference and help the Lakers team? Or will he sink down and underachieve.

NBA West
Los Angeles Lakers vs Oklahoma City
Dallas vs San Antonio
Denver vs Portland
Phoenix vs Utah

NBA East
Cleveland vs Toronto
Orlando vs Charlotte
Boston vs Miami
Atlanta vs Milwaukee

The NBA west has two groups of teams that could move up or down before the playoffs are here.
(Dallas, Denver, Phoenix) all are 51-27, Utah 51-28, (Portland, San Antonio, Oklahoma City) all are 48-30.

NBA east has (Boston, Atlanta) 49-29, (Milwaukee, Miami) 44-34, Charlotte 42-36, Toronto 38-40, Chicago 37-40.

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Mr. Woods Tees It Up...
The weekend is almost upon us. Tiger Woods has finished his first round at the Masters tied for seventh. I hope everyone understands that all that matters for me is if he can overcome his demons. Maybe it's this behavior that put him in the condition he found himself the last few years. You know his game not being as dominant. I wouldn't be all surprise if he comes back the next few days and find him atop the leader board.

18 major championship wins is a lot to achieve. Only one man can say that. Tiger needs 4 to tie and 5 to pass Jack Nicklaus. This weekend I hope it's about the Masters Golf Tournament. It's about the leaders from day to day and their ability to be consistent enough to put themselves in a position to win a green jacket.

Tired of..
I'm a bit worn out hearing and reading stories about what athletes and people in the public eye and what failures they put themselves in. We all have our troubles one thing or another.

Sad Story...
Oh by the way Jon Gosselin in trying to get custody of his kids from his wife. His claim is that his wife is abandoning them. But I don't think Jon cares one bit about the kids. Somehow I think it has more to do with money. That's what he's about. Basically he never acted like a father with his children. He behaved more like an older brother and his wife was like a mother to him. But the medicine that we try to get others to drink could be what we are going to drink some day. His kids are going to remind him throughout his life how they feel about him. That's the only thing that matters. His relationship with his wife is severed. But he could repair his relationship with each and everyone of his kids.

Just Remembered....
Often while I workout at the gym I notice how other people go about training. 2010 is far removed from the days of "Muscle Beach" and Arnold winning Olympia's. Truly I read all the books related to body building. I studied material related to various ways of training to enhance sports performance. But lately in the Gym I see most of the guys don't perform a full repetition. Most of them do half way down benches. There are a few guys that think that they'll grow if they drop the weights and worse yell and grunt as if they are having sex.  Another favorite is skipping any exercise that has to do with the legs.

There are a handful of people that workout the old fashioned way. They perform full reps. It's just a waste of time to see the half ass workouts that most people do. But I don't dare say anything. Because most of the people would take my advice as, "So who the hell are you?" . When people do ask for advice they never follow it. So why waste my breath.

There is one old man that has a toupee. He works out. He performs full sets, until he does leg presses. He stacks all the 45 pound plates on the leg machine and doesn't even remove the handles to allow the weight to come down. Let's just say he performs the 3 sixteenth of an inch leg press.

But all of us are guilty of performing exercises that aren't optimal for the body. But it's optimal for the ego. It builds self pride up really well. But is poor when it comes to fulfilling what the exercise is made to work.  But no doubt it makes him feel good so...oh well.  But I guess a half ass workout is better then no workout at all.

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Keeping up with the updates on this website is hard to do. I hope anyone who is trying to find information isn't discouraged. But I've only got so much time to work on this hobby. Some pages on this website you might find lead you into an error. The page is still there.  The problem is I've got to update something on that page and publish the website again in order for all the pages to work properly. So if you should find this happening to you I apologize. I'll try and update the website as soon as I can.

MCRD Visit
I had an idea pop into my head on Friday morning. I was going to MCRD for a visit and check and see if the Historical Society had a copy of the platoon picture and yearbook. Instead I sent an email to them.

Saturday I decided to take a trip to San Diego since it's about 2 hours away from where I live. When I got there the guard at the gate said I couldn't go anywhere except to the museum. I spent time at the museum taking photos of the displays. I'll post a slideshow on this site for anyone who can't make it to MCRD.

I wasn't about to leave the base without at least taking a peek at the parade deck. I know the barracks beyond that isn't open for anyone. So I decided I would find someone who could tell me where I could go and what I could take pictures of. Funny thing on Saturday the base is a ghost town. I didn't see anyone walking around the base in uniform. Everyone I did see in uniform was in there car.

So I decided to keep my camera out of sight. I didn't want anyone to think I was a tourist. I wanted anyone who saw me to think I belonged on base. As I walked along I couldn't help thinking it's funny when you're a recruit you're the center of attention. When you out 26 years later and come back for a visit no one really cares about what your doing. As long as I didn't stray to far into the recruit training areas I would be fine.

As I walked along the various offices in front of the parade deck I couldn't help but notice the activity was light to none. The only people I saw was a few maintenance people cleaning the offices. As I walked along I saw three platoons on the parade deck. Earlier while in the Museum I caught a glimpse of recruits coming back from the field with full packs. But now I wanted to see if I could capture drill instructors and there platoons in action. Well I never got the opportunity. I felt like if I did I was invading on the privacy that should stay within the grounds of MCRD. I decided to stay a few minutes and take in the sights and reflect back. While I heard recruits in front of what I believe was the base theater where we went for graduation reciting general orders over and over. I heard yes sirs and no sirs but no sir yes sir. No privates requesting permission to speak. On the parade deck I saw the platoons just standing in 3rd phase dress ready for graduation. I learned later that Graduations at MCRD occur on Friday. Had I come on Friday I would've had the opportunity to film the drill and all the stuff that goes with it. I would have also got the opportunity to see If I could find the platoon yearbook and picture.

Something that caught my eye was the manner of the drill instructors. I didn't hear them yelling and swarming and circling the recruits. Maybe it wasn't anything but there was definite signs of change. Of course after 26 years there is going to be some happening all the time. I saw a recruit being escorted to a metal bench that had been positioned in back and between the platoons on the parade deck. The next thing that happened made my mouth fall open. I saw DI's taking him to the bench where he held his weapon like a rifle salute. Then he was aided by another recruit who took his rifle and gave him a bottle of water. I don't remember ever drinking water other than the water that was in the canteen when we entered the field at Camp Pendleton. It was truly something that I thought would never happen. But obviously it's a kinder corps.

While all this is going on in front of me I could hear the sound of the aircraft taking off on the runway next to the base. A place that makes Marines, a place I graduated from. I never thought I'd want to come back. I didn't plan on it. It just hit me this past weekend and I'm glad I made the journey.

Funny thing my quest was to find the platoon yearbook or platoon photo. But after my visit I don't think it matters as much. I stood near the parade deck but couldn't set foot on it. My time was over. These recruits are training for there mission and preparing what's ahead of them in life. For me I was taking a look back. And what I saw was I always have the Marine Corps within me. It true once a Marine always a Marine. The training that these recruits and drill instructors are doing today isn't like what I went through. All of the different changes that have gone on prior and after me still doesn't change the fact that we all went through it. Truly if anyone thinks they can watch video, take pictures, grow up with military father or parents it's just not the same. You've got to go through it and finish it to understand.

The road trip did some good. But the trip to San Diego was great. The trip back was a parking lot for much of the way between San Diego and San Clemente. Once I hit the 405 the freeway kind of opened up. I was in my territory. I planned on taking pch all the way and getting some photos but after getting into the bumper to bumper traffic all I wanted to do is get home.

Maybe I will get to see a Friday at MCRD and visit the gift shop and find out if they have the platoon yearbook and photo. But for right now I was happy and content with the trip I took and what I discovered.

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March 14 2010
Pau Gasol has come out and said he wants the ball.  Okay does that sound familiar.  A lot of players in a lot of other sports have said the same thing.  Gasol is criticizing the franchise.  Kobe Bryant gives the ball to Gasol and then what does he do with it?  Not come through.  That has been the answer from Gasol.  Before Mr. Gasol makes another comment he better go look at all his game film from this season and see how many opportunities he has failed to convert before pointing the finger at Kobe Bryant.

Gasol is never to intimidating only against the poor players that he'll face in a game.  But he doesn't work to get another opportunity like some other players in the league.  He rather get the ball and be the focal point of the offense.  Gasol wake up sir.  You played in Memphis.  You think that you've dominated every team by your rebounding, shot blocking, alter offenses.  Your mistaken.  Sometimes your absent.  The only teams you excel against is when you physically are overmatched.  But even Houston last season you got punked.

Gasol you forgot what team your playing for and what is required by the Center position.  I've seen you play the last few games and asked myself this guys new nickname should be punked.  Punked Gasol.  Not that you don't have the ability to score 20 plus points a game.  But on the defensive end you don't fight for the rebound.  In the opening minutes of one game a lose ball occured about mid court what did you do.  You could have ran full speed and took the ball it's yours.  Instead you slowed down turned away from the player who grabbed the ball.  A timid effort at best.

Remember this is the team that has legends as Centers.  Mikan, Chamberlain, Jabbar, and even O'Neal.  Now it's your turn.  You better shut your mouth and know your role.  Maybe your brother can bang you around and toughen you up for the big time opponents you'll face.  Everytime you face Shaq your punked and so is Bynum.  KG punked.  Nene punked.  You need to stop getting Punked and start putting it down.  Pow...Pow....Pow. 

Pau if you didn't know it you've missed a lot of free throws this season.  You missed some time due to injury.  You haven't done anything to grow except now that you have a championship under your belt you think you have time to bad mouth Kobe. 

I see Kobe taking bad shots.  He loses the ball a lot.  He's just like other players.  But one thing you don't realize you don't have to have the ball to score.  Get a rebound and slam the ball.  Not miss the ball and duck your head down while everyone else is trying to get the ball.  You can play defense.  Don't stand under the rim you going to get dunked on.  You've got to use your body to get position but what is key to know where the ball is going and beat them there.  Maybe if you get the chance to talk to Dennis Rodman he can tell you the secret of getting rebounds.  Shaq didn't always get the ball in the post.  He had a lot of putbacks.

The basic of what I saying to Pau Gasol is stop being Punked and start Pounding.  Earn your first name Pow Gasol.  For right now until he starts playing like it....I always consider him Punked. 

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March 14, 2010
A lot has happened from last season to this season at all levels of sport.
Brett Favre came out of retirement to end up 1 game short of the Super Bowl as the New Orleans Saints came marching in and left to the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning and the Colts looking for a second super bowl ring came away empty. Look for the Colts and Manning to be determined this coming football season to try and complete the task. Can New Orleans repeat as Super Bowl Champions?

A lot of players in football will experience what has already happened to LaDainian Tomlinson. Chargers gave him his walking papers. Now he must find another football team. It's not easy if these players think they can command more money.

These rich athletes come to find out a lot of them continue conduct themselves as if they have no money and most don't learn by those who are left without any money from a long well paid career.  They've got to learn how to save the money when it's coming in.

The first female football coach made headlines but male or female young or old it's about motivating students to become the best they can be in the classroom and on the field. It really doesn't matter. But a lot of people will feel offended.

The Lakers look beatable right now. But we'll see how far they can get to winning another NBA Championship.

The Los Angeles Kings could put themselves into the playoffs with a chance to advance far. However, winning a Stanley Cup could be out of their reach right now. I just like the fact they are playing winning hockey. The trait that separates them from the past is on offense they don't just dump the puck into the offensive zone. Stick to stick passes from one player to another is a common trait of winning hockey teams. Also the defense is a lot more aggressive.

The LA Dodgers seem to have the same roster going into this season. Manny Ramirez carried the Dodgers into the playoffs 2 years ago. Manny was absent last season. Can he show up along with the rest of the players and pitchers and get the Dodgers to the MLB Championship?

The March Brackets that leads into the madness is set. Who will win the entire tournament?

Last Night in Dallas Manny Pacquiao defeated Clottey who said he will never see a fighter as fierce as him. Clottey wasn't taking any chances as he didn't want to put himself in a position to be knocked out. He lasted the entire fight. But he didn't bring the fight to Pacquiao. Everyone is waiting for the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.

As the year goes by I'll continue to watch sporting events, listen to music, watch new dvd's. MLB is in the preseason. NBA is winding down to the last part of the season. Golf is going to be watched for the coming out of Tiger Woods probably the Masters.

Then as the year goes by football season draft and speculation, trade rumors, retirements, and players who are household names being cut from football teams.

Just waiting to see what happens next. Enjoy the sports in 2010. Sorry my blog is so short. But every time the company makes changes to the tools I have to make adjustments to my website.

I apologize if you click on a link that isn't working. I'm working on the problem of dead links or the dreaded page 404. Page not found.  Well until the next posting take care.

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Without Warning
Feb 27 2010
People like to see destruction. While watching what is happening in Hawaii as it's been predicted that a Tsunami could hit the island today. Most people didn't want to see anything happen others said "what a bummer no tsunami". It's like viewing reality tv. Since the Tsunami Warning was in place people had time to prepare. But nothing happened up until this point. And this could cause a potential full scale outrage should Hawaii get hit with a Tsunami and no one knows until it's over. An earthquake can occur anytime, anywhere and it's affect can only be felt. But scientists don't have a 100% detection system. In the event they couldn't get the warning out it would end up just like all the other natural disasters. They occur without warning. The devastation is something massive and unforgiving. The impact is felt world wide. There is little anyone can do.

Just like December 7, 1942 no one knew an attack was being carried out at the time. The sleeping non-expectant victims never had a chance. Pearl Harbor was an act of war perpetrated by another country. A Tsunami is a bit different but the same outcome. No warning until after it's over. Then it's the sorry and folks have to rebuild there entire life. Everything is gone but more devastating is the loss of human life. Not just a guy living far away that you watch on television. Actual folks you know. Hawaii is in the middle of Hurricanes, and natural disasters. A price they pay for living in the island.

Just because Hawaii issues an all clear today doesn't mean that the disaster can't happen later. And in Hawaii people will resume there normal routines. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean an earthquake can strike at any time. No one knows the time or the day. Until the first sign of disaster is felt until the last, people can only do the best at the time.

We'll never be ready. No matter how much technology some things and events happen in our lives without warning or planning. You can plan for it. Just like Hawaii did today and for good reason to preserve lives. We can continue to work on an early warning system for all natural disasters. We can continue to keep an eye on events that can impact our society and give as much advanced warning as possible. But life is like that. You just never know what could happen next.

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