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Location: Tempe, AZ 85287-2505
Founded/Enrollment: 1885/45,693
Colors: Maroon & Gold
President: Dr. Michael Crow
Faculty Rep: Prof. Myles Lynk
Athletic Director: Lisa Love
Associate Athletic Director (SWA): Dawn Rogers
Team Championships:  22
Mens Championships:  11
Womens Championships:  11

Men's Sports
Baseball:  5 (1965, 67, 69, 77, 81)
Cross Country
Golf:  2 (1990, 96)
Gymnastics:  1 (1986)
Outdoor Track & Field:  1 (1977)
Indoor Track & Field:  1 (2008)
Wrestling:  1 (1988)

Women's Sports
Cross Country
Golf:  6 (1990, 93, 94, 95, 97, 98, 2009)
Softball:  1 (2008)
Outdoor Track & Field:  1 (2007)
Indoor Track & Field:  2 (2007, 08)
Water Polo

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1907Fred Ayer7-2
1908Fred Ayer4-8-1
1909Fred Ayer10-6
1910Fred Ayer12-3
1911Fred Ayer4-3
1912John Spikes13-4
1913John Spikes10-1
1914Horace Griffen6-5
1915George Schaeffer2-8
1916George Schaeffer6-5
1917George Schaeffer2-6
1918George Cooper6-1
1919George Cooper1-8
1920George Cooper7-3
1921George Cooper17-2
1922George Cooper10-2
1923Ernest Willis5-5
1924Aaron McCreary4-5-1
1925Aaron McCreary2-8
1926Aaron McCreary1-9
1927Leslie Fairbanks8-3
1928Aaron McCreary6-5
1929Leslie Fairbanks5-6
1930Aaron McCreary2-9
1931Aaron McCreary5-10
1932Joe Selleh5-7
1933Joe Selleh4-12
1934Joe Selleh7-10
1935Joe Selleh5-7
1936Joe Selleh8-8
1937Earl Pomeroy4-5
1938Tom Lillico7-8
1940Bill Kajikawa5-9
1942Nick Johnson4-5-1
1946Bill Kajikawa6-6
1947Bill Kajikawa8-8
1948Bill Kajikawa13-10
1949Bill Kajikawa6-7
1950Bill Kajikawa11-10
1951Bud Younger7-15
1952Bill Kajikawa6-14
1953Jack Machtolff5-18-1
1954Bob White5-6
1955Melvin Erickson14-9
1956Melvin Erickson14-12
1957Melvin Erickson15-16-1
1958Melvin Erickson19-16
1959Bobby Winkles28-18
1960Bobby Winkles32-13
1961Bobby Winkles36-13
1962Bobby Winkles27-18
1963Bobby Winkles34-13
1964Bobby Winkles44-7CWS L-Maine 4-2
1965Bobby Winkles54-8Champions W-Ohio St 2-1
1966Bobby Winkles41-11
1967Bobby Winkles53-12Champions W-Houston 11-2
1968Bobby Winkles39-14
1969Bobby Winkles56-11Champions W-Tulsa 10-1
1970Bobby Winkles30-22
1971Bobby Winkles50-13
1972Jim Brock64-6Championship L-USC 1-0
1973Jim Brock59-8Championship L-USC 4-3
1974Jim Brock39-24
1975Jim Brock61-13CWS L-S.Carolina 4-1
1976Jim Brock65-10CWS L-Arizona 5-1
1977Jim Brock57-12Champions W-S.Carolina 2-1
1978Jim Brock56-12Championship L-USC 10-3
1979Jim Brock32-31
1980Jim Brock38-25
1981Jim Brock55-13Champions W-Oklahoma St 7-4
1982Jim Brock58-15Regional 
1983Jim Brock44-24CWS L-Alabama 6-0
1984Jim Brock55-20CWS L-CSUF 6-1
1985Jim Brock31-35
1986Jim Brock34-28
1987Jim Brock40-27CWS L-Florida St 3-0
1988Jim Brock60-13Championship L-Stanford 9-4
1989Jim Brock42-19Regional 
1990Jim Brock52-16Regional 
1991Jim Brock35-27
1992Jim Brock32-24Regional 
1993Jim Brock46-20Regional 
1994Jim Brock45-18Regional 
1995Pat Murphy34-21
1996Pat Murphy35-21
1997Pat Murphy39-22Regional 
1998Pat Murphy41-23Championship L-USC 21-14
1999Pat Murphy39-21
2000Pat Murphy44-15Regional 
2001Pat Murphy37-20Regional 
2002Pat Murphy37-21Regional 
2003Pat Murphy54-14Super Regional
2004Pat Murphy41-18Regional 
2005Pat Murphy42-25Regional 
2006Pat Murphy37-21Regional 
2007Pat Murphy49-15Super Regional
2008Pat Murphy49-13Super Regional
2009Pat Murphy51-13CWS L-Texas 4-3
2010Pat Murphy52-10CWS L-S.Carolina 11-4

Year  PlayerTm Pick Pos 
1965Ray Stadler Mets 773
1965Duffy Dyer Braves 772722
1965James Gretta Cardinals 7371B 
1965Luis Lagunas Twins 5942B 
1965Jay Armstrong Astros 322SS 
1965Sal Bando Athletics 1193B 2019
1965Glen Smith (minors) Giants 34OF 
1965Rick Monday Athletics 1OF 1986
1966James Armstrong White Sox 24SS 
1966Duffy Dyer Mets 9722
1966Jack Lind Indians 6013B 26
1966Dale Spier Giants 357RHP 
1966Reggie Jackson Athletics 2OF 2820
1966Glen Smith Twins 79OF 
1967Larry Linville Dodgers 186OF 
1967James Brown Mets 138LHP 
1967Jack Lind Astros 124SS 26
1967Gary Gentry Mets 60RHP 158
1967Ronald Davini Yankees 49
1967David Grangaard Twins 433B 
1967Scott Reid Phillies 38OF 38
1967Randy Bobb Cubs 210
1967Jay Armstrong Cubs 27SS 
1968Ronald Davini Indians 124
1968Larry Linville White Sox 105OF 
1968Joseph Arnold Astros 55RHP 
1968David Grangaard Astros 353B 
1968Billy Cotton Mets 11
1968Fred Nelson Dodgers 4012B 
1968David Grangaard Dodgers 1053B 
1968Gordon Crook Dodgers 117OF 
1969Larry Fritz Mets 591B 1
1969Billy Cotton Mets 12
1969Ralph Dick Twins 3OF 
1969Joseph Ruby Indians 519LHP 
1969John Dolinsek Astros 170OF 
1969Lerrin LaGrow Tigers 139RHP 91
1969Larry Gura Cubs 40LHP 62
1969Paul Powell Twins 7OF 30
1969Ron Davini White Sox 20
1969Billy Cotton Mets 13
1970Lenny Randle Senators 10INF 1138
1971Mike Hansen Red Sox 75RHP 
1971Ken Hansen Reds 30RHP 
1971Roger Schmuck Royals 15OF 
1972Mike Rupcich Giants 790
1972Greg Brust Giants 7873B 
1972Richard Glazebrook Giants 7191B 
1972Jim Crawford Astros 321LHP 92
1972Kent Jackson Brewers 150OF 
1972Kenny Reed Astros 1052B 
1972Craig Swan Mets 61RHP 229
1972Jerry Mantlo (minors) Brewers 30
1973Danny White Indians 714INF 
1973William Berger Angels 5262B 
1973Richard Harris Mets 470OF 
1973Gary Atwell Braves 274OF 
1973Clint Myers Cardinals 843B 
1973Jim Otten White Sox 45RHP 55
1973Eddie Bane Twins 11LHP 1
1973Alan Bannister Phillies 1SS 972
1974Danny White Indians 34INF 
1974Dale Hrovat Royals 625RHP 
1974Doug Slocum Dodgers 502RHP 
1974Jim Umbarger Rangers 362LHP 0
1974Bump Wills Padres 2652B 831
1974Tony Komadina White Sox 152LHP 
1974Gary Atwell Giants 54OF 
1974Danny White Astros 24INF 
1974Paul Moskau Indians 893B 153
1975Bruce Hardy Orioles 566
1975R.J. Harrison Cardinals 539
1975Jerry Maddox Braves 186SS 7
1975John Poloni Rangers 137LHP 0
1975Garrett Strong Giants 80OF 
1975Greg Cochran Athletics 45RHP 
1975Danny White Indians 84INF 
1975Bump Wills Rangers 62B 831
1975Bernard Plent Reds 66RHP 
1976Don Hanna Expos 16RHP 
1976Terry Jacob Cardinals 600RHP 
1976Frank Lucy Phillies 425
1976Ken Phelps Royals 354OF 761
1976Clay Westlake Expos 345
1976Jim Peterson Dodgers 307RHP 
1976Rick Peters Braves 267INF 307
1976Gary Rajsich Astros 2411B 149
1976Gary Allenson Red Sox 214416
1976Bob Pate Expos 81OF 31
1976Mike Colbern White Sox 3280
1976Ken Landreaux Angels 6OF 1264
1976Floyd Bannister Astros 1LHP 55
1977Hubie Brooks White Sox 3OF 1645
1977Larry Filer Mariners 684LHP 
1977Chris Bando Brewers 541498
1977Dave Hudgens Brewers 4441B 6
1977Mike Henderson Brewers 263SS 
1977Darrell Jackson Twins 223LHP 2
1977Brandt Humphry Angels 2153B 
1977Rick Peters Tigers 161OF 307
1977Jerry Vasquez Rangers 61RHP 
1978Tom Van Der Meersche Indians 652RHP 
1978Mitch Dean Reds 458RHP 
1978Jerry Vasquez Mariners 448RHP 
1978Casey Lindsey Indians 296LHP 
1978Steve Michael Expos 61OF 
1978Chris Bando Indians 36498
1978Hubie Brooks Mets 3OF 1645
1978Bob Horner Braves 13B 1020
1979Marty Barrett Red Sox 12B 941
1979Dale Eiler Mariners 667
1979Pat Gillie Brewers 542RHP 
1979Randy Whistler Braves 498
1979Mike Anicich Mets 4701B 
1979Jeff Ahern Phillies 332LHP 
1979Bob Randolph Mariners 209RHP 
1979Ed Irvine Brewers 179OF 
1979Jamie Allen Mariners 27INF 86
1979Jerry Vasquez Rangers 30RHP 
1980Russ Stephans Royals 49
1980Bob Ferris Royals 29
1980Ron Romanick Padres 7RHP 0
1980Ricky Nelson Angels 612OF 123
1980Stan Holmes Mariners 473OF 
1980Ed Vande Berg Mariners 317LHP 63
1980Kevin Dukes Mariners 135LHP 
1980Tom Hawk Astros 120RHP 
1980Ken Jones Reds 45RHP 
1981Ric Wilson Mariners 25
1981Donnie Hill Athletics 1SS 755
1981Mike McCain Twins 400INF 
1981Allen Black Cubs 365RHP 
1981Stan Holmes Twins 192OF 
1981Alvin Davis Athletics 1441B 1206
1981Ricky Nelson Mariners 78OF 123
1981*Lemmie Miller Dodgers via Astros 50OF 8
1981Kevin Dukes Mariners 27LHP 
1981Mike Sodders (minors) Twins 113B 
1981Ron Romanick Angels 4RHP 0
1982Mike Hogan Astros 30RHP 
1982Don Smith Dodgers 3RHP 
1982Ed Brennan Rangers 637OF 
1982Bert Martinez Tigers 5902B 
1982Jim Boudreau Cubs 547LHP 
1982Barry Koch Brewers 495RHP 
1982Randy Newman Mariners 398LHP 
1982Ron Salcedo Orioles 3643B 
1982Doug Baker Tigers 230SS 136
1982Alvin Davis Mariners 1381B 1206
1982Buddy Pryor Reds 103
1982Gib Seibert Phillies 93OF 
1982Chris Johnston Blue Jays 821B 
1982*Kevin Romine Red Sox 29OF 
1983Jose Rodiles Mariners 23RHP 
1983Oddibe McDowell Twins 1OF 830
1983Chris Beasley Angels 680RHP 0
1983Greg Steen Angels 6112B 
1983Kendall Carter Brewers 543RHP 
1983Reggie Mosley Rangers 4471B 
1983Steve Moses Phillies 232OF 
1983Jim Jefferson Expos 42RHP 
1984Kevin Williamson Braves 109RHP 
1984Luis Medina Astros 81B 51
1984Bob Grandstaff Padres 63B 
1984Don Wakamatsu Yankees 839
1984Mike Devereaux Indians 644OF 1086
1984Romy Cucjen Giants 427SS 
1984Kendall Carter Rangers 352RHP 
1984Jose Rodiles Royals 304RHP 
1984Steve Murray Mariners 2382B 
1984Chris Beasley Indians 214RHP 0
1984Todd Brown Indians 58OF 
1984Dave Graybill Expos 41RHP 
1984Oddibe McDowell Rangers 12OF 830
1985Rick Morris Cardinals 52B 
1985Kevin Williamson Athletics 507RHP 
1985Gil Villanueva Athletics 429LHP 
1985George Lopez Mariners 4253B 
1985Jeff Roberts Mariners 295RHP 
1985Don Wakamatsu Reds 26618
1985Luis Medina Indians 2191B 51
1985Doug Henry Brewers 185RHP 348
1985Charles Scott Indians 141RHP 
1985Mike Devereaux Dodgers 116OF 1086
1985Todd Brown Brewers 107OF 
1985Barry Bonds Pirates 6OF 2986
1986Mike Thorpe Mariners 557RHP 
1986Ted Dyson Dodgers 3861B 
1986Gil Villanueva White Sox 205LHP 
1986Rick Morris Braves 138OF 
1986Brent Hahn Twins 139
1987Jeff Joseph Royals 12002B 
1987Kurt Dempster Indians 775RHP 
1987Tony Mattia Angels 6291B 
1987Mike Schwabe Tigers 547RHP 1
1987Matt Shiflett Expos 512RHP 
1987Ted Dyson Angels 3431B 
1987Gordie Farmer Indians 307RHP 
1987Mike Benjamin Giants 74SS 818
1988Scott Hutson Blue Jays 784RHP 
1988Brian Dodd Brewers 549LHP 
1988Linty Ingram Tigers 369RHP 
1988Gordy Farmer (minors) Astros 194RHP 
1988Kurt Dempster (minors) Reds 150RHP 
1988Blas Minor Pirates 148RHP 145
1988Pat Listach Brewers 133SS 503
1988Tim Spehr Royals 127363
1989David Cassidy Cardinals 978LHP 
1989Brian Dodd Angels 669LHP 
1989Rusty Kilgo Expos 566LHP 
1989Steve Willis Giants 4921B 
1989Bob Dombrowski Reds 4723B 
1989Oscar Rivas Mariners 429LHP 
1989Steve Martin Padres 416OF 
1989Dan Rumsey Giants 414OF 
1989Kevin Higgins Padres 3122B 71
1989John Finn (minors) Brewers 2613B 
1990Jon Halland Mariners 12962B 
1990Tucker Hammargren Reds 4591B 
1990Todd Douma Mets 388LHP 
1990Kip Yaughn Orioles 364RHP 
1990Fernando Vina Mets 2532B 1148
1990Rusty Silcox (minors) Padres 120RHP 
1990*Eric Helfand Athletics via Royals 6553
1990*Anthony Manahan (minors) Mariners 38SS 
1991Nathan LaDuke Phillies 1145OF 
1991Gary Tatterson Indians 918RHP 
1991Rob Gorrell Brewers 546RHP 
1991Clarke Rea Tigers 322
1991Michael Reeves Cubs 319OF 
1991Scott Dodd Reds 301LHP 
1991Kurt Ehmann (minors) Angels 220SS 
1991Sean Rees (minors) Mariners 136LHP 
1991Jim Austin (minors) Expos 1133B 
1991Tommy Adams (minors) Mariners 55OF 
1991Mike Kelly Braves 2OF 327
1992Germaine Mayberry Indians 1050OF 
1992Brett Weinberger Expos 883OF 
1992Jeff Matranga Cardinals 867RHP 
1992Brent Smith Mariners 530RHP 
1992Kevin Rawitzer Expos 323LHP 
1992Scott Samuels (minors) Marlins 264OF 
1992Kurt Ehmann (minors) Giants 103SS 
1992Todd Steverson Blue Jays 25OF 31
1992Sean Lowe Cardinals 15RHP 74
1993Brian Lootens Giants 890OF 
1993Scott Shores Reds 848OF 
1993Santiago Rivera Padres 702SS 
1993Paul Lo Duca Dodgers 6901082
1993Bill Dunn Royals 4132B 
1993Kevin Rawitzer Royals 329LHP 
1993Brent Smith (minors) Giants 218RHP 
1993Doug Newstrom (minors) Dodgers 1861B 
1993Dax Winslett (minors) Dodgers 74RHP 
1993*Marc Barcelo (minors) Twins 33RHP 
1994Troy Rauer Marlins 1653OF 
1994Derek Mickelson Padres 1422RHP 
1994Isaac Burton Reds 1159OF 
1994Noah Peery Mets 1072RHP 
1994Jason Ruskey Mariners 413LHP 
1994Scott Shores (minors) Phillies 142OF 
1994Todd Cady (minors) Marlins 68
1994*Jacob Cruz Giants 32OF 409
1994Anthony Williamson Brewers 43B 24
1995Isaac Burton Mariners 1578RHP 
1995Randy Betten Angels 7042B 
1995Jake Steinkemper Expos 535
1995Steve Goodell Marlins 457SS 
1995Mike Corominas Astros 417LHP 
1995Josh Deakman Angels 368RHP 
1995Troy Rauer Athletics 316OF 
1995Cody McKay Cardinals 1273B 37
1996Robbie Kent Padres 8601B 
1996Kevin Tommasini Giants 642OF 
1996Javier Fuentes Red Sox 631SS 
1996Gabe Molina Orioles 621RHP 19
1996Jason Bond Mariners 507LHP 
1996Kaipo Spenser Indians 483RHP 
1996Mike Torti Phillies 4063B 
1996Jeff Cermak Astros 354OF 
1996Cody McKay Athletics 25537
1996Jason Verdugo (minors) Angels 175RHP 
1996Widd Workman (minors) Padres 80RHP 
1997Jaymie Bane Angels 597LHP 
1997Jason Verdugo Giants 358RHP 
1997*Dan McKinley (minors) Giants 49OF 
1997*Ryan Bradley Yankees 40RHP 0
1998Rudy Arguellas Angels 1384OF 
1998Greg Halvorson Mets 994
1998Jeremy Jones Rangers 803
1998Milton Leon Rockies 6902B 
1998Mikel Moreno Cubs 646OF 
1998Aaron Kramer Padres 532RHP 
1998Dan Meier Diamondbacks 433OF 
1998Andrew Beinbrink (minors) Rockies 3003B 
1998Phillip Lowery (minors) Marlins 190LHP 
1998Ryan Mills (minors) Twins 6LHP 
1999Jay Sitzman Phillies 966OF 
1999Kevin Tillman Angels 9413B 
1999Ian Gosewisch Angels 9112B 
1999Mitch Jones Orioles 7573B 
1999Chuck Crumpton Expos 750RHP 
1999Scott Goodman (minors) Marlins 296OF 
1999Brett Cadiente (minors) Rangers 285OF 
1999Andrew Beinbrink (minors) Devil Rays 2053B 
1999Mark Ernster (minors) Brewers 1842B 
1999Willie Bloomquist Mariners 95SS 748
2000Clinton Myers Brewers 891
2000Drew Friedberg Brewers 861LHP 
2000Luke Field Indians 486RHP 
2000Phil Downing Expos 465OF 
2000Eric Doble (minors) Red Sox 302RHP 
2000Jason Fingers (minors) Royals 284RHP 
2000Mitch Jones Yankees 218OF 8
2000Jeff Duncan Mets 215OF 69
2001Jeff Phelps Phillies 10703B 
2001Bryce Kartler Cardinals 614LHP 
2001Mel Stocker Royals 475OF 9
2001Casey Myers (minors) Athletics 281
2001Brooks Conrad Astros 2362B 139
2001Chris Duffy Pirates 234OF 212
2001Drew Friedberg (minors) Pirates 174LHP 
2001Jon Switzer Devil Rays 47LHP 5
2002Bryce Kartler Indians 1427LHP 
2002Jon Sheaffer Yankees 576OF 
2002Mike Esposito Rockies 351RHP 3
2003Michael Guerrero Diamondbacks 1264OF 
2003Dennis Wyrick Orioles 6743B 
2003Roderick Allen Devil Rays 638OF 
2003Mark Sopko Blue Jays 620RHP 
2003J Thurmond Giants 453RHP 
2003Robert Mcclellan Royals 342RHP 
2003Bryce Kartler Yankees 334LHP 
2003Ryan Schroyer Twins 328RHP 
2003Steven Garrabrants (minors) Diamondbacks 2762B 
2003Jeremy West (minors) Red Sox 204
2003William Vaughan (minors) Red Sox 84RHP 
2003Andre Ethier Athletics 62OF 719
2004Jeffrey Mousser (minors) Twins 1051RHP 
2004Ladd Hall Expos 804RHP 
2004Jeff Larish Dodgers 388OF 101
2004Jason Urquidez (minors) Reds 318RHP 
2004Robert Asanovich (minors) Devil Rays 3152B 
2004Dustin Pedroia Red Sox 65SS 556
2005Brett Bordes (minors) Tigers 720LHP 
2005Joseph Hooft (minors) Rangers 6092B 
2005Erik Averill (minors) Tigers 600LHP 
2005Jason Urquidez (minors) Diamondbacks 501RHP 
2005James Gosewisch (minors) Phillies 337
2005Jeff Larish Tigers 1501B 101
2005*Travis Buck Athletics 36OF 170
2006Anthony Barnette (minors) Diamondbacks 297RHP 
2006Brett Bordes (minors) Orioles 265LHP 
2006Zechry Zinicola (minors) Nationals 181RHP 
2006Patrick Bresnehan (minors) Pirates 140RHP 
2006Colin Curtis Yankees 134OF 31
2007Mike Jones (minors) White Sox 1265OF 
2007Josh Satow (minors) Mariners 855LHP 
2007Scott Mueller (minors) Orioles 639RHP 
2007Brian Flores (minors) Devil Rays 395LHP 
2007Tim Smith (minors) Rangers 230OF 
2007Andrew Romine Angels 178SS 5
2007Matt Spencer (minors) Phillies 113OF 
2007*Eric Sogard Padres via Astros 812B 4
2008Mike Jones (minors) Yankees 890OF 
2008Tommy Rafferty (minors) Rays 833RHP 
2008Josh Satow (minors) Rays 743LHP 
2008Ryan Sontag (minors) Cubs 701OF 
2008Dustin Brader (minors) Rangers 633RHP 
2008Marcel Champagnie (minors) Angels 469OF 
2008Reyes Dorado (minors) Angels 439RHP 
2008Stephen Sauer (minors) White Sox 300RHP 
2008Kiel Roling (minors) Rockies 197
2008Jason Kipnis (minors) Padres 135OF 
2008Petey Paramore (minors) Athletics 90
2008*Ike Davis Mets via Braves 181B 147
2008Brett Wallace Cardinals 131B 51
2009Raoul Torrez (minors) Angels 9812B 
2009Jared McDonald (minors) White Sox 643SS 
2009Carlos Ramirez (minors) Angels 261
2009*Joshua Spence (minors) Angels 110LHP 
2009Jason Kipnis (minors) Indians 63CF 
2009Mike Leake Reds 8RHP 27
2010Jacob Borup (minors) Phillies 711RHP 
2010Xorge Carrillo (minors) Padres 694
2010Raoul Torrez (minors) Diamondbacks 6312B 
2010James Patterson (minors) Rays 551LHP 
2010Andrew Maggi (minors) Pirates 447SS 
2010Joshua Spence (minors) Padres 274LHP 
2010Kole Calhoun Angels 264RF 
2010Kenneth Kelly (minors) Rays 251RHP 
2010Matthew Swagerty (minors) Cardinals 75RHP 
2010*Seth Blair (minors) Cardinals 46RHP 

Hall of Fame
Jerry Maddox1973
Sal Bando1975
Reggie Jackson1975
Rick Monday 1975
Alan Bannister1976
Gary Gentry1976
Floyd Bannister1977
Kenny Landreaux1977
Eddie Bane1978
Larry Gura1978
Bob Horner1979
Roger Schmuck1980
Sterling Slaughter1981
Craig Swan1981
Hubie Brooks1983
Chris Bando1984
Luis Lagunas1985
Duffy Dyer1986
Alvin Davis1987
Lerrin Lagrow1989
John Pavlik1990
Oddibe McDowell1991
Jim Brock1994
Kevin Romine1996
Fred Nelson1998
Barry Bonds1999
Kendall Carter2001
Mike Kelly 2002
Jeff Pentland2002
Clay Westlake2004
Jim Merrick2005
Paul LoDuca2006
Mike Sodders2009

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1912C.W. Adams8-2
1913C.W. Adams3-3
1914G.W. Henry6-5
1915George Schaeffer2-2
1917George Schaeffer0-1
1918George Cooper14-4
1919George Cooper3-4
1920George Cooper5-3
1921George Cooper11-3
1922George Cooper10-1
1923Ernest Willis8-4
1924Aaron McCreary3-9
1925Aaron McCreary11-6
1926Aaron McCreary9-3
1927Aaron McCreary4-8
1928Aaron McCreary10-5
1929Aaron McCreary5-12
1930Aaron McCreary6-11
1931Ted Shipkey12-6
1932Ted Shipkey7-12
1933Ted Shipkey13-12
1934Rudy Lavik9-11
1935Rudy Lavik8-11
1936Earl Pomeroy12-14
1937Earl Pomeroy8-12
1938Earl Pomeroy11-12
1939Earl Pomeroy13-13
1940Rudy Lavik8-13
1941Rudy Lavik8-11
1942Rudy Lavik10-10
1943Rudy Lavik10-9
1944Rudy Lavik12-2
1945Rudy Lavik5-9
1946Rudy Lavik12-16
1947Rudy Lavik7-13
1948Rudy Lavik13-11
1949Bill Kajikawa12-17
1950Bill Kajikawa12-14
1951Bill Kajikawa9-16
1952Bill Kajikawa8-16
1953Bill Kajikawa13-12NCAA 1st Rd
1954Bill Kajikawa5-18
1955Bill Kajikawa10-14
1956Bill Kajikawa10-16
1957Bill Kajikawa10-15
1958Ned Wulk13-13NCAA 1st Rd
1959Ned Wulk17-9
1960Ned Wulk16-7
1961Ned Wulk23-6NCAA 1st Rd
1962Ned Wulk23-4NCAA 1st Rd
1963Ned Wulk26-3NCAA 2nd Rd
1964Ned Wulk16-11NCAA 1st Rd
1965Ned Wulk13-14
1966Ned Wulk12-14
1967Ned Wulk5-21
1968Ned Wulk11-17
1969Ned Wulk11-15
1970Ned Wulk4-22
1971Ned Wulk16-10
1972Ned Wulk18-8
1973Ned Wulk19-9NCAA 2nd Rd
1974Ned Wulk18-9
1975Ned Wulk25-4NCAA 2nd Rd
1976Ned Wulk17-10
1977Ned Wulk15-13
1978Ned Wulk13-14
1979Ned Wulk16-14
1980Ned Wulk22-7NCAA 1st Rd
1981Ned Wulk24-4NCAA 1st Rd
1982Ned Wulk13-14
1983Bob Weinhauer19-14NIT
1984Bob Weinhauer13-15
1985Bob Weinhauer12-16
1986Steve Peterson14-14
1987Steve Peterson11-17
1988Steve Peterson13-16
1990Bill Frieder15-16NIT
1991Bill Frieder20-10NCAA 1st Rd
1992Bill Frieder19-14NIT
1993Bill Frieder18-10NIT
1994Bill Frieder15-13NIT
1995Bill Frieder24-9NCAA 2nd Rd
1996Bill Frieder11-16
1997Bill Frieder10-20
1998Don Newman18-14NIT
1999Rob Evans14-16
2000Rob Evans19-13NIT
2001Rob Evans13-16
2002Rob Evans14-15NIT
2003Rob Evans20-12NCAA 1st Rd
2004Rob Evans10-17
2005Rob Evans18-14NIT
2006Rob Evans11-17
2007Herb Sendek8-22
2008Herb Sendek21-13NIT 
2009Herb Sendek25-10NCAA 1st RD
2010Herb Sendek22-11

Player PickTeamFrom To 
Verl Heap n/aProvidence1948
Al Nealey 63Cincinnati 1960
Tony Cerkvenik 42Philadelphia1963
Joe Caldwell 2Detroit19651975782
Freddie Lewis 88Cincinnati19671977750
Arthur Becker 22St Louis19681973414
Bob Edwards 100Phoenix1969
Seaburn Hill 49Baltimore1970
Gerhardus Schreur 163Phoenix1970
Mike Contreras 139Portland1973
Paul Stovall 22LAL1973197438
Mark Wasley 165Phoenix1974
Jim Owens 128Phoenix1974197558
Mike Moon 163Phoenix1975
Jack Schrader 130Phoenix1975
Lionel Hollins 6Portland19761985673
Rudy White 47Houston19761981124
Gary Jackson 166Phoenix1976
Rick McCutcheon 130New York 1976
James Holliman 135Atlanta1977
Scott Lloyd 24Milwaukee19771983372
Mark Landsberger 35Chicago19781984437
Rick Taylor 185San Antonio1978
Tony Zeno 32Indiana198019808
Johnny Nash 108Chicago1981
Alton Lister 21Milwaukee19821998953
Kurt Nimphius 47Denver19821990564
Sam Williams 33Golden St19821985257
Fat Lever 11Portland19831994752
Paul Williams 45Phoenix1983
Byron Scott 4San Diego198419971073
Jim Deines 74LAC1985
Steve Beck 76Phoenix1987
Isaac Austin 48Utah19922002432
Mario Bennett 27Phoenix1996200068
Ron Riley 47Seattle1996
Eddie House 37Miami20012011668
Tommy Smith 53Chicago2003
Ike Diogu 9Golden St20062009187
James Harden 3Oklahoma2010201181
Jeff Pendergraph 31Sacramento2010201039

Hall of FameInducted
Joe Caldwell1975
Lionel Hollins1975
Freddie Lewis1978
Tony Cerkvenik1979
Ned Wulk1982
Fat Lever1988
Byron Scott1988
Art Becker1989
Kym Hampton1989
Royce Youree1995
Verl Heap1998
Alton Lister2000
Al Nealy2000
Dennis Dairman2002
Larry Armstrong2002
Ryneldi Becenti2004
Cassandra Lander2006
Paul Stovall2006
Jeremy Veal2008
Eddie House2010

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Women’s Basketball
1976Mary Littlewood6-11
1977Linda Spradley7-11
1978Linda Spradley6-16
1979Paul Long13-16
1980Juliene Simpson12-13
1981Juliene Simpson21-11NWIT Championship L
1982Juliene Simpson25-7NCAA (16)
1983Juliene Simpson23-7NCAA (16)
1984Juliene Simpson17-11
1985Juliene Simpson11-16
1986Juliene Simpson15-10
1987Juliene Simpson10-17
1988Maura McHugh11-17
1989Maura McHugh9-19
1990Maura McHugh13-15
1991Maura McHugh14-14
1992Maura McHugh20-9NCAA 1st Rd
1993Maura McHugh17-10
1994Jacqueline Hullah4-22
1995Jacqueline Hullah8-19
1996Jacqueline Hullah8-19
1997Charli Turner Thorne9-19
1998Charli Turner Thorne10-17
1999Charli Turner Thorne12-15
2000Charli Turner Thorne14-15WNIT 1st Rd
2001Charli Turner Thorne20-11NCAA 1st Rd
2002Charli Turner Thorne25-9NCAA 2nd Rd
2003Charli Turner Thorne16-14WNIT 2nd RD
2004Charli Turner Thorne17-12WNIT 1st Rd
2005Charli Turner Thorne24-10NCAA (16)
2006Charli Turner Thorne25-7NCAA 2nd Rd
2007Charli Turner Thorne31-5NCAA (8)
2008Charli Turner Thorne22-11NCAA 2nd Rd
2009Charli Turner Thorne26-9NCAA (8)
2010Charli Turner Thorne18-14WNIT 2nd RD

19974EDKym HamptonNew York Liberty 1997-99
199725Monique AmbersPhoenix Mercury 1997, 02
200250Melody JohnsonPortland Fire 
200737Emily WesterbergPhoenix Mercury 
20096Briann JanuaryIndiana2009-

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1897Fred Irish0-1
1899Fred Irish3-0
1900Fred Irish1-1
1902Fred Irish2-1
1903Fred Irish2-0
1904Fred Irish4-0
1905Fred Irish0-3
1906Fred Irish0-2
1914George Schaeffer4-3
1915George Schaeffer3-2
1916George Schaeffer0-3
1919George Cooper0-2
1922Ernest Wills0-3-1
1923Aaron McCreary4-2
1924Aaron McCreary6-1-1
1925Aaron McCreary6-2
1926Aaron McCreary4-1-1
1927Aaron McCreary2-3-1
1928Aaron McCreary3-2-1
1929Aaron McCreary0-6
1930Ted Shipkey3-5-1
1931Ted Shipkey6-2
1932Ted Shipkey3-3-1
1933Rudy Lavik3-5
1934Rudy Lavik4-3-1
1935Rudy Lavik2-5-1
1936Rudy Lavik4-5
1938Dixie Howell3-6
1939Dixie Howell8-2-1
1940Dixie Howell7-2-2
1941Dixie Howell5-5-1
1942Hillman Walker2-8
1946Steve Coutchie2-7-2
1947Ed Doherty4-7
1948Ed Doherty5-5
1949Ed Doherty7-3
1950Ed Doherty9-2
1951Larry Simering6-3-1
1952Clyde Smith6-3
1953Clyde Smith4-5-1
1954Clyde Smith5-5
1955Dan Devine8-2-1
1956Dan Devine9-1
1957Dan Devine10-0
1958Frank Kush7-3
1959Frank Kush10-1
1960Frank Kush7-3
1961Frank Kush7-3
1962Frank Kush7-2-1
1963Frank Kush8-1
1964Frank Kush8-2
1965Frank Kush6-4
1966Frank Kush5-5
1967Frank Kush8-2
1968Frank Kush8-2
1969Frank Kush8-2
1970Frank Kush11-0
1971Frank Kush11-1
1972Frank Kush10-2
1973Frank Kush11-1
1974Frank Kush7-5
1975Frank Kush12-0
1976Frank Kush4-7
1977Frank Kush9-3
1978Frank Kush9-3
1980Darryl Rogers7-4
1981Darryl Rogers9-2
1982Darryl Rogers10-2
1983Darryl Rogers6-4-1
1984Darryl Rogers5-6
1985John Cooper8-4
1986John Cooper10-1-1
1987John Cooper7-4-1
1988Larry Marmie6-5
1989Larry Marmie6-4
1990Larry Marmie4-7
1991Larry Marmie6-5
1992Bruce Snyder6-5
1993Bruce Snyder6-5
1994Bruce Snyder3-8
1995Bruce Snyder6-5
1996Bruce Snyder11-1
1997Bruce Snyder9-3
1998Bruce Snyder5-6
1999Bruce Snyder6-6
2000Bruce Snyder6-6
2001Kirk Koetter4-7
2002Kirk Koetter8-6
2003Kirk Koetter5-7
2004Kirk Koetter9-3
2005Kirk Koetter7-5
2006Kirk Koetter7-6
2007Dennis Erickson10-3
2008Dennis Erickson5-7
2009Dennis Erickson4-8
2010Dennis Erickson

Drafted Players
PlayerPos Ht Wt YearsTeamPick
Norris Steverson TB 5-10 1851934-1934 Bengals
Hank Rockwell 6-4 2311940-1948 Rams
Wayne PittsB1941Cardinals115
Al OnofrioB1943Dodgers154
Morrie Warren FB-LB 5-11 2081948-1948 Dodgers
Glenn Johnson 6-4 2631948-1949 Rams80
Wilford White HB 5-9 1721951-1952 Bears36
Henry RichB1951Eagles141
Duane MorrisonB1952Giants323
Dick CurranB1953Packers139
Tom FletcherB195349ers165
Harley CooperB195349ers309
Marvin WahlinB1953Bears318
Joe Matesic 6-4 2501954-1954 Giants141
John Henry Johnson (HOF)FB-HB 6-2 2101954-1966 Steelers18
John Allen1955Bears119
John Jankans1956Bears130
Charley Mackey195749ers152
Bill ZuhowskiT1957Rams219
Earl Putman 6-6 3081957-1957 Giants52
Gene Mitcham 6-2 2061958-1958 Rams199
Bobby MulgadoB1958Eagles52
O'Jay BourgeoisB1958Rams344
Joe BellandB195949ers174
Clancy Osborne LB 6-3 2181959-1964 Rams315
Leon Burton HB 5-9 1721960-1960 49ers87
Charley BowersHB 1961Lions191
Gordie Smith TE 6-2 2201961-1965 Vikings460
Mike Mercer 6-0 2201961-1970 Vikings197
Joe ZugerQB1962Lions248
George Flint 6-4 2401962-1968 Bills
Roger Locke196349ers105
Dornel NelsonB1963Rams253
Tony Lorick RB 6-1 2171964-1969 Colts22
Gary Lewis RB 6-3 2251964-1970 49ers71
Charley Taylor (HOF)WR-SE-RB 6-3 2101964-1977 Redskins3
John Seedborg 6-0 2271965-1965 Redskins255
Henry Carr DB 6-3 1901965-1967 Giants43
Gene Foster RB 6-0 2201965-1970 Cowboys201
Larry Todd RB 6-1 1851965-1970 49ers44
Jerry Smith TE-SE-FL 6-3 2081965-1977 Redskins118
Dave EstradaHB 1965Redskins189
Ben Hawkins WR-SE-FL 6-1 1801966-1974 Eagles36
Larry Hendershot LB 6-3 2401967-1967 Redskins190
Travis Williams RB 6-1 2101967-1971 Packers93
John Pitts DB 6-4 2181967-1975 Bills22
Ray ShireyT1967Lions270
Hal Lewis DB 6-0 1851968-1968 Broncos
Max Anderson RB 5-8 1801968-1969 Bills132
Ken Dyer DB-WR 6-3 1901968-1971 Chargers100
Curley Culp DT-NT-G 6-2 2651968-1981 Broncos31
Bob RokitaDE1968Lions418
Tim Buchanan LB 6-1 2301969-1969 Bengals187
Fair Hooker WR 6-1 1901969-1974 Browns124
Ron Pritchard LB 6-1 2351969-1977 Oilers15
Larry Walton WR-FL 6-0 1801969-1978 Lions59
Bob Lee QB-P 6-2 1951968-1980 Vikings441
Rick ShawLB 1969Cowboys152
Mike Brunson RB 6-1 1901970-1970 Falcons272
Steve Alexakos 6-2 2501970-1971 Patriots209
Art Malone RB 5-11 2111970-1976 Falcons39
Seth MillerDB1970Falcons195
Seabern Hill DB1970Cowboys411
Bob L. Thomas RB 5-10 2011971-1974 Bengals379
Jim McCann 6-2 1631971-1975 49ers205
J.D. Hill WR 6-1 2021971-1977 Bills4
Oscar Dragon RB 6-0 2141972-1972 Chargers423
Calvin Demery WR 6-1 1901972-1972 Vikings206
Mike Fanucci DE 6-4 2351971-1974 Redskins219
Windlan Hall DB 5-11 1781972-1977 49ers96
Junior Ah YouLB 1972Patriots425
Ron Lumpkin DB 6-2 2051973-1973 Giants303
Ed Beverly WR 5-11 1721973-1973 49ers122
Ron Lou 6-2 2401973-1976 Oilers339
Hugh McKinnis RB 6-0 2251973-1976 Browns201
Steve Holden WR 6-0 1951973-1977 Browns16
Doug Jones DB 6-2 2021973-1979 Chiefs145
Brent McClanahan RB 5-10 2021973-1979 Vikings118
Dave Grannell TE 6-4 2301974-1974 Chargers262
Woody Green RB 6-0 2051974-1976 Chiefs16
Benny Malone RB 5-10 1931974-1979 Dolphins47
Prentice McCray DB 6-1 1881973-1980Lions200
Ed Fisher G-C-DE 6-3 2491974-1982 Oilers
Monroe Eley RB 6-2 2101973-1977 Chiefs276
Joe PettyDB1973Chargers397
Morris Owens WR 6-0 1901975-1979 Dolphins106
Bob Breunig LB 6-2 2261975-1984 Cowboys70
Louis Wright DB 6-2 2001975-1986 Broncos17
Randy Moore DT 6-2 2411976-1976 Broncos334
Larry Gordon LB 6-4 2301976-1982 Dolphins17
Danny White QB-P 6-2 1931974-1988 Cowboys53
Mike Haynes DB 6-2 1921976-1989 Patriots5
Larry Mucker WR 5-11 1901977-1980 Bucs251
Fred WilliamsRB 1977Cowboys221
Dennis Sproul QB 6-2 2101978-1978 Packers200
John Jefferson WR 6-1 1981978-1985 Chargers14
Mike Douglass LB 6-0 2201978-1986 Packers116
John Harris DB 6-2 2001978-1988 Seahawks173
Bruce Hardy TE-WR-QB 6-5 2351978-1989 Dolphins247
Chris DeFrance WR 6-1 2051979-1979 Cowboys164
Jeff McIntyre LB 6-3 2321979-1980 Broncos148
Kit Lathrop DE-NT 6-5 2551979-1987 Packers
Mark Gastineau DE 6-5 2661979-1988 Jets41
Al Harris DE-LB 6-5 2501979-1990 Bears9
Ben Apuna LB 6-1 2221980-1980 Cardinals171
Kim Anderson DB 5-11 1831980-1984 Colts69
Bill Kenney QB 6-4 2111980-1988 Dolphins333
Mark Malone QB-WR 6-4 2231980-1989 Steelers28
John Mistler WR 6-2 1861981-1984 Giants59
Bob Kohrs DE-LB 6-3 2401981-1985 Steelers35
Frank Garcia 6-0 2051981-1987 Seahawks
Joey Lumpkin LB 6-2 2301982-1983 Bills
Newton Williams RB 5-10 2041982-1983 49ers139
Robert Weathers RB 6-2 2201982-1986 Patriots40
Jerry Bell TE 6-5 2301982-1986 Bucs74
Gary Padjen LB 6-2 2441982-1987 Cowboys300
Bernard Henry WR 6-1 1801982-1987 Colts
Melvin Hoover WR 6-0 1851982-1987 Giants145
Darren Comeaux LB 6-1 2271982-1991 Broncos
Gerald Riggs RB 6-1 2301982-1991 Falcons9
Kani Kauahi 6-2 2681982-1993 Seahawks
Mike Pagel QB 6-2 2061982-1993 Colts84
Kendall Williams DB 5-9 1801983-1983 Colts
Ron Wetzel TE 6-5 2421983-1983 Chiefs92
Mark Hicks LB 6-2 2251983-1987 Seahawks
Bill Elko NT-G 6-5 2781983-1987 Chargers192
Mike Black 6-1 1971983-1987 Lions181
Alvin Moore RB 6-0 1941983-1987 Colts169
Walt Bowyer DE 6-4 2541983-1988 Broncos254
Paul Moyer DB 6-1 2011983-1989 Seahawks
Mike Richardson DB 6-0 1871983-1989 Bears33
Vernon Maxwell LB 6-2 2331983-1989 Colts29
Jim Jeffcoat DE 6-5 2741983-1997 Cowboys23
Bryan Caldwell DE 6-4 2481984-1984 Cowboys77
Sandy Osiecki QB 6-5 2021984-1984 Chiefs
Don Kern TE 6-4 2281984-1986 Bengals150
Sean McNanie DE 6-5 2651984-1990 Bills79
Ron J. Brown WR 5-11 1811984-1991 Browns41
Duane Galloway DB 5-8 1811985-1987 Lions
Tory Nixon DB 5-11 1861985-1988 Redskins33
Brian Noble LB 6-3 2501985-1993 Packers125
Darryl Clack RB 5-10 2191986-1989 Cowboys33
David Fulcher DB 6-3 2361986-1993 Bengals78
Mark Shupe 6-5 2851987-1987 Bills
George Duarte DB 5-9 1781987-1987 
Derrick Martin DB 6-0 1851987-1987 
Billy Robinson DB 6-1 2001987-1987 
Todd Hons QB 6-1 1951987-1987 
Jeff Van Raaphorst QB 6-1 2101987-1987 
Mike Crawford RB 5-10 2151987-1987 
Jim Warne 6-7 3151987-1987 
Stein Koss TE 6-2 2251987-1987 Bengals296
Luis Zendejas 5-9 1751987-1989 
Bruce Hill WR 6-0 1781987-1991 Bucs106
Scott Stephen LB 6-2 2371987-1992 Packers69
Skip McClendon DE 6-6 2821987-1993 Bengals77
Dan Saleaumua DT-NT-DE 6-0 3051987-1998 Lions175
Danny Villa T-C-G 6-5 3041987-1998 Patriots113
Kevin Thomas 6-2 2681988-1988 
Darryl Harris RB 5-10 1781988-1988 
Greg Clark LB 6-0 2281988-1992 Bears329
Shawn Patterson DE-NT 6-5 2671988-1993 Rams20
Aaron Cox WR 5-9 1741988-1993 Packers34
Todd Kalis 6-6 2961988-1995 Vikings108
Eric Allen DB 5-10 1841988-2001 Eagles30
Randall McDaniel 6-3 2761988-2001 Vikings19
Stacy Harvey LB 6-4 2451989-1989 
Mark Duckens DE-DT 6-4 2701989-1992 
Anthony Parker DB 5-10 1811989-1998 
Trace Armstrong DE 6-4 2751989-2003 Bears12
Bruce Perkins RB 6-2 2301990-1991 Bengals122
Lynn James WR 6-0 1911990-1991 
Greg Joelson DE 6-3 2701991-1991 
Floyd Fields DB 6-0 2081991-1993 Chargers127
Leonard Russell RB 6-2 2401991-1996 Patriots14
Shane Collins DE 6-3 2671992-1994 Redskins47
Phillippi Sparks DB 5-11 1951992-2000 Giants41
Darren Woodson DB 6-1 2191992-2003 Cowboys37
Kevin Miniefield DB 5-9 1821993-1997 Lions201
Brett Wallerstedt LB 6-1 2401993-1997 Cardinals143
Eric Guliford WR 5-8 1701993-1998 
Anthony Daigle RB 5-10 2031994-1994 Chiefs185
Bryan Reeves WR 5-11 1951994-1995 
Shante Carver DE 6-5 2501994-1997 Cowboys23
Lenny McGill DB 6-1 1951994-1998 
Mario Bates RB 6-1 2171994-2000 Saints44
David Dixon 6-5 3431994-2004 Patriots232
Eddie Cade DB 6-1 2061995-1995 
Bryan Proby DT 6-5 2851995-1995 Chiefs202
Israel Stanley DT 6-3 2601995-1995 
J.T. Thomas WR 5-10 1801995-1998 Rams240
Craig Newsome DB 6-0 1901995-1999 
Jon Baker 6-1 1851995-1999 Bears190
Paul Justin QB 6-4 2111995-1999 Packers32
Jason Kyle LB 6-3 2421995-2010 Seahawks126
Lee Cole DB 5-11 1881996-1996 
Jerone Davison RB 6-1 2351996-1997 
Scott Von der Ahe LB 5-11 2421997-1997 Colts182
Juan Roque 6-8 3331997-1999 Lions35
Keith Poole WR 6-0 1881997-2001 Saints116
Derrick Rodgers LB 6-0 2301997-2004 Dolphins92
Steve Bush TE 6-3 2801997-2005 
Jake Plummer QB 6-2 2121997-2006 Cardinals42
Derek Smith LB 6-2 2451997-2008 Redskins80
Vincent Amey DE 6-2 2891998-1998 Raiders230
Pat Tillman DB 5-11 2041998-2001 Bears196
Shawn Swayda DE 6-5 2901998-2001 Cardinals226
Damien Richardson DB 6-1 2101998-2002 Panthers165
Jeremy Staat DE 6-5 3001998-2003 Steelers41
Jason Simmons DB 5-9 1981998-2007 Steelers137
Jeff Paulk FB 6-0 2401999-2000 Falcons92
Lenzie Jackson WR 6-0 1841999-2001 
Matt Cercone TE 6-5 2522000-2002 
Erik Flowers DE-LB 6-4 2732000-2004 Bills26
J.R. Redmond RB 5-11 2152000-2004 Patriots76
Grey Ruegamer C-G 6-4 3102000-2008 Dolphins72
Marvel Smith 6-5 3212000-2008 Steelers38
Terrelle Smith FB 6-0 2462000-2009 Saints96
Brian Jennings TE-C 6-5 2452000-2010 49ers230
Stephen Trejo FB 6-2 2542001-2004 
Junior Ioane DT 6-4 3202001-2005 Raiders107
Adam Archuleta DB 6-0 2232001-2007 Rams20
Todd Heap TE 6-5 2522001-2010 Ravens31
Nijrell Eason DB 6-1 2052002-2002 
Victor Leyva 6-4 3152002-2002 Bengals135
Kyle Kosier G-T 6-5 3052002-2009 Bengals10
Levi Jones 6-5 3102002-2009 49ers248
Scott Peters C-G 6-3 3002003-2003 Eagles124
Solomon Bates LB 6-1 2432003-2004 Seahawks135
Mason Unck LB 6-3 2352003-2006 
Shaun McDonald WR 5-10 1832003-2009 Rams106
Terrell Suggs LB-DE 6-3 2602003-2010 Ravens10
Jason Shivers DB 6-0 2002004-2004 Rams158
Nick Murphy 5-11 1882004-2005 
Mike Karney FB 5-11 2542004-2010 Saints156
Chris McKenzie DB 5-8 1822005-2005 
Jimmy Verdon DT 6-3 2802005-2005 Saints232
Drew Hodgdon 6-3 3092005-2007 Texans151
Andrew Walter QB 6-6 2302006-2008 Raiders69
Derek Hagan WR 6-1 2052006-2009 Dolphins82
Jamar Williams LB 6-1 2362006-2010 Bears120
Zach Miller TE 6-5 2562007-2010 Raiders38
Mike Pollak 6-4 2992008-2009 Broncos220
Josh Barrett DB 6-2 2262008-2009 Colts59
Justin Tryon DB 5-11 1852008-2010 Broncos139
Ryan Torain RB 6-0 2132008-2010 Redskins124
Robert James LB 5-10 2192009-2009 Falcons138
Dexter Davis LB 6-1 2442010-2010 Seahawks236
Dimitri Nance RB 5-10 2182010-2010 
Kyle Williams WR 5-10 1852010-2010 49ers206

Hall of Fame
Woody Green1975
Norris Stevenson1975
Charley Taylor1975
Danny White1975
Wilford Whizzer White1975
JD Hill1976
John Henry Johnson1976
Jerry Smith1976
Bob Bruenig1977
Mike Haynes1977
Bobby Mulgado1977
Leon Burton1978
Charles Haigler1978
Ron Pritchard1978
Ben Hawkins1979
Larry Gordon1979
John Jefferson1979
Art Malone1979
Wayne Ripper Pitts1979
Hascal Henshaw1980
Al Harris1981
John Jankans1981
Bill KajikawaCoach1982
Frank KushCoach1982
Tony Lorick1983
Ben Malone1983
Junior Ah You1984
Steve Holden1984
Ed DohertyCoach1985
Clyde SmithCoach/AD1985
Jim Montgomery1986
Joe Zuger1987
Dan DevineCoach1987
Mike Richardson1988
John Harris1989
John Mistler1990
Bob Kohrs1991
Windlan Hall1992
Jim Jeffcoat1994
Luis Zendejas1995
David Fulcher1996
Vernon Maxwell1997
Jeff Van Raaphorst1998
Randall McDaniel1999
Gerald Riggs2000
Mark Malone2001
Danny Villa2002
Freddie Williams2002
Phillippi Sparks2004
Darren Woodson2005
Nathan LaDuke2006
Bruce Hardy2007
Jake Plummer2007
Eric Allen2008
Pat Tillman2008
Bruce SnyderCoach2008
Juan Roque2009
Morrison Warren2009
Aaron Cox2010

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1967      Curley Culp              Hvy

1985      Eddie Urbano           150

1988      NCAA Champions     Coach Bobby Douglas

1989      Dan St. John            158

1990      Dan St. John            167

1993      Markus Mollica         158

              Ray Miller                 167

1995      Markus Mollica         167

2003      Eric Larkin                149

Hall of Fame
Roye Oliver1981
Dan Severn1984
Glenn McMinn1986
Billy Rosado1987
Charlie Tribble1993
Buzz Hayes1995
Eddie Urbano1999
Bobby DouglasWrestling Coach1999
Dan St John2001
Mike Davies2003
Zeke Jones2004
Ray Miller2006
Markus Mollica2008
Shawn Charles2010

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Hall of Fame
Joanne Gunderson Carner1975
Carol Sorenson1976
Howard Twitty1978
Bob Glider1979
Jane Bastanchury1980
George Boutell1981
Mike Morley1983
Alice Miller1985
Tom Purtzer1989
Heather Farr1990
Dan Forsman1992
Jim Carter1995
Danielle Ammaccapane1997
Billy Mayfair1998
Cathy Gaughan Mant1999
Lauri Merten2000
Bill MannCoach2000
Phil Mickelson2002
Pearl Sinn2002
Steve LoyCoach2002
Linda VollstedtCoach2002
Pamela Wright2004
Amy Fruhwirth2005
Todd Dempsey2006
Tina Tombs2006
Wendy Ward2007
Brandie Burton2008
Emilee Klein2009
Kellee Booth2010
Paul Casey2010

Women's Golf
1985 Danielle Ammaccapane - Individual Champion
1990 NCAA Champions
1993 NCAA Champions
1994 NCAA Champions
Emilee Klein - Individual Champion
1995 NCAA Champions
1995 Kristel Mourgue d'Algue - Individual Champion
1997 NCAA Champions
1998 NCAA Champions
1999 Grace Park - Individual Champion
2008 Azahara Munoz - Individual Champion
2009 NCAA Champions

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Men's Golf
1983        Jim Carter – Individual Champion
1989        Phil Mickelson – Individual Champion

1990        National Champions

                Phil Mickelson – Individual Champion

1992        Phil Mickelson – Individual Champion

1993        Todd Demsey – Individual Champion

1996        National Champions

2003        Alejandro Canizares – Individual Champion

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Men's Outdoor Track & Field
1958 Alex Henderson 2mile
1963 Henry Carr 220-yd
1963 Ulis Williams 440-yd
1964 Ulis Williams 400-meter
1973 Maurice Peoples 440-yd
1976 Arizona St. 1-mile relay
1977 National Champion Arizona St (Senon Castillo)
1977 Herman Frazier 400-meter
1981 Dwayne Evans 200-meter
2008 Kyle Alcorn 3,000-meter
2009 Ryan Whiting Steeplechase Shot Put

Hall of Fame - Track
Senon "Baldy" Castillo1953
Henry Carr1975
Ulis Williams1975
Bill Miller1976
Maurice Peoples1976
Mark Murro1977
Jon Cole1978
Herman Frazier1978
Alex Henderson1979
Frank Covelli1979
Mens Track Team1980
Benny Garcia1983
Ron Freeman1985
Chuck LaBenz1987
Rita Stalman1988
Dwayne Evans1991
Chase Jerry Bright1993
Kyle Arney1994
Coleen Rienstra Sommer1994
Rick Walker1997
Leslie Deniz1998
Lynda Tolbert2001
Maicel Malone2002
Brenda Calhoun Cash2003
Nick Hysong2006
Gea Johnsonn2007
Jacinta Bartholomew2008
Mens 4x800 Relay2009
Dwight Phillips2010

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Women's Outdoor Track & Field

2007        National Champions             Greg Kraft

10,000-Meter Run

2006        Victoria Jackson              32:54.7

100-Meter Hurdles

1988        Lynda Tolbert   12.82

1990        Lynda Tolbert   12.84w

400-Meter Relay

1988     Arizona St    43.64

Shot Put 

2007        Jessica Pressley             18.00 (59-0.75)

2008        Jessica Pressley             18.13 (59-05.75)                    

Discus Throw

1983        Leslie Deniz      63.96 (209-10)

2008        Sarah Stevens  56.14 (184-02)


1990        Gea Johnson   6,132

2004        Jacquelyn Johnson         5,807

2006        Jacquelyn Johnson       5,939

2007        Jacquelyn Johnson         5,984

2008        Jacquelyn Johnson         6,053

Pole Vault

2007        April Kubishta   4.25 (13-11.25)

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Women’s Indoor Track & Field

1990        Maicel Malone       51.97       400-meter

1990        Lynda Tolbert        7.44         55-meter H

1991        Maicel Malone       51.05       400-meter

1991                                     03:32.5       1600-meter relay

1992        Maicel Malone.      52.16       400-meter

2006        Amy Hastings        15:51.6    5000-meter

2006        Jacquelyn Johnson              4287        Pentathlon

2007        NCAA Champions                 Coach Greg Kraft 

2007        Sarah Stevens       18.16 (59-07.00)     Shot Put

2007        Jacquelyn Johnson.             4393        Pentathlon

2008        NCAA Champions                 Coach Greg Kraft

2008        Jacquelyn Johnson              4496        Pentathlon

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Men's Indoor Track & Field
2008 Ryan Whiting 21.73 (71-03.50) Shot Put
2008 NCAA Champions Coach Greg Kraft
2008 Kyle Alcorn 08:00.8 3000-meter
2009 Shot Put Ryan Whiting
2009 Weight Throw Jason Lewis

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Women's Swimming & Diving

1994        Beata Kaszuba        01:00.5    100-Yard Breaststroke

1995        Beata Kaszuba        59.71       100-Yard Breaststroke

1995        Beata Kaszuba        02:09.7    200-Yard Breaststroke

Swimming/Diving - Hall of Fame
Mona PlummerCoach/Admin1977
Jan Henne HawkinsSwimming1976
Kendis Moore DrakeSwimming1977
Libby TullisSwimming1980
Sally TuttleSwimming1980
Melissa BeloteSwimming1981
Peggy TosdalSwimming1983
Gail AmundrudSwimming1984
Maryanne Grahman-KeeverSwimming1992
Cheryl GibsonSwimming1995
Andy AstburySwimming1998
Sue Sloan KelseySwimming2003
Mike OrnSwimming2007
Cappi SiefarthSwimming2009
Attila CzeneSwimming2010
Ron JohnsonSwim Coach2007
Patsy Willard HeckelDiving1975
Bernie WrightsonDiving1975
Keith RussellDiving1976
Ann Peterson ScheerDiving1979

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Mens Gymnastics

1964        Chris Evans           Still Rings

1975        Kent Brown            floor

1983        Donnie Hinton       floor

1985        Dan Hayden           Parallel Bars

1985        Dan Hayden           Horizontal Bars

1986        NCAA Champion   Don Robinson

1986        Dan Hayden           Parallel Bars

1986        Dan Hayden           Horizontal Bars

1989        Jody Newman        floor

Hall of Fame - Gymnastics
Chris Evans1976
Kent Brown1977
Gary Alexander1979
Jeri Cameron-Vanyek1992
Don RobinsonCoach1993
Jackie Brummer1996
Kim Neal1997
Lisa Zeis1997
Scott Barclay1999
Dan Hayden2003
Tina Brinkman2005
Katie Freeland2009

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Mens Swimming & Diving

1966        Bernie Wrightson 3-Meter Springboard Diving               

1968        Keith Russell          3-Meter Springboard Diving               

1982        Andy Astbury         04:18.1    500-Yard Freestyle

1983        Mikael Orn             01:36.0    200-Yard Freestyle

1996        Francisco Sanchez               19.35       50-Yard Freestyle

2000        Attila Czene            01:54.6    200-Meter Individual Medley

2003        Joona Puhakka     1-Meter Springboard Diving               

2004        Joona Puhakka     3-Meter Springboard Diving               

2005        Joona Puhakka     1-Meter Springboard Diving               

2005        Joona Puhakka     3-Meter Springboard Diving

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Men’s Tennis                        

1995        Sargis Sargsian     Individual Champions

Hall of Fame - Tennis
Pam Richmond Champagne1968
Margaret Peggy Michel1975
Sherri Norris1991
Sargis Sargsian2005
Claire Schmoyer2006
Kay Schmoyer2006

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Womens gymnastics

1983        Jeri Cameron         Uneven

1983        Kim Neal floor

1984        Jackie Brummer     Uneven

1985        Lisa Zeis beam

1986        Kim Neal Vault

1986        Lisa Zeis floor

1986        Jackie Brummer     all-around

1986        Jackie Brummer     beam

1997        Elizabeth Reid        beam

2004        Ashley Kelly           beam

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Women's Softball
197112-3Mary Littlewood4th WCWS 
197213-2 Mary Littlewood1st WCWS 
197313-2 Mary Littlewood1st WCWS 
19748-4Mary Littlewood
197515-3 Mary LittlewoodRegional
197622-7 Mary Littlewood4th WCWS 
197726-7 Mary Littlewood4th WCWS 
197829-5 Mary Littlewood9th WCWS 
197928-7 Mary Littlewood9th WCWS 
198033-11Mary LittlewoodRegional
198135-17Mary LittlewoodRegional
198234-18 Mary Littlewood4th WCWS 
198322-19-1 Mary Littlewood
198433-15 Mary LittlewoodRegional 
198538-17 Mary LittlewoodRegional
198632-17 Mary LittlewoodRegional 
198741-15 Mary Littlewood7th WCWS 
198826-25 Mary Littlewood
198933-25 Mary LittlewoodRegional 
199043-32 Linda WellsRegional 
199143-18Linda WellsRegional 
199227-21Linda Wells
199334-26 Linda WellsRegional 
199422-41Linda Wells
199529-26Linda Wells
199634-27Linda Wells
199732-25Linda WellsRegional
199838-27Linda WellsRegional
199941-28Linda Wells7th WCWS
200043-20Linda WellsRegional
200136-22Linda WellsRegional
200246-20Linda Wells3rd WCWS
200332-25Linda WellsRegional
200433-31Linda Wells
200530-26Linda WellsRegional
200653-15Clint Myers5th WCWS
200754-17Clint Myers2nd WCWS

2002  All Tournament          Erica Beach, p          Kristin Farber, of
2006  All Tournament
          Heidi Knabe
2008  NCAA Champions  W-Texas A&M  11-0  Clint Myers
All Tournament

Katie Burkhart  MVP
Kaitlin Cochran 
Krista Donnenwirth 
Lesley Rogers
Jackie Vasquez
2009 47 - 19     WCWS  Clint Myers
2010  44 - 17    Clint Myers

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Hall of Fame Volleyball
Lisa Stuck1993
Tammy Webb-Liley1996
Christy Nore2002
Christine Garner2009
Amanda Burbridge2010

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Hall of Fame - Softball
Paula Miller Noel1975
Margie Wood Law1977
Marilyn Rau1991
Kathy Escarcega1999
Ann Rowan2006
Lisa Dacquisto2008

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Curley CulpFootball/Wrestling1975
Dave GraybillFootball/Basketball/Baseball1977
Paul Ray PowellFootball/Baseball1978
Lenny RandleBaseball/Football1980
Mary LittlewoodSoftball/Volleyball/Women Basketball Coach1990
Tom FutchFootball/Basketball/Baseball1992
Roy CoppingerBaseball/Basketball1993
Mike PagelFootball/Baseball1994
Ron BrownFootball/Track1996
Jodi RathbunBasketball/Softball2000
Mary Bea PorterGolf/Basketball/Volleyball/Softball2001
Shane CollinsFootball/Track2003

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Hall of Fame
Don KinzleAdmin1982
Rudy LavikAdmin1983
Fred MillerAD1994
Richard Moon MullinsAdmin2006
Steve LiebermanArchery1975
Judy SeveranceArchery1976
Jean StephansonArchery1978
Carol JurnArchery1980
Carole Cheuvront ClarkArchery1981
Margaret KlannArchery Coach1982
Sheri Torrence RhodesArchery1984
Rick McKinneyArchery1990
Jay BarrsArchery2001
Sue Annis KelloggBadminton1976
Carrie MorrisonBadminton1983
Merle PackerBadminton Coach1988
Chris JogisBadminton2007