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Location: Berkeley, CA 94720
Founded/Enrollment: 1868/33,000
Colors: Blue & Gold
Team Championships:  25
Mens Championships:  22
Womens Championships: 3

Men's Sports
Baseball: (2) 1947, 57
Basketball: (1) 1959
Crew: (16) 1928, 32, 34, 35, 39, 49, 60, 61, 64, 76, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 06, 10
Cross Country
Football: (5) 1920, 21, 22, 23, 37
Golf: (1) 2004
Gymnastics: (4) 1968, 75, 97, 98
Rugby: (26) 1980, 81, 82, 83, 85, 86, 88, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 10, 11
Swimming & Diving: (2) 1979, 80, 2011, 12
Track & Field: (1) 1922, 1970
Water Polo: (13) 1973, 74, 75, 77, 83, 84, 87, 88, 90, 91, 92, 2006, 07

Women's Sports
Crew: (3) 1980, 2005, 06
Cross Country
Field Hockey
Softball: (1) 2002
Swimming & Diving: (3) 2009, 2011, 2012
Track & Field
Water Polo

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1907Bob McCarthey1-2
1908Bob McCarthey9-9
1909Zeb Smith2-1
1910Zeb Smith1-2
1911Jimmie Schaeffer7-3-1
1912Jimmie Schaeffer16-10
1913Jimmie Schaeffer0-2
1914Jimmie Schaeffer4-2-1
1915Jimmie Schaeffer12-4
1916Carl Zamloch11-11-2
1917Carl Zamloch12-8-1
1918Clair Goodwin4-1
1919Carl Zamloch7-5
1920Carl Zamloch22-10-1
1921Carl Zamloch10-8-1
1922Carl Zamloch12-6-1
1923Carl Zamloch12-7-1
1924Carl Zamloch13-11
1925Carl Zamloch11-2
1926Carl Zamloch8-6
1927Carl Zamloch4-8
1928Carl Zamloch8-4
1929Carl Zamloch16-7
1930Clint Evans12-3
1931Clint Evans15-7
1932Clint Evans16-6
1933Clint Evans19-9
1934Clint Evans25-6
1935Clint Evans20-9
1936Clint Evans18-13
1937Clint Evans20-7
1938Clint Evans39-8
1939Clint Evans24-9
1940Clint Evans22-10
1941Clint Evans37-11
1942Clint Evans22-5
1943Clint Evans23-9
1944Clint Evans9-14
1945Clint Evans12-9
1946Clint Evans24-9
1947Clint Evans31-10CWS Champions W-Yale 8-7
1948Clint Evans20-14
1949Clint Evans31-17
1950Clint Evans24-13
1951Clint Evans22-16
1952Clint Evans21-16
1953Clint Evans22-15
1954Clint Evans19-11
1955George Wolfman17-16
1956George Wolfman25-9
1957George Wolfman35-10CWS Champions W-Penn St 1-0 Cal Emery MVP
1958George Wolfman19-12
1959George Wolfman22-13
1960George Wolfman30-14
1961George Wolfman29-10
1962George Wolfman24-20
1963George Wolfman19-21
1964George Wolfman25-17
1965George Wolfman29-14
1966George Wolfman32-14
1967George Wolfman17-27
1968George Wolfman24-24
1969George Wolfman31-19
1970George Wolfman28-19
1971George Wolfman24-24
1972George Wolfman33-21
1973George Wolfman21-31
1974Jackie Jensen25-24
1975Jackie Jensen22-24
1976Jackie Jensen33-20
1977Jackie Jensen29-27
1978Bob Milano35-27
1979Bob Milano31-25-1
1980Bob Milano44-23-1CWS 3rd
1981Bob Milano31-31-1
1982Bob Milano29-32
1983Bob Milano23-37
1984Bob Milano39-28-1
1985Bob Milano42-24NCAA 1st Rd
1986Bob Milano32-25
1987Bob Milano36-25
1988Bob Milano40-25CWS 7th
1989Bob Milano35-24
1990Bob Milano18-43
1991Bob Milano37-27NCAA 1st Rd
1992Bob Milano35-28CWS 7th
1993Bob Milano27-30
1994Bob Milano25-35
1995Bob Milano32-25NCAA 1st Rd
1996Bob Milano27-29
1997Bob Milano21-38
1998Bob Milano22-32
1999Bob Milano27-31
2000David Esquer25-28
2001David Esquer34-25NCAA 1st Rd
2002David Esquer29-27
2003David Esquer28-27
2004David Esquer25-31
2005David Esquer34-23
2006David Esquer26-28
2007David Esquer29-26
2008David Esquer33-21NCAA 1st Rd
2009David Esquer24-29
2010David Esquer29-25

2011    David Esquer  37-23   Lost 2games CWS Virginia

2012        David Esquer  28-25

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Year PlayerPos OvPck Tm 
1965Rich Nye LHP 781Astros 117
1965Bill Frost RHP 514Reds 
1965Alan Diamond 473Giants 
1965Andy Messersmith RHP 53Tigers 347
1966Roger Stevens OF 85Mets 
1966Andy Messersmith RHP 12Angels 347
1966Bill Frost RHP 1Giants 
1966Robert Leatherwood 2B 453Reds 
1966Rich Nye LHP 265Cubs 117
1966Ted Parks (minors) SS 16Orioles 
1966Alan Diamond 93Orioles 
1967James Magnuson OF 118Phillies 
1967Robert Leatherwood 2B 58Phillies 
1969John Jackson 3B 88Cardinals 
1970Jim Corcoran SS 29Expos 
1970Norman Brown OF 304Dodgers 
1971Melvin Aaron OF 404Angels 
1971James Corcoran INF 14Dodgers 
1972Gary Hernandez 1B 405Cardinals 
1972Jere Nolan OF 281Dodgers 
1973Paul Dyer LHP 640Mets 
1973Don Thomas 3B 193Rangers 
1974Gene Little RHP 661Mets 
1974Clifford Irwin RHP 498Tigers 
1974Steve Bartkowski 1B 447Orioles 
1974Claude Westmoreland OF 22Dodgers 
1975Gene Litle 94Mets 
1975Juan Eichelberger RHP 19Padres 97
1976Larry Kowalishen RHP 509Padres 
1977Michael Norman RHP 537Reds 
1977Larry Kowalishen RHP 52Tigers 
1978Holden Smith OF 653Tigers 
1978Gene Ransom INF 482Twins 
1979Brian Duffy LHP 866Indians 
1979Tom Colburn 739Twins 
1979Rod Booker SS 253Orioles 173
1980Dan McInerny OF 666Indians 
1980Brian Duffy RHP 524Padres 
1980Mitch Hawley RHP 509Royals 
1980Lyle Brackenridge OF 323Twins 
1980Chuck Hensley LHP 251Tigers 11
1980Rod Booker SS 89Twins 173
1981Jeff Ronk INF 800Padres 
1981Greg Zunino OF 768Yankees 
1981Mitch Hawley RHP 516Royals 
1981Michael Buggs OF 448White Sox 
1981Chuck Cary LHP 172Tigers 20
1981Gene Ransom 2B 287Athletics 
1982Jim Eppard 1B 340Athletics 82
1982Brian Guinn SS 143Giants 
1983Craig Amerkhanian LHP 802Athletics 
1983Nick Esposito RHP 727Rangers 
1983Bryan Price LHP 183Orioles 
1983John Cox LHP 138Cubs 
1983Brian Guinn SS 111Athletics 
1983Dave Hengel OF 61Mariners 69
1984Frank Mattox 2B 202Brewers 
1984Greg McClain SS 199Pirates 
1984Bryan Price LHP 190Angels 
1985Tim Jester OF 482Astros 
1985Lance Blankenship 3B 49Red Sox 461
1985Dave Masters (minors) RHP 24Cubs 
1986Andy Wortham LHP 745Blue Jays 
1986Mike Baer INF 716Twins 
1986Jeff Weiss OF 691Braves 
1986Kevin Johnson INF 585Athletics 
1986Kevin Maas 1B 572Yankees 406
1986Mike Knapp 389Angels 
1986Mark Sampson LHP 352Padres 
1986Lance Blankenship 3B 249Athletics 461
1986Jerry Goff 63Mariners 90
1987Rich Aldrete OF 802Giants 
1987Will Schock RHP 563Athletics 
1987Ted Eldredge RHP 215Mariners 
1988Darryl Vice 2B 874Phillies 
1988John Kuehl 1B 838Padres 
1988Willie Warrecker LHP 577Tigers 
1988Darren Lewis OF 463Athletics 1353
1989Todd Mayo OF 826Expos 
1989Willy Warrecker LHP 617Angels 
1989Jeff Kent SS 523Blue Jays 2298
1989Darryl Vice 2B 426Athletics 
1989Travis Willis (minors) RHP 200Cubs 
1990Mark Saugstad SS 1364Yankees 
1990Mike Muhlethaler 3B 1047Athletics 
1990David Schwartz RHP 622Twins 
1991Eric Vargas 1154Rangers 
1991Mike Lawn OF 884Brewers 
1991David Schwartz RHP 622Twins 
1991Paul Dalzochio RHP 560Rangers 
1991Mike Harrison (minors) 145Reds 
1991*Dan Cholowsky (minors) 3B 39Cardinals 
1992Thomas Irwin RHP 1005Phillies 
1992Rocky Ray RHP 911Expos 
1992Brent Hansen RHP 534Red Sox 
1992Brent Woodall LHP 471Cubs 
1992Jon Zuber LHP 333Phillies 68
1992Nate Brown (minors) LHP 249Phillies 
1992Troy Penix (minors) 1B 228Athletics 
1992Matt Luke OF 214Yankees 123
1993Mike Cather RHP 1151Rangers 74
1993Aaron Fuller 2B 863Red Sox 
1993Ricardo Spears OF 510Expos 
1993Nate Brown (minors) LHP 146Expos 
1994Mike Wolger LHP 1414Cardinals 
1994Eric Hamm RHP 1191Cubs 
1994Eddie Comeaux OF 729Rangers 
1994Bobby Kahlon RHP 702Phillies 
1994Geoff Blum SS 196Expos 1349
1995Andy Tarpley RHP 1517Blue Jays 
1995Bobby Kahlon RHP 962Rangers 
1995Gavin Brown OF 883Cardinals 
1995Mike Wolger OF 675Expos 
1995Cody McCormick 646Yankees 
1995Scott Emmons 590Yankees 
1996John Nall LHP 652Cubs 
1996Keith Evans (minors) RHP 220Expos 
1996Dan Cey (minors) SS 67Twins 
1997Ryan Drese RHP 425Athletics 18
1997Doug Nickle RHP 387Angels 19
1997Tyler Walker RHP 58Mets 249
1998Douglas Wakefield LHP 1231Angels 
1998Jason Hill (minors) 241Angels 
1998Ryan Drese RHP 153Indians 18
1998Brian Oliver (minors) SS 121Angels 
1999Brad Steele RHP 507Tigers 
1999Kevin Johnson RHP 359Twins 
2000Brad Steele RHP 775Phillies 
2000Jason Williams SS 639Diamondbacks 
2000Kevin Johnson RHP 408Tigers 
2000Xavier Nady 3B 49Padres 798
2000Mike Tonis 44Royals 2
2001Trevor Hutchinson RHP 612Mets 
2001Robbie Meyer OF 586Giants 
2001Jeff Bannon SS 546Reds 
2001John Shelley 3B 501Rangers 
2001Jason Dennis LHP 419Angels 
2001Clint Hoover 1B 416Astros 
2001David Cash (minors) RHP 196Giants 
2002Matt Payne RHP 1472White Sox 
2002Adam Seuss OF 1091Astros 
2002Carson White 2B 681Rockies 
2002Greg Bruso RHP 487Giants 
2002Ben Francisco OF 154Indians 360
2002John Baker 128Athletics 196
2002Trevor Hutchinson (minors) RHP 83Marlins 
2003Brian Horwitz OF 782Athletics 
2003Brian Montalbo (minors) RHP 189Brewers 
2003*Conor Jackson 1B 19Diamondbacks via Mariners 544
2004Jesse Ingram (minors) RHP 1071Rangers 
2004Kyle Crist (minors) RHP 1015Royals 
2004Brandon Averill (minors) 3B 724Astros 
2004Nathanael Sutton (minors) 2B 713Angels 
2004Matthew Brown RHP 664Astros 
2004Jeffrey Dragicevich (minors) SS 530Rockies 
2004Justin Nelson (minors) OF 440Rockies 
2004David Nicholson (minors) 3B 268Dodgers 
2005Eric Dworkis (minors) RHP 1355Giants 
2005Adam Gold (minors) RHP 998Padres 
2005Travis Talbott (minors) LHP 426Marlins 
2005Matthew Swanson (minors) RHP 391Pirates 
2006Garrett Bussiere (minors) 796Cardinals 
2006Michael Cooper (minors) RHP 779Cubs 
2006Jeremy Burchett (minors) RHP 264Reds 
2006Allen Craig SS 256Cardinals 44
2006Christopher Errecart (minors) OF 152Brewers 
2006Brennan Boesch OF 82Tigers 133
2006Brandon Morrow RHP 5Mariners 12
2008Matt Gorgen (minors) RHP 473Rays 
2008Charles Cutler (minors) 425Cardinals 
2008Craig Bennigson (minors) LHP 287Rockies 
2008Josh Satin (minors) 2B 194Mets 
2008Tyson Ross RHP 58Athletics 4
2008David Cooper (minors) 1B 17Blue Jays 
2009Yasser Clor (minors) RHP 1465Pirates 
2009Dylan Tonneson (minors) 1074Padres 
2009Michael Brady (minors) SS 728Marlins 
2009Michael Bugary (minors) LHP 468Red Sox 
2009*Blake Smith (minors) RF 56Dodgers via Braves 
2009Jeffrey Kobernus (minors) 2B 50Nationals 
2009Brett Jackson (minors) CF 31Cubs 
2010Daniel Wolford RHP 427Reds 
2010Brian Guinn (minors) SS 334Padres 
2010Mark Canha (minors) RF 227Marlins 
2010Brian Diemer (minors) RHP 204Angels 
2010Dixon Anderson (minors) RHP 178Orioles 
2011      Matthew Flemer                        RHP       576           Royals (minors)
2011      Dixon Anderson                         RHP       277           Nationals (minors)
2011      Kevin Miller                              RHP       550            Astros (minors)
2011      Austin Booker                            2b         1006           Athletics (minors)
2011      Chadd Krist                               C           411             White Sox (minors)
2011      Marcus Semien                         SS        201              White Sox (minors)
2011      Erik Johnson                              RHP     80                White Sox (minors)
2012      Justin Jones                              LHP      790              Twins (minors)
2012      Chadd Krist                               C           284             Cubs (minors)
2012      Matthew Flemer                       RHP       828             Rockies (minors)
2012      Mitchell Delfino                        3b          628            Giants (minors)
2012      Tony Renda                               2b       80           Nationals (minors)
2012     Joseph Donofrio                        RHP     960         Cardinals (minors)
2012      Daniel Oh                                 OF       847         Yankees (minors)

Hall of Fame
Andy Messersmith1989
Doug Weiss1993
Mike Koll1995
Bill Priest1998
Lance Blankenship1999
Rod Booker2002
Jon Zuber2003
John Fiscalini2004
Matt Luke2007
Todd Mayo2008
Jeff Kent2009
Clint Evans1986
George Wolfman1987
Bob Milano2004

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1917Ben Cherrington15-1
1918Walter Christie8-2
1919William Hollender6-3
1920William Hollender8-5
1921E Wright15-4
1922E Wright19-6
1923E Wright12-6
1924E Wright14-4
1925Nibs Price11-4
1926Nibs Price14-0
1927Nibs Price13-0
1928Nibs Price9-6
1929Nibs Price17-3
1930Nibs Price9-8
1931Nibs Price12-10
1932Nibs Price16-8
1933Nibs Price18-7
1934Nibs Price19-7
1935Nibs Price11-14
1936Nibs Price13-16
1937Nibs Price17-10
1938Nibs Price18-11
1939Nibs Price24-8
1940Nibs Price15-17
1941Nibs Price15-12
1942Nibs Price11-19
1943Nibs Price9-15
1944Nibs Price7-3
1945Nibs Price7-9
1946Nibs Price30-6NCAA 3rd place
1947Nibs Price20-11
1948Nibs Price25-9
1949Nibs Price14-19
1950Nibs Price10-17
1951Nibs Price16-16
1952Nibs Price17-13
1953Nibs Price15-10
1954Nibs Price17-7
1955Pete Newell9-16
1956Pete Newell17-8
1957Pete Newell21-5NCAA 1st Rd
1958Pete Newell19-9NCAA 1st Rd
1959Pete Newell25-4NCAA Champions W-West Virginia 71-70
1960Pete Newell28-2NCAA Championship L-Ohio St 75-55
1961Rene Herrerias13-9
1962Rene Herrerias8-17
1963Rene Herrerias13-11
1964Rene Herrerias11-13
1965Rene Herrerias8-15
1966Rene Herrerias9-16
1967Rene Herrerias15-10
1968Rene Herrerias15-9
1969Jim Padgett12-13
1970Jim Padgett11-15
1971Jim Padgett16-9
1972Jim Padgett13-16
1973Dick Edwards11-15
1974Dick Edwards9-17
1975Dick Edwards17-9
1976Dick Edwards13-13
1977Dick Edwards12-15
1978Dick Edwards11-16
1979Dick Kuchen6-21
1980Dick Kuchen8-19
1981Dick Kuchen13-14
1982Dick Kuchen14-13
1983Dick Kuchen14-14
1984Dick Kuchen12-16
1985Dick Kuchen13-15
1986Lou Campanelli19-10NIT 1st Rd
1987Lou Campanelli20-15NIT Quarterfinal
1988Lou Campanelli9-20
1989Lou Campanelli20-13NIT 2nd Rd
1990Lou Campanelli22-10NCAA 2nd Rd
1991Lou Campanelli13-15
1992Lou Campanelli10-18
1993Campanelli/Bozeman10-7NCAA 2nd Rd
1994Todd Bozeman22-8NCAA 1st Rd
1995Todd Bozeman0-27
1996Todd Bozeman2-26NCAA 1st Rd
1997Ben Braun23-9NCAA 2nd Rd
1998Ben Braun12-15
1999Ben Braun22-11NIT Champions W-Clemson 61-60
2000Ben Braun18-15NIT Quarterfinal
2001Ben Braun20-11NCAA 1st Rd
2002Ben Braun23-9NCAA 2nd Rd
2003Ben Braun22-9NCAA 2nd Rd
2004Ben Braun13-15
2005Ben Braun13-16
2006Ben Braun20-11NCAA 1st Rd
2007Ben Braun16-17
2008Ben Braun17-16NIT 2nd Rd
2009Mike Montgomery22-11NCAA 1st RdL-Maryland 84-71
2010Mike Montgomery24-11NCAA 2nd Rd W-Louisville, L-Duke 68-53 
2011  Mike Montgomery      19-15  L-Colorado 89-72 2nd Rd NIT Tournament
2012  Mike Montgomery      24-10  L-South Florida 65-54 1st Rd NCAA Tournament

Player From Team 
Chuck Hanger 1948Lakers9
Andy Wolfe 1948Warriors
Bill Hagler 1951Bullets30
Bob Matheny 1953Knicks
Bob McKeen 1955Royals24
Bob Dalton 1959Nationals43
Dick Doughty 1960Knicks51
Tandy Gillis 1960Knicks95
Bill McClintock 1961Lakers54
Earl Shultz 1961Knicks99
Camden Wail 1964Warriors75
Dan Wolters 1965Warriors54
Bob Wolfe 1968Warriors153
Paul Loveday 1969Bullets85
Bob Presley 1969Bucks143
Bill Duey 1972Warriors141
Brady Allen 1974Warriors119
Carl Meier 1974Warriors155
Carl Bird 1976Warriors86
Connie White 1976Hawks82
Gene Ransom 1979Warriors175
Doug TRUE 1980Suns65
Kevin Singleton 1981Lakers134
Butch Hays 1984Bulls141
Michael Pitts 1984Spurs146
Dave Butler 1987Celtics114
DeVon Hardin 2008Sonics50
Larry Friend G/F6-4185FairfaxKnicks131958195844
Darrall Imhoff C6-10220-Knicks319611972801
Jackie Ridgle G6-4195-Cavs411972197232
Charles Johnson G6-0170-Warriors9319731979521
Ansley Truitt C6-9215-Knicks411973197316
John Coughran F6-7225-Cavs741980198024
Mark McNamara C/F6-11235-76ers2219831991278
Kevin Johnson G6-1180-Cavs719882000735
Jason Kidd G6-4205-Mavs2199520111199
Lamond Murray F6-7235-Clippers719952006736
Shareef Abdur-Rahim F6-9225-Grizzlies319972008830
Ed Gray G6-3210-Hawks221998199960
Sean Marks F/C6-10250-Knicks4419992011207
Sean Lampley F6-7225-Bulls442003200445
Jamal Sampson F/C6-11235Mater DeiJazz462003200772
Francisco Elson C7-0235-Nuggets4120042011420
Leon Powe F6-8240-Nuggets4920072011213
Ryan Anderson F6-10240-Nets2120092011137

Hall of Fame
Hal Eifert1986
Andy Wolfe1987
Darrell Imhoff1988
Collen Galloway1989
Bob McKeen1989
Vern Corbin1992
Larry Friend1994
Russ Crutchfield1995
Phil Chenier1997
Kevin Johnson2000
Joe Kintana2001
Gene Ransom2001
Al Buch2002
Milica Vukadinovic2003
Jennifer Bennett2007
Brian Hendrick2008
Pete Newell1987

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Women's Basketball
1974Debbie Gebhardt5-5
1975June Scopinich4-7
1976Barb Iten6-12
1977Barb Iten15-7
1978Marci Cantrell18-12
1979Marci Cantrell14-17NIT 3rd Rd
1980Gooch Foster17-13
1981Gooch Foster23-13NIT 3rd Rd
1982Gooch Foster23-10
1983Gooch Foster17-12
1984Gooch Foster24-8NIT 3rd Rd
1985Gooch Foster15-12
1986Gooch Foster16-12
1987Gooch Foster21-10NIT Championship L-Arkansas 112-80
1988Gooch Foster15-15
1989Gooch Foster13-15
1990Gooch Foster17-12NCAA 1st RD
1991Gooch Foster14-14
1992Gooch Foster20-9NCAA 1st RD
1993Gooch Foster19-10NCAA 1st RD
1994Gooch Foster8-20
1995Gooch Foster10-17
1996Gooch Foster7-20
1997Marianne Stanley6-21
1998Marianne Stanley6-22
1999Marianne Stanley12-15
2000Marianne Stanley11-17
2001Caren Horstmeyer12-16
2002Caren Horstmeyer7-21
2003Caren Horstmeyer10-19
2004Caren Horstmeyer12-17
2005Caren Horstmeyer11-18
2006Joanne Boyle18-12NCAA 1st RD
2007Joanne Boyle23-9NCAA 1st RD
2008Joanne Boyle27-7NCAA 2nd RD
2009Joanne Boyle27-7
2010Joanne Boyle24-13

2011       Joanne Boyle                 18-16
2012       Joanne Boyle                 25-11 W-Iowa, L-Notre Dame 73-62

200049Sophie Von SaldernCleveland Rockers 
200912Ashley WalkerSeattle 

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1901Frank Simpson9-0-1
1902James Whipple8-0
1903James Whipple6-1-2
1904James Hooper6-1-1
1905J.W. Knibbs4-1-2
1915James Schaeffer8-5
1916Andy Smith6-4-1
1917Andy Smith5-5-1
1918Andy Smith7-2
1919Andy Smith6-2-1
1920Andy Smith9-0NCAA Champions
1921Andy Smith9-0-1
1922Andy Smith9-0
1923Andy Smith9-0-1
1924Andy Smith8-0-2
1925Andy Smith6-3
1926Nibs Price3-6
1927Nibs Price7-3
1928Nibs Price6-2-2
1929Nibs Price7-1-1
1930Nibs Price4-5
1931Bill Ingram8-2
1932Bill Ingram7-3-2
1933Bill Ingram6-3-2
1934Bill Ingram6-6
1935Stub Allison9-1
1936Stub Allison6-5
1937Stub Allison10-0-1NCAA Champions
1938Stub Allison10-1
1939Stub Allison3-7
1940Stub Allison4-6
1941Stub Allison4-5
1942Stub Allison5-5
1943Stub Allison4-6
1944Stub Allison3-6
1945Lawrence Shaw4-5-1
1946Frank Wickhorst2-7
1947Lynn Waldorf9-1
1948Lynn Waldorf10-1
1949Lynn Waldorf10-1
1950Lynn Waldorf9-1-1
1951Lynn Waldorf8-2
1952Lynn Waldorf7-3
1953Lynn Waldorf4-4-2
1954Lynn Waldorf5-5
1955Lynn Waldorf2-7-1
1956Lynn Waldorf3-7
1957Pete Elliott1-9
1958Pete Elliott7-4
1959Pete Elliott2-8
1960Marv Levy2-7-1
1961Marv Levy1-8-1
1962Marv Levy1-9
1963Marv Levy4-5-1
1964Ray Willsey3-7
1965Ray Willsey5-5
1966Ray Willsey3-7
1967Ray Willsey5-5
1968Ray Willsey7-3-1
1969Ray Willsey5-5
1970Ray Willsey6-5
1971Ray Willsey6-5
1972Mike White3-8
1973Mike White4-7
1974Mike White7-3-1
1975Mike White8-3
1976Mike White5-6
1977Mike White8-3
1978Roger Theder6-5
1979Roger Theder7-5
1980Roger Theder3-8
1981Roger Theder2-9
1982Joe Kapp7-4
1983Joe Kapp5-5-1
1984Joe Kapp2-9
1985Joe Kapp4-7
1986Joe Kapp2-9
1987Bruce Snyder3-6-2
1988Bruce Snyder5-5-1
1989Bruce Snyder4-7
1990Bruce Snyder7-4-1
1991Bruce Snyder10-2
1992Keith Gilbertson4-7
1993Keith Gilbertson9-4
1994Keith Gilbertson4-7
1995Keith Gilbertson3-8
1996Steve Mariucci6-6
1997Tom Holmoe3-8
1998Tom Holmoe5-6
1999Tom Holmoe0-11
2000Tom Holmoe3-8
2001Tom Holmoe1-10
2002Jeff Tedford7-5
2003Jeff Tedford8-6
2004Jeff Tedford10-2
2005Jeff Tedford8-4
2006Jeff Tedford10-3
2007Jeff Tedford7-6
2008Jeff Tedford9-4
2009Jeff Tedford8-5

2010        Jeff Tedford                5-7
2011        Jeff Tedford                7-6

YearsPos Ht Wt Team
1922-1922 Buck Saunders BB 6-1 190Maroons
1924-1924 Marv Wood WB-FB-E 6-1 195Maroons
1926-1926 Al Young 5-10 180Bucs
1926-1926 Pete Schaffnit 5-11 180Bucs
1926-1926 Don Newmeyer 6-2 205Bucs
1926-1926 Brick Muller 6-2 195Bucs
1926-1926 Del Hufford 5-11 185Bucs
1926-1926 Fred Beach 0-0 180Bucs
1926-1927 Tut Imlay 5-8 165Bucs
1927-1927 Jack McCarthy 0-0 186Eskimos
1929-1929 Jack Evans BB 5-9 175Packers
1937-1947 George W. Smith 6-2 220Redskins
1938-1946 Perry Schwartz 6-2 199Dodgers43
1940-1946 Hampton Pool 6-3 221Bears77
1940-1948 Lee Artoe 6-3 234Bears97
1945-1945 Lou Eaton 6-2 215Giants
1945-1949 Roger Harding C-LB 6-2 217Rams37
1946-1946 Jack McQuary HB-DB 6-1 208Dodgers
1946-1950 Bob Reinhard T-FB 6-4 234Cardinals34
1947-1947 Bill Hachten 6-0 210Giants114
1947-1948 Bill Reinhard 5-10 168Redskins237
1947-1948 Fred Boensch G-LB 6-4 228Rams86
1948-1948 Jim Cox G-LB 6-1 208Packers214
1949-1952 Jon Baker DG-LB-G 6-2 214Rams67
1951-1951 Jim Cullom 5-11 235Redskins214
1951-1952 Bob Celeri QB 5-10 18049ers127
1951-1954 Pete Schabarum HB 5-11 18549ers17
1951-1955 Jim Monachino HB-FB-DB 5-10 18749ers137
1953-1955 Don Johnson HB 6-0 187Eagles34
1953-1962 Johnny Olszewski FB-HB 5-11 200Cardinals4
1954-1962 Les Richter LB-MG 6-3 238Texans2
1954-1962 Gerry Perry T-DT-DE-G 6-4 237Rams349
1955-1956 Hal Norris LB-DB 5-11 194Redskins183
1955-1970 Matt Hazeltine LB 6-1 22049ers45
1957-1957 Ronnie Knox QB 6-1 198Bears37
1957-1960 Paul Larson QB 5-11 185Cardinals86
1958-1964 Proverb Jacobs T-DT 6-4 258Eagles17
1960-1963 Wayne Crow HB-DB 6-1 205Cardinals85
1961-1961 Nick Papac QB 5-11 190Raiders
1961-1963 Doug Mayberry FB 6-1 220Vikings127
1965-1982 Craig Morton QB 6-4 214Cowboys5
1967-1970 Joe Kapp QB 6-2 215Redskins209
1967-1974 John Beasley TE 6-3 228Vikings197
1968-1968 John Frantz 6-3 230Bills415
1968-1969 Jim Fetherston LB 6-2 225Chargers
1969-1973 Dan Goich DT 6-4 240Cardinals121
1969-1974 Wayne Stewart TE 6-7 219Jets390
1969-1985 Ed White G-T 6-1 269Vikings39
1970-1970 Mike McCaffrey LB 6-3 235Vikings95
1971-1973 Phil Croyle LB 6-3 223Oilers159
1972-1983 Sherman White DE 6-5 250Bengals2
1973-1973 Steve Sweeney WR 6-3 205Raiders231
1973-1974 Bob Kampa DT 6-4 252Bills77
1973-1977 Clarence Duren DB 6-1 190Cardinals
1973-1983 Loren Toews LB 6-3 220Steelers192
1973-1984 Isaac Curtis WR 6-1 192Bengals15
1973-1987 Ray Wersching 5-11 213Chargers
1974-1974 Scott Stringer DB 5-11 180Cardinals
1974-1976 Sam Williams DB 6-2 192Chargers289
1975-1978 Godwin Turk LB 6-3 230Jets58
1975-1980 Jeff Sevy T-G-DT-DE 6-5 260Bears290
1975-1983 Bob Swenson LB 6-3 225Broncos
1975-1986 Steve Bartkowski QB 6-4 216Falcons1
1976-1977 Steve Rivera WR 5-11 18449ers100
1976-1981 Dallas Hickman DE-LB 6-6 238Redskins228
1976-1984 Chuck Muncie RB 6-3 227Saints3
1977-1977 James Reed LB 6-2 230Eagles
1977-1978 Mark Bailey RB 6-3 237Chiefs92
1977-1981 Ted Albrecht T-G 6-4 253Bears15
1977-1982 Tom Newton RB 6-0 212Jets
1977-1986 Vince Ferragamo QB 6-3 212Rams91
1977-1986 Herman Edwards DB 6-0 194Eagles
1977-1987 Jeff Barnes LB 6-2 223Raiders139
1977-1989 Wesley Walker WR 6-0 179Jets33
1978-1978 Leo Biedermann 6-7 254Browns317
1978-1980 Jesse Thompson WR 6-1 185Lions165
1978-1984 Dwayne O'Steen DB 6-1 193Rams
1979-1979 Bob Rozier DE 6-3 240Cardinals228
1979-1979 Mike O'Brien DB 6-1 195Seahawks
1979-1979 Dan Melville 6-0 18549ers
1979-1992 Jim Breech 5-6 161Lions206
1980-1980 Stan Holloway LB 6-2 218Saints
1980-1984 Greg Bracelin LB 6-1 214Broncos243
1980-1987 Joe Rose TE 6-3 228Dolphins185
1981-1981 Ralph DeLoach DE 6-5 255Cowboys109
1981-1983 Daryle Skaugstad NT 6-5 254Oilers52
1981-1984 Anthony Washington DB 6-1 204Steelers44
1981-1984 Rich Campbell QB 6-4 224Packers6
1981-1987 Mick Luckhurst 6-1 180Falcons
1981-1989 Matt Bouza WR 6-3 21149ers
1981-1993 Jim Wilks DE-NT 6-5 266Saints305
1982-1982 Tim Washington DB 5-9 18449ers334
1982-1982 Holden Smith WR 6-1 191Colts288
1982-1983 Floyd Eddings WR 5-11 177Giants
1983-1983 John Tuggle RB 6-1 210Giants335
1983-1983 Rich Stachowski NT 6-4 245Broncos
1983-1983 Rich Dixon LB 6-2 235Falcons
1983-1988 Reggie Camp DE 6-4 274Browns68
1983-1992 Harvey Salem T-G 6-6 283Oilers30
1984-1985 Byron Smith DE-DT 6-5 278Colts66
1984-1986 Joe Cooper 5-10 175Oilers
1984-1987 David Lewis TE 6-3 234Lions20
1984-1992 Ron Rivera LB 6-3 239Bears44
1985-1995 Gale Gilbert QB 6-3 209Seahawks
1986-1986 Dwight Garner RB 5-8 183Redskins
1986-1987 Miles Turpin LB 6-4 230Packers
1986-1987 John Sullivan DB 6-1 196Packers72
1986-1997 Gary Plummer LB 6-2 244Chargers
1987-1987 Chuck Steele 6-1 255Lions
1987-1987 Mike Rusinek NT 6-3 250Browns
1987-1987 Don Noble TE 6-2 253Rams
1987-1987 Greg Loberg G-T 6-4 264Saints
1987-1993 Tim Lucas LB 6-3 230Cardinals12
1987-1993 Keith Kartz C-G-T 6-4 270Broncos
1987-1996 Doug Riesenberg 6-5 280Giants168
1987-2002 Hardy Nickerson LB 6-2 230Steelers122
1988-1992 Sidney Johnson DB 5-9 175Chiefs
1988-1998 Ken Harvey LB 6-2 237Cardinals12
1989-1991 Dave Zawatson G-T 6-5 275Bears54
1989-1993 Darryl Ingram TE 6-3 240Vikings108
1989-1995 Natu Tuatagaloa DE 6-4 273Bengals138
1989-1995 Steve Hendrickson LB-RB-TE 6-0 25049ers167
1990-1991 Troy Taylor QB 6-4 200Jets84
1991-1991 John Hardy DB 5-10 166Bears
1991-1998 Rhett Hall DT 6-2 270Bucs147
1992-1992 David Wilson DB 5-10 192Vikings183
1992-1992 Brian Treggs WR 5-9 161Seahawks
1992-1996 Troy Auzenne 6-7 293Bears49
1993-1993 Russell White RB 5-11 216Rams73
1993-1993 Mack Travis NT 6-1 280Lions
1993-2001 Sean Dawkins WR 6-4 215Colts16
1993-2004 Chidi Ahanotu DE-DT 6-2 283Bucs145
1994-1994 Perry Klein QB 6-2 218Falcons111
1994-1996 Eric Zomalt DB 5-11 201Eagles103
1994-1996 Eric Mahlum 6-4 284Colts32
1994-1996 Issac Booth DB 6-5 193Browns141
1994-2005 Doug Brien 6-0 18049ers85
1994-2007 Todd Steussie 6-6 320Vikings19
1994-2009 David Binn 6-3 245Chargers
1995-1995 Brian Thure 6-5 300Redskins176
1995-1995 Dave Barr QB 6-3 210Eagles119
1995-1996 Mike T. Caldwell WR 6-2 20049ers
1995-1999 Ferric Collons DE 6-7 290Patriots
1996-2000 Iheanyi Uwaezuoke WR 6-2 19849ers160
1996-2000 Frank Beede G-C 6-4 296Seahawks
1996-2004 Regan Upshaw DE 6-4 265Bucs12
1996-2004 Je'Rod Cherry DB 6-1 210Saints40
1996-2005 Duane Clemons DE 6-5 275Vikings16
1997-1999 Kevin Devine DB 5-9 179Jaguars
1997-2006 Tarik Glenn T-G 6-5 332Colts19
1997-2010 Ryan Longwell 6-0 199Packers
1997-2010 Tony Gonzalez TE 6-5 251Chiefs13
1998-1998 Jerrott Willard LB 6-1 233Chiefs164
1998-1998 Steve Gordon 6-3 288Patriots277
1998-2004 Brandon Whiting DE-DT 6-3 285Eagles112
1999-1999 Derrick Gardner DB 6-0 185Falcons
1999-1999 Pat Barnes QB 6-3 215Chiefs110
1999-2000 John McLaughlin DE 6-4 247Bucs150
1999-2001 Marquis Smith DB 6-2 213Browns76
1999-2002 Ben Lynch 6-4 295Chiefs211
1999-2002 Dameane Douglas WR 6-0 195Raiders102
1999-2003 Kato Serwanga DB 6-0 205Patriots
1999-2004 Bobby Shaw WR 6-1 185Seahawks169
1999-2007 John Welbourn G-T 6-5 310Eagles97
1999-2008 Jeremy Newberry C-G 6-5 31049ers58
2000-2000 Jeremiah Parker DE 6-5 250Giants217
2000-2001 Sekou Sanyika LB 6-3 240Cardinals215
2000-2002 Keith Miller LB 6-1 238Cardinals
2000-2008 Deltha O'Neal DB 5-11 194Broncos15
2001-2005 Jerry DeLoach DE 6-2 335Redskins
2001-2007 Chidi Iwuoma DB 5-8 184Lions
2001-2010 Nick Harris 6-2 218Broncos120
2001-2010 Andre Carter DE-LB 6-4 26549ers7
2002-2009 Langston Walker T-G 6-8 345Raiders53
2002-2010 Scott Fujita LB 6-5 247Chiefs143
2003-2003 LaShaun Ward WR 5-11 198Chiefs
2003-2003 Jemeel Powell DB 6-0 185Cowboys
2003-2010 Kyle Boller QB 6-3 220Ravens19
2003-2010 Tully Banta-Cain LB 6-2 254Patriots239
2003-2010 Nnamdi Asomugha DB 6-3 215Raiders31
2004-2004 Mark Wilson TE 6-6 295Redskins151
2004-2004 Scott Tercero 6-4 303Rams184
2004-2007 Adimchinobe Echemandu RB 5-10 225Browns208
2005-2006 Ryan Riddle DE 6-2 251Raiders212
2005-2008 J.J. Arrington RB 5-9 214Cardinals44
2005-2009 L.P. Ladouceur DE 6-4 257Cowboys
2005-2010 Aaron Rodgers QB 6-2 223Packers24
2005-2010 Matt Giordano DB 5-11 194Colts135
2006-2006 Aaron Merz 6-3 346Bills248
2006-2009 Ryan O'Callaghan 6-6 345Patriots136
2007-2008 Byron Storer RB 6-1 219Bucs
2007-2010 Brandon Mebane DT 6-1 309Seahawks85
2007-2010 Marshawn Lynch RB 5-11 215Bills12
2007-2010 Dante Hughes DB 5-10 190Colts95
2007-2010 Desmond Bishop LB 6-2 241Packers193
2007-2010 Lorenzo Alexander DT 6-1 300Redskins
2008-2010 Craig Stevens TE 6-3 255Titans85
2008-2010 DeSean Jackson WR 6-0 178Eagles49
2008-2010 Lavelle Hawkins WR 5-11 187Titans126
2008-2010 Justin Forsett RB 5-8 190Seahawks233
2008-2010 Thomas DeCoud DB 6-1 196Falcons98
2009-2009 Mike Gibson 6-3 305Eagles184
2009-2010 Cameron Morrah TE 6-3 244Seahawks248
2009-2010 Alex Mack 6-4 312Browns21
2009-2010 Zack Follett LB 6-2 231Lions235
2010-2010 Syd'Quan Thompson DB 5-9 191Broncos225
2010-2010 Jahvid Best RB 5-10 195Lions30
2010-2010 Tyson Alualu DT 6-3 304Jaguars10
2011-2011           Shane Vereen                        RB             5-10            210          Patriots     56
2011                    Mike Tepper                            T              6-6               325          N/A           FA
2011                    Mike Mohamed                      LB              6-3              240          Broncos    189
2011                    Cameron Jordan                    DE              6-4              285          Saints       24
2011                    Chris Conte                            DB              6-2              200          Bears        93
2012-                    Mitchell Schwartz                  T                6-5              320          Browns     37
2012-                    Mychal Kendricks                   LB             5-11            240           Eagles      46
2012-                    Bryan Anger                           P               6-3             210            Jaguars     70
2012-                    Marvin Jones                         WR            6-1             200            Bengals     166
2012                    D.J. Campbell                        FS             6-0             200            Panthers    215
2012                    Trevor Guyton                         DE            6-3            285             Vikings      219

Hall of Fame
Vic Bottari1986
Sam Chapman1986
Rod Franz1986
Andy Smith1986
Babe Horrell1987
Pappy Waldorf1987
Johnny Meek1989
Steve Bartkowski1990
Bob Reinhard1990
Charley Erb1992
Craig Morton1992
Percy Hall1993
Johnny Olszewski1993
Ed White1993
Paul Larson1994
Ron Rivera1994
Chuck Muncie1995
Bert Schwarz1996
Jim Turner1996
Stub Allison1997
Roy Riegels1998
Jim Breech1999
Jim Monachino1999
Ted Albrecht2000
Talma Imlay2000
Joe Roth2000
Steve Rivera2001
Mike Pawlawski2002
Troy Auzenne2003
Larry Lutz2003
Russell White2003
Hardy Nickerson2004
Harvey Salem2004
Sean Dawkins2005
Vard Stockton2005
Rusty Gill2006
Jim Hanifan2006
David Ortega2008

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Men's Water Polo

1969        NCAA Championship  L-UCLA 5-2

1973        NCAA Champions  W-UC Irvine 8-4        Coach Pete Cutino

1974        NCAA Champions  W-UC Irvine 7-6        Coach Pete Cutino

                Doug Healy

1975        NCAA Champions  W-UC Irvine 9-8        Coach Pete Cutino

                Jon Svendsen

1977        NCAA Champions  W-UC Irvine 8-6        Coach Pete Cutino

1978        NCAA Championship  Stanford 7, California 6 (3 OT)           

1980        NCAA Championship  Stanford 8, California 6

                Kevin Robertson  

1983        NCAA Champions  W-USC 10-7             Coach Pete Cutino

                Peter Cutino

                Alan Gresham

1984        NCAA Champions  W-Stanford 9-8        Coach Pete Cutino

1986        NCAA Championship  L-Stanford 9-6

1987        NCAA Champions  W-USC 9-8               Coach Pete Cutino

1988        NCAA Champions  W-UCLA 14-11         Coach Pete Cutino

                Kirk Everist

1989        NCAA Championship L-UC Irvine 9-8

1990        NCAA Champions  W-Stanford 8-7        Coach Steve Heaston

                Chris Humbert

1991        NCAA Champions  W-UCLA 7-6             Coach Steve Heaston

                Chris Humbert

1992        NCAA Champions  W-Stanford 12-11 (3 OT) Coach Steve Heaston

                Dirk Zeien

1995        NCAA Championship  L-UCLA 10-8

                Brent Albright

2002        NCAA Championship  L-Stanford 14-6

2006        NCAA Champions  W-USC 7-6               Coach Kirk Everist

                Mark Sheredy

2007        NCAA Champions  W-USC 8-6               Coach Kirk Everist

                Michael Sharf

Hall of Fame
Barry Weitzenberg1987
Kevin Robertson1992
Peter Asch1997
Chris Humbert2001
Kirk Everist2004
Pete Cutino Jr2006
Maggi Kelly2007
Pete Cutino Sr1994
Steve Heaston2009

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1952     Bentley Lyon     177

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Women's Golf
2004       Sarah Huarte - Individual Champion

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Men's Golf
2004     National Champions

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Men's Outdoor Track & Field
1922 National Champion (Walter Christie)
1922 John Merchant Hammer 161-4
1922 John Merchant Shot Put 44-6.5
1922 Allen Norris Pole Vault 12-6
1925 Oather Hampton High Jump 6-2
1930 Ken Churchill Javelin 204-2
1931 Ken Churchill Javelin 215-0
1936 Archie Williams 400yds 47.0
1940 Marty Biles Javelin 204-10
1941 Marty Biles Javelin 220-1
1942 Hal Davis 100-yd 9.6
1942 Hal Davis 220-yd 21.2
1942 Bob Biles Javelin 213-9.75
1943 Hal Davis 100-yd 10.0
1943 Hal Davis 220-yd 21.3
1952 George Roseme Javelin 228-8.75
1954 Larry Anderson Pole Vault 14-2
1957 Don Bowden 880-yd  1:47.2
1962 Roger Olsen High Jump 6-10
1964 California 1-mile relay
1965 California 1-mile relay
1970 Eddie Hart 100-yd  9.4
1976 Ed Miller Decathlon 7,443
1981 Larry Cowling 110-meter hh  13.60w
1988 Kari Nisula Discus  190-7
1993 Chris Huffins Decathlon 8,007
2000 Bevan Hart Decathlon 8,002
2009 Martin Maric Discus 196-3

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Women's Outdoor Track & Field

800-Meter Run      

2007        Alysia Johnson  01:59.3

Pole Vault

2008        Katie Morgan       4.20 (13-09.25)      

Triple Jump

1987        Sheila Hudson    13.78 (45-2.50)

1988        Sheila Hudson    13.92 (45-8)w

1990        Sheila Hudson    14.04 (46-0.75)R

Discus Throw

2007        Kelechi Anyanwu   57.58 (188-11)

Long Jump

1990        Sheila Hudson   6.73 (22-1)

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Women’s Indoor Track & Field

1990        Sheila Hudson       6.64 (21-9 1/2)        Long Jump

1990        Sheila Hudson       13.94 (45-9)            Triple Jump

2007        Alysia Johnson     02:03.5    800-meter

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Women's Tennis
1998 Amanda Augustus and Amy Jensen Doubles Champion
1999 Amanda Augustus and Amy Jensen Doubles Champion
2000 Claire Curran and Amy Jensen Doubles Champion
2003 Christina Fusano and Raquel Kops-Jones Doubles Champion
2006 Suzi Babos Individual Champion
2009 Mari Andersson/Jana Juricova Doubles Champion
2011 Jana Juricova Individual Champion

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Women's Swimming & Diving
1983 Mary T. Meagher 01:56.7 200-Yard Butterfly
1985 Conny Van Bentum 23.18 50-yd freestyle
1985 Mary T. Meagher 53.5 100-Yard Butterfly
1985 Mary T. Meagher 01:55.1 200-Yard Butterfly
1986 Conny Van Bentum 01:46.5 200-yd freestyle
1986 Mary T. Meagher 01:54.5 200-Yard Butterfly
1987 Mary T. Meagher 52.42 100-Yard Butterfly
1987 Mary T. Meagher 01:55.5 200-Yard Butterfly
1988 Hiroki Nagasaki 02:11.7 200-Yard Breaststroke
1999 Marylyn Chiang 52.36 100-yd backstroke
2000 200-Meter Freestyle Relay 01:40.2
2000 200-Meter Medley Relay 01:49.2
2001 Natalie Coughlin 51.23 100-yd backstroke
2001 Natalie Coughlin 01:51.0 200-yd backstroke
2001 Natalie Coughlin 51.18 100-Yard Butterfly
2002 Natalie Coughlin 49.97R 100-yd backstroke
2002 Natalie Coughlin 1:49.52R 200-yd backstroke
2002 Natalie Coughlin 50.01R 100-Yard Butterfly
2003 Natalie Coughlin 50.92 100-yd backstroke
2003 Natalie Coughlin 01:50.9 200-yd backstroke
2003 Natalie Coughlin 50.62 100-Yard Butterfly
2004 Natalie Coughlin 57.51R 100-meter backstroke
2004 Natalie Coughlin 56.88R 100-Meter Butterfly
2004 800-Meter Freestyle Relay 7:50.94R
2006 Helen Silver, 01:53.0 200-yd backstroke
2006 Jessica Hardy 01:00.0 100-Yard Breaststroke
2007 Jessica Hardy 59.43 100-Yard Breaststroke
2007 Dana Vollmer 50.69 100-Yard Butterfly
2007 400-Yard Freestyle Relay 03:12.1
2007 800-Yard Freestyle Relay 07:00.9
2007 400-yd Medley Relay 03:30.2
2009 NCAA Champions
2009 Dana Vollmer 100-Freestyle 47.17
2009 Dana Vollmer 200-Freestyle 1:42.01
2009 Amanda Sims 100-Butterfly 51.28
2010 Liv Jensen 50-Freestyle 22.04
2011 Amanda Sims 100-Butterfly 50.49
2011 Cindy Tran 100-Backstroke 51.30

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Mens Gymnastics
1948        Charlie Thompson                Tumbling
1949        Charlie Thompson                Tumbling
1959        Art Shurlock           Pommel Horse
1960        James Fairchild     Pommel Horse
1961        James Fairchild     Pommel Horse
1961        Paul Davis              Rope Climb
1962        Paul Davis              Rope Climb
1965        Dan Millman           Vault
1967        Josh Robison        Still Rings
1968        NCAA Champion   Hal Frey
1969        Dan Bowles            Vault
1975        Tom Beach             Vault
1975        NCAA Champion   Hal Frey
1976        Tom Beach             Horizontal Bars
1981        Mark Bergman       Pommel Horse
1982        Randall Wickstrom               Vault
1994        Jason Bertram       Pommel Horse
1997        NCAA Champion   Barry Weiner
1998        Josh Birckelbaw    Pommel Horse
1998        NCAA Champion   Barry Weiner
2000        Michael Ashe         Horizontal Bars
2001        Michael Ashe         Horizontal Bars
2002        Cody Moore           Parallel Bars
2004        Graham Ackerman                floor
2004        Graham Ackerman                Vault
2005        Graham Ackerman                floor
2006        Timothy McNeill    Pommel Horse
2007        Timothy McNeill    Pommel Horse
2007        Timothy McNeill    Parallel Bars
2008        Timothy McNeill    Pommel Horse
2008        Timothy McNeill    Parallel Bars
2009        Evan Roth              Rings

Hall of Fame
Art Shurlock1987
Charles Keeney1989
Hal Frey1993
Glenn Berry1995
Dan Millman1998
Chuck Thompson2001
Charles Lucchesi2003
Sid Freudenstein2005
Kristen Smyth2008
George Greenfield2009

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Mens Swimming & Diving

1977        D. Graham Smith                   55.1         100-Yard Breaststroke
1977        D. Graham Smith                   02:00.1    200-Yard Breaststroke
1978        Peter Rocca                           01:47.5    200-Yard Backstroke
1978        D. Graham Smith                   02:00.1    200-Yard Breaststroke
1978        400-Yard Medley Relay         03:18.3   
1979        NCAA Champions                 Nort Thornton      
1979        Peter Rocca                           01:46.2    200-Yard Backstroke
1979        D. Graham Smith                   54.91       100-Yard Breaststroke
1979        D. Graham Smith                   02:00.4    200-Yard Breaststroke
1979        Par Arvidsson                        47.76       100-Yard Butterfly
1979        Par Arvidsson                        01:45.5    200-Yard Butterfly
1979        D. Graham Smith                   01:48.4    200-Yard Individual Medley
1979        400-Yard Medley Relay         03:15.2   
1980        NCAA Champions                 Nort Thornton      
1980        Par Arvidsson                        47.36       100-Yard Butterfly
1980        Par Arvidsson                        01:44.4    200-Yard Butterfly
1982        Pelle Holmertz                        01:36.5    200-Yard Freestyle
1982        800-Yard Freestyle Relay     06:28.9   
1985        Matt Biondi                             41.87       100-Yard Freestyle
1985        Matt Biondi                             01:33.2    200-Yard Freestyle
1985        400-Yard Freestyle Relay     02:53.2   
1985        800-Yard Freestyle Relay     06:24.4   
1986        Matt Biondi                             19.22       50-Yard Freestyle
1986        Matt Biondi                             42.03       100-Yard Freestyle
1986        Matt Biondi                             01:33.9    200-Yard Freestyle
1986        400-Yard Freestyle Relay     02:53.0   
1986        800-Yard Freestyle Relay     06:21.7   
1987        Matt Biondi                             19.15       50-Yard Freestyle
1987        Matt Biondi                             41.8         100-Yard Freestyle
1987        Matt Biondi                             01:33.0    200-Yard Freestyle
1987        400-Yard Freestyle Relay     02:53.5   
1994        Ugur Taner                             01:44.5    200-Yard Butterfly
1995        Ugur Taner                             01:44.4    200-Yard Butterfly
1996        Ugur Taner                             01:43.2    200-Yard Butterfly
1999        Bart Kizierowski                     42.7         100-Yard Freestyle
2000        Ervin Anthony                       21.21       50-meter freestyle
2000        Anthony Erwin                       47.36       100-Meter Freestyle
2000        400-Meter Freestyle Relay    03:11.3   
2001        Anthony Ervin                       41.8         100-Yard Freestyle
2002        Anthony Ervin                       41.62       100-Yard Freestyle
2002        400-Yard Freestyle Relay     02:50.0   
2003        Duje Draganja                        42.62       100-Yard Freestyle
2003        400-Yard Freestyle Relay     02:49.0   
2005        Duje Draganja                        41.49       100-Yard Freestyle
2005        200-Yard Freestyle Relay     01:15.8   
2005        200-Yard Medley Relay         01:25.3
2005        400-Yard Freestyle Relay     02:47.7   
2006        Henrique Barbosa                                 52.52       100-Yard Breaststroke
2006        Henrique Barbosa                 01:54.0    200-Yard Breaststroke
2007        Patrick Oneil                          01:43.0    200-Yard Butterfly
2009        Nathan Adrian                       18.71      50 Freestyle
2009        Nathan Adrian                       41.08      100 Freestyle
2009        Damir Dugonjic                      50.86       100 Breaststroke
2010        Nathan Adrian                       41.50       100 Freestyle
2010        Tom Shields                           44.91        100 Butterfly
2010         Damir Dugonjic                      51.65         100 Breaststroke
2011         Nathan Adrian                       18.66        50 Freestyle
2011         Nathan Adrian                        41.10        100 Freestyle
2011         Damir Dugonjic                       50.94         100 Breaststroke
2011         Tom Shields                           45.02          100 Backstroke

Hall of Fame
Ann Curtis Cuneo1979
Barbara Stark Jordan1984
Ludwig Langer1986
Margee MacFarland Curran1990
Par Arvidsson1991
Mary Meagher1992
Stan Morketter1993
Graham Smith1994
Conny Van Bentum1996
Jim Werson1996
Matt Biondi1997
Bengt Baron1999
Sarah Anderson2004
Pelle Homertz2006
Marylyn Chiang2009

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Men’s Tennis
1925        Gervais Hills and Gerald Stratford      Doubles Champions
1925        Bud Chandler  Individual Champions
1926        Bud Chandler and Tom Stow        Doubles Champions
1926        Bud Chandler  Individual Champions
1930        Dolf Muehleisen and Robert Muench  Doubles Champions
1935        Richard Bennett and Paul Newton      Doubles Champions
1937        Richard Bennett and Paul Newton      Doubles Champions
1939        Douglas Imhoff and Robert Peacock  Doubles Champions
1952        Clifton Mayne and Hugh Ditzler           Doubles Champions
1990        Doug Eisenman and Matt Lucena        Doubles Champions
1991        Matt Lucena and Bent-Ove Pedersen  Doubles Champions

Hall of Fame
Helen Wills Roark1978
Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman1978
Helen Hull Jacobs1979
Anna McCune Harper1981
Bud Chandler1986
Barrie Bulmore Ornstil1990
Hugh Ditzler/Clifton Mayne1991
Clifton Mayne/Hugh Ditzler1991
Gerald Stratford1994
Richard Bennett/Paul Newton1996
Paul Newton/Richard Bennett1996
Thomas Brown1998
Lisa Albano2000
Gene Smith2001
Matt Lucena2003
Marty Davis2005
Chris Dunk2005
Jim McManus2009
Tom Stow1987

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2005        Dave O'Neill          

2005        I Eights   06:20.7   

2006        Dave O'Neill

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1972Debbie Gebhardt2-4
1973Debbie Gebhardt2-4
1974Coni Staff5-4
1975Coni Staff4-3
1976Myrtle Baker9-6
1977Myrtle Baker12-9
1978Bonnie Johnson19-19-1
1979Bonnie Johnson37-9
1980Bonnie Johnson45-11
1981Bonnie Johnson40-13
1982Bonnie Johnson37-17-1NCAA 1st Rd
1983Donna Terry26-21
1984Donna Terry27-19-1
1985Donna Terry35-25
1986Donna Terry43-17CWS 3rd
1987Donna Terry34-15NCAA 1st Rd
1988Diane Ninemire39-24NCAA 1st Rd
1989Diane Ninemire38-26NCAA 1st Rd
1990Diane Ninemire41-28NCAA 1st Rd
1991Diane Ninemire48-20NCAA 1st Rd
1992Diane Ninemire47-16CWS 5th
1993Diane Ninemire37-20NCAA 1st Rd
1994Diane Ninemire40-21NCAA 1st Rd
1995Diane Ninemire41-21NCAA 1st Rd
1996Diane Ninemire41-23CWS 5th
1997Diane Ninemire36-26NCAA 1st Rd
1998Diane Ninemire35-27NCAA 1st Rd
1999Diane Ninemire51-22CWS 3rd
2000Diane Ninemire49-25CWS 7th
2001Diane Ninemire54-18CWS 5th
2002Diane Ninemire56-19NCAA Champions 
2003Diane Ninemire49-20NCAA Championship L-UCLA
2004Diane Ninemire53-13NCAA Championship L-UCLA
2005Diane Ninemire52-15CWS 6th
2006Diane Ninemire48-14NCAA 1st Rd
2007Diane Ninemire34-32NCAA 1st Rd
2008Diane Ninemire43-27NCAA 1st Rd
2009Diane Ninemire-
2010Diane Ninemire44-19


1986  All Tournament

         Roni Deutch, 3b

1999  All Tournament

          Lisa Iancin, 2b

2002  NCAA Champions  W-Arizona 6-0  Diane Ninemire

          Veronica Nelson, 1b

          Chelsea Spencer, ss

          Jocelyn Forest, p   MVP

2003  All Tournament

          Kelly Anderson

          Vicky Galindo

          Veronica Nelson

          Chelsea Spencer

2004  All Tournament

           Kelly Anderson

           Vicky Galindo

           Jessica Pamanian

Hall of Fame
Leslie Partch1990
Michelle Granger1998
Gillian Boxx2005

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Women's Volleyball
1975Chris Stanley6-8
1976Chris Stanley7-8
1977Chris Stanley18-8
1978Chris Stanley17-18
1979Chris Stanley18-8
1980Chris Stanley19-16
1981Chris Stanley20-21
1982Chris Stanley28-12
1983Chris Stanley22-20
1984Marlene Piper13-23
1985Marlene Piper12-31
1986Marlene Piper18-21
1987Marlene Piper18-15
1988Dave DeGroot19-15
1989Dave DeGroot19-13
1990Dave DeGroot8-21
1991Dave DeGroot15-15
1992Dave DeGroot11-16
1993Dave DeGroot13-16
1994Dave DeGroot5-23
1995Sue Woodstra13-15
1996Sue Woodstra8-20
1997Sue Woodstra8-19
1999Rich Feller13-15
2000Rich Feller13-15
2001Rich Feller10-18
2002Rich Feller20-12
2003Rich Feller25-7
2004Rich Feller17-12
2005Rich Feller19-11
2006Rich Feller22-10
2007Rich Feller26-8
2008Diane Ninemire43-27
2009Diane Ninemire-
2010Diane Ninemire44-19

Hall of Fame
Sylvie Monnet1994
Lisa Arce2007

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Hall of Fame
Tommy AngelFencing/Field Hockey1980
Nibs PriceBasketball/Football Coach/Rugby1986
George DixonBasketball/Rugby1986
Connie Carpenter PhinneyCrew/Cycling/Speed Skating1986
Jackie JensenFootball/Baseball1986
Walter GordonFootball/Boxing1986
Brick MullerFootball/Track1986
Orville OverallFootball/Baseball1987
Les RichterFootball/Rugby1987
Taylor DouthitBaseball/Basketball1988
Earl RobinsonBaseball/Basketball1988
Edgar NemirBoxing/Wrestling/ Coach1988
Brick MorseFootball/Baseball/Track1988
Bob HerwigFootball/Basketball1988
Matt HazeltineFootball/Rugby1988
Grover KlemmerTrack/Football/Basketball1988
Dan McMillianFootball/Crew1989
Jon SvendsenWater Polo/Swimming1989
Cort MajorsFootball/Track/Basketball1990
Peter RoccaSwimming/Water Polo1990
Jon BakerFootball/Rugby1991
Ben LomFootball/Rugby1991
Peter SchnuggWater Polo/Swimming1991
Chuck HangerBasketball/Track1992
Joe KappFootball/Basketball/Coach1992
Carl Van HeuitFootball/Rugby1992
Wesley WalkerFootball/Track1992
Pesky SprottFootball/Track1993
Irving PhillipsFootball/Track1994
Doc HudsonRugby Coach1994
Jack YermanTrack/Football1994
Locomotive SmithFootball/Baseball/Track1995
Truck CullomFootball/Rugby1995
Dave Maggard Track/Football/AD1996
Harry LiversedgeTrack/Rugby/Football1996
Gary HeinRugby/Football1997
Pete SchabarumFootball/Baseball1998
John RicksenTennis/Basketball1999
Rupert RicksenTennis/Basketball1999
Tom KeoughBaseball/Football2001
Perry SchwartzFootball/Tennis2002
Lynn WittstockWater Polo/Swimming2002
Arleigh WilliamsFootball/Baseball 2004
Bud Van DerenFootball/Rugby2004
Mick LuckhurstRugby/Football2005
Bob AlboBasketball/Baseball2007
Mike WhiteFootball/Rugby/Track/Coach2007
Loren HawleyRugby/Football2007

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Hall of Fame
Dick Peter1950
Brutus Hamilton1986
Archie Williams1986
Don Bowden1987
Leamon King1987
Eddie Hart1988
Gene Johnson1988
Eddie Beeson1990
Hal Davis1990
James Robinson1990
Robert Clark1993
Louise Romo1993
Robert Kiesel1995
Larry Cowling1996
Charley Johnson1996
Jerry Siebert1997
Bill Neufeld1998
Lon Spurrier1998
Emery Curtice1999
Sheila Hudson1999
Kenneth Churchill2000
Forrest Beaty2001
Martin Biles2002
Ed Miller2002
George Roseme2005
Charlie Butt2006
Don Anderson2007
Monte Upshaw2007
Guinn Smith1987
Jack Merchant1992
Walter Christie1987
Al Ragan1988

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Hall of Fame
Ky EbrightCrew Coach1986
1932 TeamCrew1987
1948 TeamCrew1988
Pat EtemCrew1990
Jim LemmonCrew/Coach1991
1939 TeamCrew1995
1928 TeamCrew1996
Dean WitterCrew/Coach1999
1961 TeamCrew2009
Kirsten O'HaraCross Country/Track2006
Sheryl Ann JohnsonField Hockey1984
Marcy PlaceField Hockey1989
Shellie OnsteadField Hockey2008
Ben FurthGolf2005
Dan SalveminiSoccer1990
Bob DiGraziaSoccer/Coach1991
Lesle GallimoreSoccer/Asst Coach1995
Joy FawcettSoccer1997
Mary HarveySoccer2000
Derek Van RheenenSoccer2008
1980 TeamWomen's Crew2001

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Hall of Fame
Luella LillyAD2005
Paul ChristopulosAsst. AD2000
Joan ParkerAthlete/Coach/Admin2008
Jerome PatmontPhysician1997
Frank BrunkService2009
Jack WilliamsonTrainer1992

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