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Location: Pullman, Wash.
Founded/Enrollment: 1890/23,300
Colors: Crimson & Gray
University Website:
Athletics Website:
Alumni Association Website:
Travel Center Website:

Team Championships:  2
Mens Championships:  2
Womens Championships:  0

Men's Sports:
Boxing: 1
Cross Country
Football (1) 1915
Indoor Track & Field: (1) 1977

Women's Sports
Cross Country
Track & Field

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1901H.E. Lougheed10-6
1902H.E. Lougheed5-7
1903H.E. Lougheed9-5
1904J Ashmore10-2
1905Everett Sweeley8-2
1906Everett Sweeley12-10
1907Frank Bender16-3
1908Frank Bender14-4
1909Frank Sanger5-11
1910Frank Sanger7-12
1911Frank Sanger10-7
1912Frank Sanger5-6
1913Frank Bender11-3
1914Frank Bender12-6
1915Frank Bender16-6
1916Fred Bohler9-7
1917Fred Bohler6-0
1918Fred Bohler13-1
1919Fred Bohler10-6
1920Fred Bohler9-13
1921Frank Barber17-6
1922Frank Barber15-6
1923Harry Applequist16-6
1924Harry Applequist21-9
1925Harry Applequist9-8
1926Harry Applequist20-6
1927Arthur Bailey13-5
1928Arthur Bailey13-7
1929Arthur Bailey14-9
1930Arthur Bailey16-8
1931Arthur Bailey15-10
1932Arthur Bailey19-7
1933Arthur Bailey16-5
1934Arthur Bailey14-8
1935Arthur Bailey15-12
1936Arthur Bailey15-8
1937Arthur Bailey16-7
1938Arthur Bailey12-15
1939Arthur Bailey16-13
1940Arthur Bailey18-10
1941Arthur Bailey17-13
1942Arthur Bailey23-11
1943Jack Friel10-16
1944Jack Friel10-3
1945Jack Friel9-5
1946Arthur Bailey17-13
1947Arthur Bailey23-11
1948Arthur Bailey21-7
1949Arthur Bailey33-9
1950Arthur Bailey32-6CWS L-Texas
1951Arthur Bailey30-11
1952Arthur Bailey19-15
1953Arthur Bailey14-14
1954Arthur Bailey18-12
1955Arthur Bailey13-8
1956Arthur Bailey28-8CWS 
1957Arthur Bailey14-21
1958Arthur Bailey19-11
1959Arthur Bailey20-15
1960Arthur Bailey29-6
1961Arthur Bailey21-10
1962Charles Brayton18-12
1963Charles Brayton24-8
1964Charles Brayton31-9
1965Charles Brayton33-8CWS 3rd
1966Charles Brayton35-8
1967Charles Brayton22-10
1968Charles Brayton29-9
1969Charles Brayton27-15
1970Charles Brayton30-11
1971Charles Brayton34-15
1972Charles Brayton29-13
1973Charles Brayton40-15
1974Charles Brayton38-9
1975Charles Brayton33-18NCAA Regional
1976Charles Brayton43-15CWS 5th
1977Charles Brayton39-17NCAA Regional
1978Charles Brayton41-17NCAA Regional
1979Charles Brayton40-11
1980Charles Brayton36-10
1981Charles Brayton27-25
1982Charles Brayton34-16
1983Charles Brayton40-16
1984Charles Brayton41-20NCAA Regional
1985Charles Brayton45-22
1986Charles Brayton35-24
1987Charles Brayton44-19NCAA Regional
1988Charles Brayton52-14NCAA Regional
1989Charles Brayton37-20
1990Charles Brayton48-19NCAA Regional
1991Charles Brayton37-25
1992Charles Brayton31-23
1993Charles Brayton34-24
1994Charles Brayton34-26
1995Steve Farrington28-30
1996Steve Farrington26-35
1997Steve Farrington13-42
1998Steve Farrington25-24
1999Steve Farrington24-31
2000Steve Farrington30-36
2001Tim Mooney15-39
2002Tim Mooney21-33
2003Tim Mooney19-37
2004Tim Mooney29-26
2005Donnie Marbut21-37
2006Donnie Marbut36-23
2007Donnie Marbut28-26
2008Donnie Marbut30-26
2009Donnie Marbut32-25NCAA Regional
2010Donnie Marbut37-22

Year PlayerPos OvPck Tm 
1965Dale Ford 1B 790Cardinals 
1965Danny Frisella RHP 785Braves 319
1965Duane Rossman SS 151Cubs 
1965John Olerud 67Angels 
1966Danny Frisella RHP 49Mets 319
1966Julian Karp RHP 410Yankees 
1966Dale Ford 1B 385Cubs 
1966Douglas Lukens RHP 267Cardinals 
1967Rick Austin LHP 131Pirates 55
1967Mark Crandall LHP 712Mets 
1967Dale Scilley SS 488Tigers 
1967Thomas Brown RHP 342Cubs 
1968Ron Cey 3B 53Dodgers 2073
1968Rick Austin LHP 6Indians 55
1968James Hannah 300Royals 
1968Greg Schubert OF 182Athletics 
1968Rick Austin LHP 54Cardinals 55
1969Bob Williams 81Athletics 
1970John Sullivan 902Pirates 
1970Steve Evert OF 889Pirates 
1970Ernie Henrickson RHP 132Giants 
1971Thomas Thomas 3B 14Pirates 
1971Edward Smith SS 550Pirates 
1972Barry Sbragia RHP 517Red Sox 
1973Bill Sanford 653Twins 
1973Joe McIntosh RHP 292Padres 48
1974Marv Chamberlain 1B 177Expos 
1975Roger Dirkes SS 670Twins 
1976Tracy Harris RHP 637Tigers 
1977Bob Sherwood RHP 615Padres 
1977Tracy Harris RHP 234Mariners 
1977Eric Wilkins RHP 141Indians 0
1977Phil Westendorf 1B 125Royals 
1978John Cook OF 552Reds 
1978Dave Edler INF 520Mariners 126
1978Eric Snider RHP 514Yankees 
1979Bruce Chaney INF 869Indians 
1979Jack Thompson OF 806Mariners 
1979John Cook OF 546Mariners 
1979Steve Quealey RHP 450Astros 
1979Mike Kinnunen LHP 245Twins 0
1979Don Crow 76Dodgers 4
1980Mark Pedersen RHP 27Mariners 
1980Daniel Wodrich 2B 781Padres 
1980Andy Alvis 760Indians 
1980Kelly Smith OF 318Giants 
1980Glen Walker OF 265Mariners 
1981Marty Kain RHP 551Padres 
1981Clay Hill 468Mariners 
1981Stan Webb RHP 391Cubs 
1981Paul Noce SS 343Padres 71
1982Stacy Morgan RHP 825Yankees 
1982Regan Bass RHP 537Rangers 
1983Regan Bass RHP 773Rangers 
1983Greg Monda 1B 368Reds 
1983Greg Bailey OF 343Rangers 
1983Jay Hunt LHP 321Mariners 
1983Mike Miller 2B 153Royals 
1983Don Long 3B 70Giants 
1984Rick Poznanski 606Rangers 
1984John Skurla OF 479Giants 
1984Mike Costello RHP 247Padres 
1985Guy Normand LHP 400Expos 
1986Brad Wolten OF 791Indians 
1986Guy Normand LHP 328Astros 
1987Mike Meyers 1B 948Giants 
1987Jeff Hooper 912Mariners 
1987Brian Sajonia LHP 681Angels 
1987Shawn Hathaway RHP 566Cardinals 
1987Terrel Hansen RHP 356Expos 
1987Rob Smith OF 279Brewers 
1988John Jackson OF 1180Twins 
1988Brian Sajonia LHP 518Expos 
1988Randy Snyder (minors) 54Brewers 
1988Dave Wainhouse RHP 19Expos 81
1989Kevin Scott 828Astros 
1989Ed Gustafson RHP 466Giants 
1989Mark Small RHP 438Astros 16
1989Joe Urbon OF 430Phillies 
1989John Olerud 1B 79Blue Jays 2234
1990Rob Nichols 1B 1331Mariners 
1990Kenneth Day RHP 878Indians 
1990Greg Hunter 2B 616Mariners 
1990Jason King SS 575Mets 
1990Tom McGraw LHP 169Brewers 2
1991Darin Nolan RHP 926Blue Jays 
1991*Scott Hatteberg 43Red Sox 1314
1991Aaron Sele RHP 23Red Sox 72
1992Deron Pointer OF 877Blue Jays 
1992Beau Campbell 784Tigers 
1992Chris Sheehan RHP 750Royals 
1992Wayne Lindemann LHP 568White Sox 
1992Eric Wulf 543Rockies 
1993Roy Miller SS 1388Mariners 
1993Mark Hendrickson LHP 590Padres 101
1994Mark Hendrickson LHP 902Braves 101
1994Jason Valley RHP 758Phillies 
1994Mike Kinkade 515Brewers 
1994Chad Miles (minors) LHP 96Marlins 
1995Kyle Kawabata RHP 829Phillies 
1995Rob Ramsay LHP 464Twins 
1995Mark Hendrickson LHP 434Tigers 101
1995Ken Cameron OF 379Cardinals 
1995Mike Kinkade 236Brewers 222
1996Rob Ryan OF 785D'backs 55
1996Mark Hendrickson LHP 563Rangers 101
1996Robert Ramsay LHP 211Red Sox 1
1996Mike Wetmore (minors) SS 193Brewers 
1997Jason Hairston 502Braves 
1997Todd Belitz LHP 144Rays 8
1998Casey Kelley 1B 541Angels 
1999Wade Parrish LHP 464Dodgers 
2000Matt O'Brien LHP 540Athletics 
2000Todd Meldahl LHP 445Phillies 
2000Jason Grove (minors) OF 98Yankees 
2001Jeron Gates 2B 1037Twins 
2001Tyson Thompson RHP 979Devil Rays 
2001Stefan Bailie (minors) 1B 123Red Sox 
2002Jeron Gates 2B 759Diamondbacks 
2004Aaron Trolia (minors) RHP 813Mariners 
2004Brandon Reddinger (minors) 592Pirates 
2004Grant Richardson (minors) 3B 406Brewers 
2004Bryce Chamberlin (minors) RHP 169Orioles 
2005Dane Renkert (minors) RHP 865Brewers 
2005James Freeman (minors) LHP 507Rockies 
2005Brady Everett (minors) 442Royals 
2006Michael Wagner (minors) RHP 538Rangers 
2006Jay Miller (minors) OF 517Phillies 
2006Travis Webb (minors) LHP 234Reds 
2008Matthew Way (minors) LHP 1077Giants 
2008Jayson Miller (minors) LHP 919Angels 
2008James Murphy (minors) 1B 526Phillies 
2008Paul Gran (minors) 3B 208Marlins 
2009Seth Harvey (minors) RHP 1311Angels 
2009Jared Prince (minors) OF 1024Rangers 
2009Alexander Burg (minors) 717Giants 
2009Jeremy Johnson (minors) RHP 395Indians 
2009Matthew Way (minors) LHP 167Phillies 
2010Seth Harvey (minors) RHP 1119Brewers 
2010Michael Weber 2B 1111Diamondbacks 
2010Shea Vucinich SS 609Brewers 
2010Chadwick Arnold RHP 562Dodgers 

Hall of Fame
Buck Bailey1978
Ron Cey1981
Cliff Chambers1984
John Olerud1986
Joe McIntosh1988
John Olerud2002

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Mens Cross Country

1966        Gerry Lindgren      29:01.4

1967        Gerry Lindgren      30:45.6

1969        Gerry Lindgren      28:59.2

1976        Henry Rono           28:06.6

1977        Henry Rono           28:33.5

1979        Henry Rono           28:19.6

1993        Josephat Kapkory 29:32.4

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Men's Basketball
1901-02John Evans0-2
1902-03John Evans2-2
1903-04John Ashmore2-1
1904-05John Ashmore3-2
1905-06Everett Sweeley5-5
1906-07Everett Sweeley5-4
1907-08John Bender12-3
1908-09Fred Bohler10-6
1909-10Fred Bohler12-3
1910-11Fred Bohler3-16
1911-12Fred Bohler5-12
1912-13Fred Bohler15-4
1913-14Fred Bohler13-10
1914-15Fred Bohler17-6
1915-16Fred Bohler18-3
1916-17Fred Bohler25-1National Champions
1917-18Fred Bohler7-12
1918-19Fred Bohler10-11
1919-20Fred Bohler10-11
1920-21Fred Bohler12-16
1921-22Fred Bohler9-17
1922-23Fred Bohler16-10
1923-24Fred Bohler17-11
1924-25Fred Bohler18-11
1925-26Fred Bohler9-17
1926-27Karl Schlademan11-10
1927-28Karl Schlademan7-17
1928-29Jack Friel9-14
1929-30Jack Friel14-12
1930-31Jack Friel18-7
1931-32Jack Friel22-5
1932-33Jack Friel17-8
1933-34Jack Friel14-11
1934-35Jack Friel12-12
1935-36Jack Friel22-8
1936-37Jack Friel24-8
1937-38Jack Friel19-11
1938-39Jack Friel23-10
1939-40Jack Friel23-10
1940-41Jack Friel26-6NCAA Championship L-Wisconsin 39-34
1941-42Jack Friel21-8
1942-43Jack Friel19-11
1943-44Jack Friel8-19
1944-45Jack Friel23-13
1945-46Jack Friel16-13
1946-47Jack Friel23-10
1947-48Jack Friel19-10
1948-49Jack Friel21-9
1949-50Jack Friel19-13
1950-51Jack Friel17-15
1951-52Jack Friel19-16
1952-53Jack Friel7-27
1953-54Jack Friel10-17
1954-55Jack Friel11-15
1955-56Jack Friel4-22
1956-57Jack Friel8-18
1957-58Jack Friel7-19
1958-59Marv Harshman10-16
1959-60Marv Harshman13-13
1960-61Marv Harshman10-16
1961-62Marv Harshman8-18
1962-63Marv Harshman5-20
1963-64Marv Harshman5-21
1964-65Marv Harshman9-17
1965-66Marv Harshman15-11
1966-67Marv Harshman15-11
1967-68Marv Harshman16-9
1968-69Marv Harshman18-8
1969-70Marv Harshman19-7
1970-71Marv Harshman12-14
1971-72Bob Greenwood11-15
1972-73George Raveling6-20
1973-74George Raveling8-21
1974-75George Raveling10-16
1975-76George Raveling19-7
1976-77George Raveling19-8
1977-78George Raveling16-11
1978-79George Raveling18-9
1979-80George Raveling22-6NCAA
1980-81George Raveling10-17
1981-82George Raveling16-14
1982-83George Raveling23-7NCAA
1983-84Len Stevens10-18
1984-85Len Stevens13-15
1985-86Len Stevens15-16
1986-87Len Stevens10-18
1987-88Kelvin Sampson13-16
1988-89Kelvin Sampson10-19
1989-90Kelvin Sampson7-22
1990-91Kelvin Sampson16-12
1991-92Kelvin Sampson22-11NIT
1992-93Kelvin Sampson15-12
1993-94Kelvin Sampson20-11NCAA
1994-95Kevin Eastman18-12NIT
1995-96Kevin Eastman18-11NIT
1996-97Kevin Eastman13-17
1997-98Kevin Eastman10-19
1998-99Kevin Eastman10-19
1999-00Paul Graham6-22
2000-01Paul Graham12-16
2001-02Paul Graham6-21
2002-03Paul Graham7-20
2003-04Dick Bennett13-16
2004-05Dick Bennett12-16
2005-06Dick Bennett11-17
2006-07Tony Bennett26-8NCAA
2007-08Tony Bennett26-9NCAA
2008-09Tony Bennett17-16
2009-10Ken Bone16-15

Player TeamPickYearTo 
Terry Ball Hawks631964
Norton Barnhill Sonics1341976
Ron Bennink Fort Wayne221952
Rick Erickson Rockets2371970
Vince Hansen 
Steve Harriel Kings601983
Aaron Haskins Kings2191983
Dennis Hogg Bullets1111971
Stuart House Cavs531980
Jim McKean Sonics801968
Jim Meredith Cavs1531971
Keith Morrison Kings1031986
Steve Puidokas Bullets571977
Dwayne Scholten Bullets1281987
Charlie Sells Hawks811964
Dan Stewart Sonics1511972
Theodore Werner Hawks411965
Ted Wierman Pistons471969
PosHtWtTeamPickFrom To 
Ed Gayda G/F6-4210Blackhawks1951195114
Gene Conley C/F6-8225Celtics19531964351
Ron Davis G/F6-6200Hawks701977198278
Don Collins F/G6-6190Hawks1819811987303
James Donaldson C7-0275Sonics7319811995957
Craig Ehlo G/F6-6180Rockets4819841997873
Guy Williams F6-9200Bullets341985198626
Brian Quinnett F6-8235Knicks5019901992138
Mark Hendrickson F6-922076ers3119972000114
Kyle Weaver G6-6200Bobcats382009201068

Hall of Fame
Red Reese1983
Gale Bishop1978
Ray Sundquist1979
Paul Lindemann1980
Ed Gayda1983
Jeanne Eggart Helfer1988
James Donaldson2006
Steve Puidokas2006
Craig Ehlo2009
Jack FrielCoach1978
Marv HarshmanCoach1986
Jud HeathcoteCoach1990
George RavelingCoach2004
Earl FosterMgr1979

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1894William Goodyear1-1
1895Fred Waite2-0
1896David Brodie2-0-1
1897Robert Gailey2-0
1898Frank Shively0-0-1
1899Frank Shively1-1
1900William Allen4-0-1
1901William Namack4-1
1902William Allen2-3
1903James Ashmore3-3-2
1904Everett Sweeley2-2
1905Everett Sweeley4-4
1906John Bender6-0
1907John Bender7-1
1908Walter Rheinschild4-0-2
1909William Kienholz4-1
1910Oscar Osthoff2-3
1911Oscar Osthoff3-3
1912John Bender2-3
1913John Bender4-4
1914John Bender2-4
1915William Dietz7-0
1916William Dietz4-2
1917William Dietz6-01
1918Emory Alvord1-1
1919Gus Welch5-2
1920Gus Welch5-1
1921Gus Welch4-2-1
1922Gus Welch2-5
1923A Exendine2-4-1
1924A Exendine1-5-2
1925A Exendine3-4-1
1926O Hollingbery6-1
1927O Hollingbery3-3-2
1928O Hollingbery7-3
1929O Hollingbery10-2
1930O Hollingbery9-1
1931O Hollingbery6-4
1932O Hollingbery7-1-1
1933O Hollingbery5-3-1
1934O Hollingbery4-3-1
1935O Hollingbery5-3-1
1936O Hollingbery6-3-1
1937O Hollingbery3-3-3
1938O Hollingbery2-8
1939O Hollingbery4-5
1940O Hollingbery4-4-2
1941O Hollingbery6-4
1942O Hollingbery6-2-2
1945Phil Sarboe6-2-1
1946Phil Sarboe1-6-1
1947Phil Sarboe3-7
1948Phil Sarboe4-5-1
1949Phil Sarboe3-6
1950Forrest Evashevski4-3-2
1951Forrest Evashevski7-3
1952Al Kircher4-6
1953Al Kircher4-6
1954Al Kircher4-6
1955Al Kircher1-7-2
1956Jim Sutherland3-6-1
1957Jim Sutherland6-4
1958Jim Sutherland7-3
1959Jim Sutherland6-4
1960Jim Sutherland4-5-1
1961Jim Sutherland3-7
1962Jim Sutherland5-4-1
1963Jim Sutherland3-6-1
1964Bert Clark3-6-1
1965Bert Clark7-3
1966Bert Clark3-7
1967Bert Clark2-8
1968Jim Sweeney3-6
1969Jim Sweeney1-9
1970Jim Sweeney1-10
1971Jim Sweeney4-7
1972Jim Sweeney7-4
1973Jim Sweeney5-6
1974Jim Sweeney2-9
1975Jim Sweeney3-8
1976Jackie Sherrill3-8
1977Warren Powers7-4
1978Jim Walden4-6-1
1979Jim Walden5-6
1980Jim Walden4-7
1981Jim Walden8-3-1
1982Jim Walden3-7-1
1983Jim Walden7-4
1984Jim Walden6-5
1985Jim Walden4-7
1986Jim Walden3-7-1
1987Dennis Erickson3-7-1
1988Dennis Erickson9-3
1989Mike Price6-5
1990Mike Price3-8
1991Mike Price4-7
1992Mike Price9-3
1993Mike Price5-6
1994Mike Price8-4
1995Mike Price3-8
1996Mike Price5-6
1997Mike Price10-2
1998Mike Price3-8
1999Mike Price3-9
2000Mike Price4-7
2001Mike Price10-2
2002Mike Price10-3
2003Bill Doba10-3
2004Bill Doba5-6
2005Bill Doba4-7
2006Bill Doba6-6
2007Bill Doba5-7
2008Paul Wulff2-11
2009Paul Wulff1-11
2010Paul Wulff

PlayersPos Ht Wt Years
Dick Hanley WB 5-10 1751924-1924 
Joe Burks 5-10 1711926-1926 
Howie Slater FB 5-10 1861926-1926 
Ben Bangs WB 5-10 1801926-1926 
Cliff Marker E-B 5-10 1901926-1927 
Fritz Kramer G-C 6-0 2301927-1927 
Ray Flaherty E-DE 6-0 1901927-1935 
Butch Meeker 5-3 1431930-1931 
John Hurley 6-3 1921931-1931 
Elmer Schwartz 6-0 2121931-1933 
Mel Hein C-LB 6-2 2251931-1945 
George Hurley 6-0 2001932-1933 
Turk Edwards 6-2 2551932-1940 
Porter Lainhart QB 6-0 1801933-1933 
Phil Sarboe BB-TB 5-10 1671934-1936 
Henry Hayduk 6-0 2001935-1935 
Frank Stojack 5-10 1941935-1936 
Charlie McBride BB 5-10 1851936-1936 
Jeep Brett E-DE 6-2 2051936-1937 Cardinals33
Ed Goddard 5-10 1831937-1938 Dodgers2
Kay Bell T-G 6-2 2201937-1942 Lions97
Carl Littlefield 6-0 2001938-1940 
Kelly Moan TB-DB 6-0 1931939-1939 Giants58
John Klumb 6-3 2001939-1940 
Dick Farman 6-0 2191939-1943 Redskins148
Herb Godfrey 6-1 1871942-1942 
Al Hoptowit 6-1 2171942-1945 Rams91
Frank Akins FB 5-10 2081943-1946 Redskins290
Bill Remington C-LB 6-1 1851946-1946 Lions221
Dick Renfro FB-LB 5-10 2001946-1946 Lions91
Dale Gentry 6-3 2231946-1948 
Al Akins HB-DB 6-1 1991946-1948 Rams53
Nick Susoeff 6-1 2151946-1949 Packers48
Bill Ward 6-0 2301946-1949 
Bob Kennedy 5-11 1951946-1950 Steelers27
Laurie Niemi T-DT 6-1 2511949-1953 Redskins18
Jerry Williams DB-HB 5-10 1751949-1954 Rams63
Jerry Houghton T-LB 6-2 2261950-1951 Redskins84
Fran Polsfoot 6-3 2031950-1953 Cardinals35
Don R. Paul DB-HB 6-0 1871950-1958 Cardinals47
LaVern Torgeson LB-C 6-0 2151951-1957 Lions58
Byron Bailey HB 5-10 1921952-1953 Lions298
Bob Gambold QB 6-4 2151953-1953 Cardinals307
Don Steinbrunner 6-3 2201953-1953 Browns71
Ed Barker 6-3 1961953-1954 Rams12
Harland Svare LB-TB 6-0 2141953-1960 Rams204
Bill Roffler DB 6-1 2001954-1954 Packers116
Wayne Berry HB-DB 6-0 1751954-1954 Giants76
Don Ellersick DB 6-1 1931960-1960 Rams66
Mike Connelly C-G-T 6-4 2471960-1968 Rams141
Gail Cogdill SE-WR 6-3 2001960-1970 Lions63
Keith Lincoln FB-HB 6-1 2151961-1968 Chargers15
Tom Erlandson LB 6-3 2351962-1968 
Jim Boylan WR 6-1 1851963-1963 
Kenny Graham DB 6-0 2101964-1970 Chargers104
Gary Lewis RB 6-3 2251964-1970 49ers71
Clancy Williams DB 6-3 1941965-1972 Rams9
Don Horn QB 6-2 1951967-1974 Packers25
Dave Middendorf 6-3 2601968-1970 Bengals112
Bernard Jackson DB 6-0 1781972-1980 Bengals81
Ken Grandberry RB 6-0 1951974-1974 Bears190
Tom Wickert T-G 6-4 2461974-1977 Dolphins212
Andrew Jones RB 6-2 2161975-1976 Saints60
Joe Danelo 5-9 1661975-1984 Dolphins257
Geoff Reece 6-4 2471976-1977 Rams61
Eric Johnson DB 6-1 1921977-1979 
Duke Fergerson WR 6-1 1891977-1980 Cowboys73
Don Hover LB 6-2 2251978-1979 Redskins219
Mike Levenseller WR 6-1 1801978-1980 Raiders164
Don Schwartz DB 6-1 1911978-1981 Saints87
Ken Greene DB 6-3 2031978-1984 Cardinals19
Dan Doornink RB 6-3 2101978-1985 Giants174
Eason Ramson TE 6-2 2321978-1985 Packers312
Jack Thompson QB 6-3 2171979-1984 Bengals3
George Yarno G-C-T 6-2 2601979-1989 
Ray Williams RB 5-9 1701980-1980 Lions307
Brian Flones LB 6-1 2281981-1982 
Bob Gregor DB 6-2 1921981-1984 Chargers108
Allan Kennedy 6-7 2731981-1984 Redskins267
Scott Pelluer LB 6-2 2191981-1985 Cowboys91
Mike Wilson WR 6-3 2131981-1990 Cowboys246
Pat Beach TE 6-4 2471982-1993 Colts140
Tim A. Harris RB 5-9 2061983-1983 
Eric Williams DE-DT-NT 6-4 2821984-1993 Lions62
Mike Akiu WR 5-9 1821985-1986 Oilers170
Keith Millard DT-NT-DE 6-6 2601985-1993 Vikings13
Milford Hodge DE-NT 6-3 2781986-1989 Patriots224
Junior Tautalatasi RB 5-10 2071986-1989 Eagles261
Rueben Mayes RB 5-11 2011986-1993 Saints57
Erik Howard NT-DT-DE 6-4 2751986-1996 Giants46
Cedrick Brown DB 5-10 1781987-1987 
Rico Tipton LB 6-2 2401987-1987 
Ed Blount QB 6-0 1951987-1987 
Kerry Porter RB 6-1 2151987-1990 Bills171
Ricky Reynolds DB 5-11 1901987-1996 Bucs36
Ricky Turner QB 6-0 1901988-1988 
Brian Forde LB 6-2 2301988-1991 Saints190
Kitrick Taylor WR 5-11 1941988-1993 Chiefs128
James Hasty DB 6-0 2031988-2001 Jets74
Mark Rypien QB 6-4 2311988-2001 Redskins146
Chris Dyko 6-6 3051989-1989 Bears221
Mike Utley G-T 6-6 2881989-1991 Lions59
Timm Rosenbach QB 6-2 2101989-1992 Cardinals2
Mike Pringle RB 5-8 1861990-1990 Falcons139
Doug Wellsandt TE 6-3 2481990-1990 Bengals204
Tim Stallworth WR 5-10 1851990-1990 Rams161
Tony Savage NT 6-3 3001990-1992 Jets112
Steve Broussard RB-WR 5-7 2011990-1998 Falcons20
Jason Hanson 5-11 1821992-2010 Lions56
Clarence Williams TE-RB 6-2 2401993-1993 Broncos169
Anthony Prior DB 5-11 1851993-1998 Giants238
Lewis Bush LB 6-2 2451993-2002 Chargers99
Drew Bledsoe QB 6-5 2381993-2006 Patriots1
Tuineau Alipate LB 6-1 2451994-1995 
Brett Carolan TE 6-3 2411994-1996 
Robbie Tobeck C-G 6-4 2971994-2006 
Torey Hunter DB 5-9 1761995-1995 Oilers95
Ray Hall DT 6-4 2941995-1995 
Ron M. Lewis 6-3 2991995-1995 
Ron Childs LB 5-11 2121995-1995 
Don Sasa DT 6-3 2901995-1998 Chargers93
John Burrough DE-DT 6-5 2751995-2002 Falcons245
Mark Fields LB 6-2 2441995-2004 Saints13
Chris Hayes DB 6-0 2061996-2002 Jets210
Brian Walker DB 6-1 2051996-2003 
Chad Eaton DT-NT 6-5 3031996-2004 Cardinals241
Singor Mobley DB 5-11 1951997-1999 
Scott Sanderson 6-6 2951997-2003 Oilers81
James Darling LB 6-1 2471997-2006 Eagles57
Jason McEndoo 6-5 3071998-1998 Seahawks197
Dorian Boose DE 6-5 2921998-2001 Jets56
Ryan Leaf QB 6-5 2451998-2001 Chargers2
Kevin McKenzie WR 5-9 1871999-1999 
Phil Glover LB 5-11 2411999-2000 Titans222
Chris Jackson WR 6-2 2052000-2003 
Steve Gleason DB 5-11 2152000-2006 
Cory Withrow 6-2 2872000-2008 
Rob Meier DE-DT 6-5 2932000-2008 Jaguars241
Rian Lindell 6-3 2352000-2010 
Curtis Holden LB 6-2 2322001-2001 
Milton Wynn WR 6-2 2072001-2002 Rams116
Marcus Williams TE-WR 6-5 2302002-2002 
Lamont Thompson DB 6-1 2202002-2007 Bengals41
Rien Long DT 6-6 3002003-2005 Titans126
Raonall Smith LB 6-2 2412003-2007 Vikings38
Marcus Trufant DB 5-11 1992003-2010 Seahawks11
Jason David DB 5-8 1652004-2008 Colts125
Devard Darling WR 6-1 2132004-2008 Ravens82
Erik Coleman DB 5-10 2002004-2010 Jets143
Hamza Abdullah DB 6-2 2132005-2010 Bucs231
Karl Paymah DB 6-0 2042005-2010 Broncos76
Jerome Harrison RB 5-9 1952006-2010 Browns145
Troy Bienemann TE 6-5 2422007-2007 
Jason Hill WR 6-1 2042007-2009 49ers76
Tyron Brackenridge DB 5-11 1892007-2010 
Eric Frampton DB 5-11 2042007-2010 Raiders165
Mkristo Bruce DE 6-6 2682008-2008 
Michael Bumpus WR 5-11 1942008-2008 
Husain Abdullah DB 6-0 2042008-2010 
Ropati Pitoitua DE 6-8 2902009-2009 
Brandon Gibson WR 6-0 2042009-2010 Eagles194
Chris Ivory RB6-0 2222010-2010 

Hall of Fame
Ace Clark1978
Turk Edwards1978
Ed Goddard1978
Mel Hein1978
Butch Meeker1978
Laurie Niemi1978
George Reed1978
Clarence Zimmerman1978
Babe HollingberyCoach1978
Hugh CampbellAsst Coach1978
Keith Lincoln1979
Jerry Williams1979
Phil SarboeCoach1980
Elmer Schwartz1981
Gail Cogdill1982
Harland Svare1982
Lone Star DietzCoach1983
By Bailey1986
Dick Hanley1986
Clancy Williams1986
Dan Doornink1987
Jack Thompson1987
Robert Kennedy1988
Fred Spiegelberg1988
Bill Steiger1988
Hack Applequist1989
Brian Kelly1989
Dick Farman1990
Bill Gaskins1990
Harry Goldsworthy1993
Mike Levenseller1993
Rueben Mayes1993
Mark Rypien1993
Drew Bledsoe2002
Mike Utley2004
Dan Lynch2006
Jim Walden2009
Duke Washington2009

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Women's Basketball
1971Dorothea Coleman11-1
1972Sue Durrant11-4
1973Linda Hackbarth11-2
1974Sue Durrant12-3
1975Sue Durrant13-7
1976Sue Durrant9-16
1977Sue Durrant16-8
1978Sue Durrant19-5
1979Sue Durrant21-5
1980Sue Durrant6-21
1981Sue Durrant12-16
1982Sue Durrant15-14
1983Harold Rhodes5-22
1984Harold Rhodes7-18
1985Harold Rhodes9-17
1986Harold Rhodes11-17
1987Harold Rhodes10-18
1988Harold Rhodes11-17
1989Harold Rhodes13-15
1990Harold Rhodes17-11
1991Harold Rhodes18-11NCAA 1st Rd
1992Harold Rhodes12-15
1993Harold Rhodes7-20
1994Harold Rhodes8-19
1995Harold Rhodes16-11
1996Harold Rhodes17-12
1997Harold Rhodes10-17
1998Harold Rhodes12-15
1999Harold Rhodes11-16
2000Jenny Przekwas4-24
2001Jenny Przekwas11-17
2002Jenny Przekwas2-27
2003Sherri Murrell2-26
2004Sherri Murrell6-22
2005Sherri Murrell6-22
2006Sherri Murrell8-20
2007Sherri Murrell5-24
2008June Daugherty5-25
2009June Daugherty11-19
2010June Daugherty

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Women's Outdoor Track & Field

High Jump

2003        Whitney Evans         6-1.25

Discus Throw

1987        Laura Lavine              56.14 (184-2)

1988        Laura Lavine              57.34 (188-1)

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Men's Outdoor Track & Field
1925 John Devine 2mile
1937 Loren Benke 440-yd
1940 Lee Orr 440-yd
1966 Gerry Lindgren 3mile
1966 Gerry Lindgren 6mile
1967 Gerry Lindgren 3mile
1967 Gerry Lindgren 6mile
1968 Gerry Lindgren 5,000-meter
1968 Gerry Lindgren 10,000 meter
1974 John Ngeno 6mile
1975 John Ngeno 3mile
1975 John Ngeno 6mile
1976 Joshua Kimeto 5,000-meter
1976 John Ngeno 10,000 meter
1977 Joshua Kimeto 5,000-meter
1977 Samson Kimombwa 10,000 meter
1978 Henry Rono 3,000-meter Steeplechase
1979 Henry Rono 3,000-meter Steeplechase
1982 Richard Tuwei 3,000-meter Steeplechase
1984 Julius Korir 5,000-meter
1985 Peter Koech 3,000-meter Steeplechase
1986 Gabriel Tiacoh 400-meter
1986 Julius Korir 3,000-meter Steeplechase
1991 Samuel Kibiri 1500-meter
1996 Dominique Arnold 110-meter hh
1999 Bernard Lagat 5,000-meter
2008 Jeshua Anderson 400-meter IH
2009 Jeshua Anderson 400m h

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Women's Indoor Track & Field

1984        Mary Moore            6-0           High Jump

1985        Mary Moore            6-3           High Jump

2008        Ebba Jungmark      1.89 (6-02.25)         High Jump

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Men’s Indoor Track & Field

1966        Gerry Lindgren      08:41.3    2mile

1967        Gerry Lindgren      08:34.7    2mile

1968        John Van Reenen                 62-1         Shot Put

1974        John Ngeno          13:20.8    3-mile

1975        John Ngeno          13:14.4    3-mile

1976        John Ngeno          13:20.3    3-mile

1977        Henry Rono           8:24.83R 2mile

1978        Ian Campbell          55-8 1/4   Triple Jump

1984        Peter Koech           08:04.2    3000-meter

1986        Tore Gustafsson   22.64 (74-3 1/2)      35lb weight throw

1990        Tony Li                   7.13         55-meter

1991        Augustin Olobia     6.17         55-meter

1991        Tony Li                   7.08         55-meter

1992        Josephat Kapkory                 07:59.0    3000-meter

1994        Josephat Kapkory 07:50.9    3000-meter

1999        Bernard Lagat        03:55.6    1-mile

1999        Bernard Lagat        07:54.9    3000-meter

1965        Bob Yard                15-8 1/4   Pole Vault

1977        NCAA Champions Coach John Chaplin           

1977        Ian Campbell          54-3         Triple Jump

1998                                       09:29.5    distance medley relay

Hall of Fame
Eldon Jenne1978
Jerry Lindgren1978
Lee Orr1978
Jack MooberryCoach1978
Wilbur BohmTrainer/Track Coach1978
Jack Nelson1979
Wes Foster1981
John Van Reenen1982
Clem Eischen1983
Loren Benke1984
Henry Rono1987
Bob Gary1989
John Ngeno1993
John ChaplinTrack/Coach2002
Julius Korir2004
Laura Lavine2006
Peter Koech2009
Bernard Lagat2009

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1960        Dag Helgestad       100          Men's Jumping

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1973Sue Durrant14-12
1974Sue Durrant29-11
1975Sue Durrant24-12
1976Judy Novine33-4-1
1977Marie Matsen31-8
1978Marie Matsen35-18-1
1979Kay Wilke20-23-5
1980Cindy Laughlin13-31-2
1981Cindy Laughlin18-26
1982Jim Coleman2-21-2
1983Jim Coleman2-24
1984Jim Coleman8-25-2
1985Kaprice Bray9-23
1986Karen Lamb13-22
1987Karen Lamb16-21
1988Karen Lamb22-17
1989Cindy Fredrick9-29
1990Cindy Fredrick13-18
1991Cindy Fredrick23-12NCAA 1st Rd
1992Cindy Fredrick27-10
1993Cindy Fredrick21-11NCAA 2nd Rd
1994Cindy Fredrick16-13NCAA 1st Rd
1995Cindy Fredrick22-7NCAA 2nd Rd
1996Cindy Fredrick27-6NCAA Regional Final
1997Cindy Fredrick26-7NCAA Regional Semis
1998Cindy Fredrick12-14
1999Cindy Fredrick13-15
2000Cindy Fredrick19-10NCAA 2nd Rd
2001Cindy Fredrick17-12NCAA 1st Rd
2002Cindy Fredrick24-8NCAA Regional Final
2003Cindy Fredrick9-20
2004Brian Heffeman5-26
2005Brian Heffeman10-21
2006Brian Heffeman15-17
2007Brian Heffeman10-22
2008Andrew Palileo10-19
2009Andrew Palileo11-19
2010Andrew Palileo18-13

Hall of Fame
Sarah Silvernail2002
Keri Killebrew2009

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Hall of Fame
Chris Marker1986
Dick Hannula2006
Swimming & Diving

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Hall of Fame
Dubi Lufi1989
Hubert Dunn2006

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Multiple Sports - Hall of Fame
Gene ConleyBaseball/Basketball1979
LaVerne TorgesonFootball/Boxing1979
Don PaulFootball/Baseball1980
Carl EllingsenFootball/Baseball/Boxing1980
Art McLarneyBasketball/Baseball1981
Bill NollanBasketball/Baseball/Tennis1981
Pete RademacherBoxing/Football1982
JoAnn WashamGolf/Basketball1982
Dale FordFootball/Baseball/Basketball1983
Al HooperBasketball/Baseball1984
Archie BuckleyFootball/Basketball/Baseball1984
Don EllingsenFootball/Track1984
Jason HansonFootball/Baseball/Track1986
Bill SewellFootball/Baseball1987
George TheodoratosFootball/Boxing/Track1987
Bob GamboldFootball/Basketball1988
Dale GentyFootball/Basketball/Baseball1988
Ted RohwerFootball/Basketball/Baseball1989
Frank MatayaFootball/Basketball/Track/Baseball1989
Bill BerryFootball/Wrestling1989
Clem SennFootball/Wrestling/Basketball1990
Vaughn HitchcockWrestling/Football2006
Linda SheridanBasketball/Volleyball

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Stan BatesAD1980
Dorothea ColemanAdmin1990
Helen SmithAdmin1993
Carol GordonAdmin2004
Richard FryAdmin2009
Sam JankovichAdmin/AD2006
Bobo BraytonBaseball/Football Coach1981
Janet HarmanBowling2006
Ed McKinnonBoxing1978
Pooch PetragalloBoxing1978
Ev ConleyBoxing1984
Ike DeeterBoxing/Coach1978
Fred BohlerCoach/Admin1978
Bob RobertsonMedia2002

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